Plumeria Newbie

mattc19October 15, 2006

Hello everyone,

I ordered a awesome 25" 6 tip rooted plumeria off ebay and i want it to THRIVE

I've had it for 2 day its doing fine so far, please help me before i kill it .

How much water and sun dose it need?.

How much cold can it take?.

It's been raining and i brought it in should i put it out in the rain?

What happens in the winter to the plumeria goes doormat or something?

What's a good fertilizer? i hear messenger is.

All tips muchly appreciated.

Thank you all very much.


San Antonio,TX zone 8

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Hi Matt,
Welcome to the board, sorry no one has came in to help you, they will soon. That is a large plant you bought, curious what was the sellers name?. 6 tips wow great start

You do need to plant it correctly to make it grow well, you will get the information to help you. No fertilizer now, plants are slowing down. you are in Texas, may still have some warm temps.
good luck
Karen B

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Thanks for response!:). gives me some hope someone will anwser. sad this board it so dead....
the name of the person i got the plumeria from is bloomingplumerias, its a very healthy nice looking plant i hope it dose well. i lived in Hawaii for 1 year and i got so intrested in plumerias.i want a collection of them but i want to see if i am able to grow them.

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Hi Matt,
I wanted someone to come in who give better instruction than me. You have to get this planted for your plumie to make it. Normally this is a very active board.

I have only been growing plumies this summer. Buttt.. Do you have any leaves you said you had roots? what size container do you have it planted in? soil should be cactus soil and pearlite to let it leaves don't water depends on how warm you are, no food, hitting dormacy time. Please give more information.

Karen B

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Welcome to the forum Matt. It's a great place for info. So far what I have learned here is to be sure they are in well draining soil. A good mix of potting soil(not one that retains moisture),perlite, and peat moss, seems to be a good combo. During the winter months they drop their leaves and go dormant, not needing to be watered, some say a little once a month. During the summer months fertilize with a high middle number fertilizer, and don't water real often, let the soil dry out, our you could get root rot. They love sun, the more sun the better. I tend to carry mine around like an old mother hen following the sun. Don't know if that is a good thing. Might be shaking up the roots. I would keep it inside over the winter to protect it from any frost. Well, there's my two cents worth. Sounds like you got a great plant there Matt. Congrats and welcome to the world of plumerias. What color will it be when it blooms?

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Hi Matt, welcome to the forum. I'm no expert and have only been growing plumeria for a few years but I'll throw in my two cents. As long as it's a well rooted plant I don't worry about babying them too much. It's the unrooted cuttings that can be a challenge. Once rooted they are pretty durable and not susceptible to many pests or diseases. Spider mites and rust are the main problems. I use Fafard 3B potting mix with some additional perlite tossed in for rooted plants. This time of year they will want to go dormant so I don't fertilize but I do continue to use Superthrive and now B-1 when I water. That's a big plant that you got so make sure it's in a large pot. Water with ST & B-1 to help prevent transplant shock. If you still have warm temps I'd keep it outside in the sun and take it in if the temps dip into the 40's. When the plant goes into dormancy you want to water it very little, enough to keep the stem from shriveling and keep it from freezing. When growth resumes in the spring put it back outside, water regularly (allow to moderately dry out between waterings) and start fertilizing. Enjoy your new plant.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Well, I wrote a big, long answer last night. At the end I went to add a couple of links and accidently erased the whole thing. Too late-went to bed. This morning I see that much of what I wrote was covered expertly by Lauri and Karyn and the others. The only thing to add is that you may want to wait for spring to transplant as this is less shock. Bloom fertilizers work well (high middle number and low first number) as they do not encourage too much growth and do encourage flowers. I do not recommend Miracle Grow for plumerias because of the chemical composition which encourages short term growth but accumulated in long term growth. realize that most death comes from too much water, poor draining soil (wet roots), or long exposure to frost or freezing temperatures. Do not overfertilize from March to Sept. so you do not accumulate too much salts. Flush pots about every two months in the growing season and let dry. No fert. from Oct to Feb. Leaves are a good measure of the plant. Many leaves=more water; few leaves=less water; no leaves=no water. Hot and dry leaves cut down on the sun. Yellow leaves=pluck off. Orange spots under leaves=rust. White rings under = whitefly (put a good quality worm casting into the top soil and water in and wipe off the whitefly with soapy water/rinse). Hope that helps. Also I want to say that the members above (who do not think they are experts) are all giving expert advice that is very to the point. I am very impressed on how expert you all are quickly becoming. The newbies will really benefit from your outstanding comments. Great job to all. Bill

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I'm 'just down the road from you' [between San Anton & Corpus, between I37 and 181.
I have my plumerias outside from when the temp hits above 55oF constantly- usually by April; until the temps hit 55oF in Fall.
As we are experiencing some hot & humid weather still [today's high is expected to be in the low 90's :-)], they are still outside however with the drop in overnight temps later this week, I am thinking about taking them inside.

Water - as ours are in containers plonked into the ground; we water every so often - no set watering pattern however at this time, we aren't watering due to the recent rains. What I do is take a large bucket of water and just gently pour it into the container - that way you can see how dry they are; add more until all the airbubbles are removed then leave alone. In between they will get some water from the sprinkler.

When I am watering the other plants around them, I will often give the leaves a sprinkle in summer but never during the day - mostly I do it in the evening or very very early morn.

Once they go into storage, stop all watering and just let the leaves fall [it will take some time]. Storage over winter - any garage etc will do. They don't need to be in a heated environment. We have a partly built shed that they thrive in over winter. You can cap the tips with clean egg shells but I have never bothered.

If you want to put them outside just be careful of the winds. Not knowing what the winds are like where you are [we are open and it's often more windy than not], we built a privacy [lattice] fence; the plumerias are tied to this to prevent being forced over and damaged as they do become 'top heavy' in time. You will get the odd scrunched leaf but that is nothing v a broken plant!

This support comes in handy for supporting seed heads as well - one of the plants has 12 seed heads! As the seedheads grow, I just tie them up to the fence for support.

Currently I have 3 un-named 5ft plus left that the taker has failed to show up to collect that I am looking for a new home or homes! [We are moving overseas].

Fertiliser - I just use the all purpose one I get from the local co-op!

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Karen B i have it in poting soil.... the seller pulled off the leafs to ship but it has 2 new leafs growing i will change the soil to cactus and pearlite, the container size is 28 quarts. Lauri the color is "espinda pink"?....its looks pink white and yellow it really nice looking.
sotexas - i would love to take your plants off your hands if your want, it would be a good start of plumerias... e-mail me at with a little more info .
You guys are awesome!!... thanks so much, y'all answered and confrimed all my questions.

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Hi Matt,
You got a lot of good help, stay with us and let us know how your plant is doing, a pretty one. If you are warm, still watch your watering, yea two leaves, don't water until moisture meter says dry, then half dosage superthrive in the are on you way to becoming. A PLUMIEholic..congrats.. You have some experts on here helping you.

Karen B.

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I have over 30 Plumerias at my house, Here is trick and incredible growth for all Plants........ dont use anything else but Spray-N-Grow and coco wet.

Makes all plant huge.... age 39 Brian

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Just finished spraying with Spray-n-grow myself! I just got the stuff last week, so haven't had time to see it work. How often do you spray your plants Brian?

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