Rooted? Not really...

elucas101(8)October 10, 2012

I purchased "rooted" Bali Palace and Maui Sunset cuttings from Matt and when they arrived the BP had, well, not a lot of roots, but enough that I think it will be ok. No softness or anything.

The MS however doesn't really look like it rooted very well, I don't know if it ever took or if they were just all ripped off by Ag. Dept. I did do a tiny scrape test at the bottom and underneath it seemed white, I also did 2 small pokes and white latex came out because it did feel a little soft in a few spots but everything seems ok.

I apologize for the horrible pictures, they were taken in a hurry, I know it's hard to see but let me know if you have any input. I dipped them both in rootone and potted them up, they've been on the heat mat since last Friday because of the weather. I sent Matt an email letting him know, I just wanted to see what you all think.

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Matt emailed me back very quickly and was very nice about it. We'll see how it goes!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Emily!!!

Glad to hear that Matt emailed you back.

He did the same with a Pops Red that i had a problem with and he was very kind and took care of the issue.

I would be concerned with that as well...

Looks like it has some viable roots..not many and you have to look hard to see.

Good Luck and keep us posted...

Take care,


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Thanks Laura :) He assured me it would root, that all of the rooted ones he sends out have actually rooted and that they're just torn off by the Ag. Dept. or in transit. I don't know...wouldn't I see root nubs or something???

He said not to worry and to email him if something happens - I just wanted to at least bring it up immediately so it's known that I reported it right away. I'm going to watch it and see how it does, if I suspect it's not doing well or rotting I'll just have to take it out & evaluate. I was just bummed not to have a nice set of roots to start with, especially this late in the season, and of course don't want it to rot.

On the bright side, these are two that I'm REALLY excited to have, they have to make it because I love them! LOL! The Maui is a 3 tip and the Bali Palace was supposed to be a 3 tip but there's a small 4th tip there! I think the heat we get here will really bring out the best features of both.

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Emily, what a bummer! That's certainly not what you expect when you order something rooted! My guess is he is sending things out a little prematurely given all the excitement going on in his life, however he is really good at standing by his products so if they don't take I would be very surprised if he didn't send you a replacement. Fingers crossed, though you have the tlc they require. Enjoy them!!!


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Yes, he's a bit under the gun as the place where he does his rooting has been sold so he has to liquidate as quick as possible. I have 6 rooted cuttings coming from him this week so I hope they make it through the USPS OK. Actually, I just remembered I won an auction last week so he's also sending me a rooted Teresa Wilder. Matt's a standup guy, always gives great service.

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Oh, yeah, that looks familiar! I've gotten a couple "rooted" from other sources that were more what I'd call "struck", or just started rooting. If you keep it warm it should bounce right back. There's a lot of good swelling there.

You have great taste. Bali Palace is another solid yellow I would love to have.

See you Sunday!

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Thanks for all of the feedback, I really do appreciate it.

So here's the update - 6 days later..........ROTTED. :( I have been watching closely & had a feeling a few spots were a little too soft, just not right so I dug it out. Low & behold, several inches were already gone.

One with flash

So I cut a little over 4 inches off and I still saw a bit of rot.

Sterilized and cut again. I cut a total of about 7.5" off to get to way above it. I have about a 7" cutting left not including the tips.

I'll try George's recommended method to callous - I immediately dipped the end in rootone and I'm letting it sit overnight. I'll go buy some mulch tomorrow. I have kindly asked Matt for a replacement.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


You have gone above and beyond to keep this one alive...

He should replace this one for you.. It didnt even have a good start.

You have mail..


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Dang it! But it looks so healthy on the tipped end! maybe it will have enough energy to root after you callous it in the mulch.

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Hi Emily,
Man, that is unbelievable! I really think you should send Matt another email, and if I were you, I would attach those pictures to it. I honestly believe that if Matt sees that, he will refund you, BUT, DON'T HESITATE TO CONTACT HIM NOW!!! With him trying to get rid of all his stock, he may only have a few left of that particular variety. Check Ebay, and see if he is still selling it. If he is, then he should be able to replace it.

I wish you the best of luck, and please let us know how this resolves.


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Thanks you guys. Laura, I sure appreciate that, I really did try. I cut about another inch off of it this morning because it had a little open spot on it (probably just from pressure from being cut) and I know the bottom should be flat and sealed for the best callous. Then, instead of just dipping in the hormone, I put some in the lid of the bottle and pushed the cutting down on it and I think that made a better coating.

moonie, I know, it was a nice looking 3 tip so it would be a shame for it not to make it. It's only about 6" now.

Andrew, thanks, I sent him an email last night asking nicely for a replacement, everyone says he is good about standing behind it so I'll let you know what he says. I would be open to a different variety if it was one I like, I just would want it to also be at least 3 tip and ideally it would be rooted, but I guess I'll have to see. I'll definitely let you know what happens.

At least I feel better knowing that there's no possible way I could have done that to a rooted cutting in 6 days, it's obvious it had issues before it got to me. It's just not possible. Also, my Goldilocks cutting (a true cutting, not rooted) is still doing just fine, my Bali Palace is seemingly fine, they are all being cared for under the same conditions.

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Jim Little's book has a picture of 3" tips rooting in perlite so it's possible, assuming the rot hasn't extended too far up.

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DelWH, it's about 6" now so maybe I have a chance! I do have that book, I'll take a look again. I've seen Laura's pictures of her rooting teenie tiny ones and someone called them "pickles" LOL! It is certainly the tiniest 3 tip cutting I've ever seen, it's kind of funny!

Matt did email me back and say he would see if he had a rooted one or send me a large cutting and to send my address. I wouldn't say it was warm and fuzzy but he's willing to replace it and that's all I can ask for.

I went & bought some hardwood mulch & it's been sitting crusting with the Rootone on the end. I'm going to put the end in the mulch and let it sit for 2 weeks and see what kind of callous I get. I'll let you know what Matt sends me when it gets here.

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Matt's under a lot of pressure at this point. The place he roots his cuttings is in the process of being sold so he has to clear everything out. He said on Facebook he is working 16 hour days. He's been selling bulk lots to help clear his stock. I just this afternoon received a lot of 6 lost tag rooted cuttings from him. Just potted them up and noticed maybe 4 had a decent root ball, but the other 2 didn't have a lot of roots and it was hard to hold the ball together to pot it. I suspect due to the rush, he is having to send out stuff much earlier than he would like.

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