when to grow spring wheat

mcfaroff(z5/6 NM)March 23, 2010

I am timid about putting the spring wheat out while is still is snowing and the temperatures get to the low 20s. My field is ready I am just not sure it will germinate. Is anyone experienced in growing wheat in zone 5/6 at 7000' elevation?

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Spring wheat will pretty much take care of itself when planted any time. It will actually germinate a little bit at 28 or 30 degrees. Some times it pays to wait until some weed seeds sprout and you kill them, then plant the wheat.
I only grew wheat at 5000 feet and many years ago so my senior memory might be lacking.

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I grew up on a Northern Plains farm and we grew quite a bit of wheat. We planted it as soon as the fields could be worked so we could take advantage of the moisture and cool temperatures. A little snow after planting will help with moisture. Wheat planted too late will be of lower yield and quality as heat damages it.


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mcfaroff(z5/6 NM)

Thanks Mark and Colokid for your help. My wheat is in, and its all up to the grain gods now.

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I am growing some spring wheat this year. Yesterday I noticed that a few of the stalks were dead. I picked one of them and opened the heads, and they were empty (at least, that is how they appeared to me, but I've never grown wheat before).

Last night I went out the garden with a flashlight to pick said dead stalk, and saw that there were grasshoppers all over the place. Nearly 1/3 of the stalks had a grasshopper sitting on it. Could they be killing the wheat? Most of the wheat is doing fine. As I said, there were only a few stalks that were dead.

Additional info: the wheat is growing in a 4x30ish foot plot. The area was turned over, but I did not remove all the grass before planting the wheat. Consequently, there is plenty of grass growing with the wheat.

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