Rooting cutting in water, help...

piksi_hk(9)October 17, 2009

I was given a plummie that was rooting in water; it has several nubs and small roots. It is about 12-14 inches and has 9 leaves, some slightly yellow.

Can I pot it up now? Or keep in in water. Not sure what type of "water" it was rooting in. It is sitting in plain water now.

I'm in zone 9, Gulf Coast. Thanks.

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many times I have root fresh plumeria branches in plain water.

You can pot it now in a very well draining soil and water it with a small quantity of water and then once per month again with small quantity of water, the pot must be in your house in a sunny window for winter.
Don't fertilize till spring and only when new leaves grow up.

If you leave it in water (hydroponic system) you must to fertilize it with special hydroponic fertilizers and I don't know if there are in the market hydroponic fertilizers for plumerias.

from Athens-Greece

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