??Plumeria Questions??

southlatropicalOctober 26, 2007

Are any of the plumeria hardier than others? Has anyone has success growing plumeria outdoors in zone 9? Thanks

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Hi There,
Welcome to the plumeria board, sorry no one has came in to say hi. I live in zone 9,but in So. CA. I don't know how your weather is.. But Celadine is a good one to start with, is very pretty, smells good, white yellow and grows and blooms well. Many others too. Outdoors, here yes. But we have had our problems with temps dropping at night. Cannot go below 40 degrees..can freeze cooler. so does that fit your conditions?
Karen B

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I'm in south Louisiana. We have a few light frosts every year. I was wondering if it may be able to survive if covered. Thanks for the help and the welcome.


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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

Not sure where you are exactly, but I had some of mine in the ground in Southern Vermilion Parish when I lived there. We got into the upper 20's a couple times a few yrs ago and I covered and mulched the larger ones in the ground and wrapped xmas lights around them. They were fine. The main prob I had in general was making sure the soil drains well because they don't like to be cold and wet. It can rain alot at times and where I lived it practically rained *dew* every morning (not so much in winter tho). I planted mine in raised beds to avoid the waterlogged soil etc. A few good stakes would help too if you are near the coast. We really got a lot of wind in the winter-strong enough to snap a plummie at times.

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I'm in Pointe Coupee parish zone 9a. I have a protected area where one could be planted. That spot also happens to be high and dry and sandy soil that drains off fast. I'll try anything outside. Thanks

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Welcome to the board. You should be able to grow plumerias in Louisiana. You should look up the Louisiana State Plumeria Society and talk to Shane Rubichaux. He has been successfully growing plumerias from all over the world in Lafayette.



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How do I contact Shane Rubichaux

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