Jalapeno plant not flowering

njw753August 15, 2010

I planted 2 jalapeno plants in May. The plant is absolutely beautiful with very green leaves. The problem is there are zero flowers or any sign of flowering anywhere. The pot is in the sun all the time and it's been very hot. In the beginning I partially sheltered it with burlap, but sun filtered through.

This is not the first time I've grown jalapenos. I've always had fantastic peppers that were pretty hot. However, I've never sheltered any of my plants before.

Does anyone know why it might not flower and get peppers? Was it the sheltering from the sun? I stopped sheltering it about 3 weeks ago and still no sign of any flowers.



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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

It could be the heat, as well.

What is your fertilization schedule like?

Depending upon the type of soil mix, you could try either Dolomitic Garden Lime or Epsom Salts.
More info needed...


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I had that problem, too, then suddenly they started producing like crazy. For me, I think it's just that we were really cool in the spring, then got really got without much of a transition. They were dropping their flowers all over the place, but now all my plants are producing. It's also cooled down a little. Hopefully something will kick in. Good luck!

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