Lady Bugs?

peppernoviceAugust 7, 2012

I found these guys on my chocolate scotch bonnets today. I think they might be lady bugs. Am I correct, or could they be something else?


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check out this site:

Hope it helps.

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I don't see anything that looks like these guys on that page. I appreciate the link, but I'm still confused as to what the identity of these guys could be. If I read the article correctly, then these are not lady bugs.


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those are not lady bugs unless they are some type of cross breed

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At first look they do look like baby lady bugs but seems they go through a larval stage after hatching from the eggs where they don't look anything like a lady bug. My guess is that those are some kind of beetle or other species of insect and they are simply feeding on those white insect eggs. But I am certainly not a Bugologist and have only play one on the Garden Web Hot Pepper list.

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They look like milkweed leaf beetle Google image it.

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that was gonna be my guess to the milkweed leaf beetle if it is them from photos on net looks like they might also be leaf eaters i would squish them to be safe (smile)

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I think you're right hab...that looks just like them. I saw them on the plant this morning. Then when I looked on the plant beside, it looked like something had been feeding on the leaves and pods. There weren't holes in the pods, just looked like the top layer of the pod had been stripped. Like the color was missing in spots. I immediately freaked out and grabbed the insecticidal soap.I sprayed them down, then pulled the leaf off of the plant. Once I had a better look, I was afraid I had killed a beneficial bug. It looks like the milkweed beetle feeds on the plant, so maybe all is ok. Thanks guys.


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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

They're the brown marmorated stink bug, Halyomorpha halys. Also called BMSB. The telltale ID characteristics are the white bands on the antennae of all life stages.

They are *very* bad news. Kill all you can as soon as you see them.

Read this info from Penn State:

Don't let them get ahead of you or you *will* weep!

Here is a link that might be useful: BMSB

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Your right jean001a. I've seen one or two stink bugs. I didn't realize they looked like this when they were young. Thank you for the information. They have already damaged some of my sweet peppers. You may have just saved my season!


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