Weak Grapevine

LisaBC(NM Z5 HeatZn5)March 26, 2012

We have 3 grapevines growing on our backyard fence. Two of them are vigorous and bear green/yellow grapes every year.

The third one has always been weak, and bears only a few purple grapes each year. Last year, the few canes that grew on it are all thin - less than 1/4" in diameter. When we prune it this spring, should we cut off all those thin canes, and cut the older growth back closer to the ground to stimulate new, thicker canes to grow?

Also, what should we do to help this grapevine to be more vigorous?

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Hi. I grow table grapes here in Colorado. This is going to be really tough but here's what you do. Chop that sucker down so there is only 1 cane, the thickest, sticking out of the ground. Leave about 18".

If the root system is strong, it will grow like gang busters this year You'll be amazed. Give it all the water it will take without making it soggy. Once it starts to leaf out and grow, give it a good 10-10-10 fertilizer.

If that doesnt work, you have a weak root system, perhaps something else going on. Consider digging it up and trying anther type. There's all sorts of great one out there. If I lived doWh there, I'd be growing Muscats!

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