Various Pepper plants germinating

RandyYJAugust 28, 2012

Hello everyone, I'm new to this so go easy on me. I took a 72 cell starter greenhouse kit from Lowes and dropped two seeds of the same pepper in every cell but there are a bunch of different kinds of peppers. They have all come up at different times, and more than half have still not come up. I have it under Cool White fluorescents for 18 hours a day and I took the top off so that I wouldn't burn the peppers that have already popped up and I mist them every afternoon. The tray is in my enclosed barn that gets pretty warm during the day. Part of the cells have developed a little green mildew starting on them. Should I scale back my watering? Should I move the peppers inside where it doesn't get warm? Should I put the greenhouse top back on and move them over to a window where they see a little real sunlight? Or, am I right on track with what I'm doing? I planted them nine days ago.


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They need the warmth to germinate, but, it depends on how warm "warm" is. Ideally, you want 80's for germination. They don't need light until their heads poke through, but, once they do, they need it now!

The green mold/fungus stuff is bad. The conditions are too moist, and I would bet very little air flow. Cut back on the water (should be damp, but, not sopping wet) and see if you can get a fan or something to gently circulate the air. This will also help dry it out - meaning you might not have to cut back on your misting depending on how much air flow. You'll just have to watch and make a judgement call. Also, in my experience the vast majority of the time, when there is that green furry stuff, the seeds in that cup/cell isn't going to come up. Not always, but, most of the time.

9 days isn't that long. Anything that hasn't popped in another 9 days or so, probably isn't going to. But, I would give it another week and see.

Good Luck!

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I put a small fan on the seeds a little distance away. I will watch them and post up anything that changes. Thank you.

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Great thinking with the fan. A little increase in air flow should help with the green peet. I also recommend taking a tooth pick or chop stick and gently breaking up the top layer of soil to disrupt that mold. It's a problem I run into every year until I remember there's a ceiling fan in my sun room.

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Do you think the seeds that haven't germinated yet would benefit from a small heating pad or would it damage the plants that have already emerged from the soil?

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Put 500-1000 ppm 3% hydrogen peroxide in the water to control fungus/algae.

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I think if your ambient temps are in the upper 70's - 80's you don't need any more heat. If you use a heat mat, you should also think about a thermostat so you don't cook them.

Keep it simple if possible.

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Went out to the barn tonight and it looks like I lost about 10 seedlings. It's 7 o'clock here and the temp in the barn was 88. I even had a small fan on the plants. I decided I just needed to bring them inside. It ranges between 75 and 77 inside and under the lights it has to be a couple degrees hotter. Maybe this will save the rest of them. This is a learning process and I hope I've found the perfect way to make this work before Spring.

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I've done a considerable amount more reading on here and most of my seedlings still had the codyledons and the real leaves were nothing more than a small sprout but considering what I had them planted in, I decided to replant in MG potting soil. I had them in the small peat bags and I didn't want them to get too much larger and have to break the root because it had grown through the screen. Also, all of the peat bags have continued to stay wet even though I haven't watered in probably four days. I also started a handful of Serranos in another seed starter on a small heating pad on low. This is on the top shelf of the other seeds. I've tried starting seeds on the back porch, in the barn, out on my flatbed trailer in the shade, and lastly, this time in the house with a heating pad. I'm hoping this works the best, because it is probably the most controlled environment.
I also will probably be asking for some help identifying what does make it because it the whole process, I neglected to keep track of what I had planted. And I planted a bunch of different peppers.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

You'll probably be able to tell the species from the leaves fairly soon. Flowers will help when they come. But it won't be until you set pods that you'll really be able to tell. And then it won't be easy.

Write down as specifically as possible what you did plant. That will help later.

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