Red-tailed Hawk at Cornell!

Skybird - z5, Denver, ColoradoMarch 23, 2012

Hi all,

I think some of you might be interested in this!

I've been watching this Nestcam since I got the link in a Cornell email a couple days ago--and I think it's AWSOME! It's the nest of a Red Tail Hawk which is built on top of one of the light poles, 80' above an athletic field at Cornell, Yesterday the female laid a third egg, so the pair is sitting on three now.

Compared to the eagles I've watched in past years (and still plan to check in on at times) the hawks are quite active! The eagles often seem to be asleep when they're sitting on the nest, but the hawks are almost constantly looking around, and they quite frequently get up to turn the eggs. I've seen them "changing places" a couple times now. And Cornell seems to monitor the camera much of the time, so they zoom in and out at different times so you can get different views.

Not sure what you'll get if you have dialup, but with high speed this is the most "live" birdcam I've found yet--many of them only "update" every so many seconds, but this one is truly streaming it! When I'm not "doing" something I've been making it full-screen as a sort of "screen saver!"

The male, BTW, if anyone tunes in, is smaller than the female and has more "white streaking" on his head, making it look "lighter." You really need to see each of them once to be able to see the difference. I was able to figure it out the first time I saw each of them, but if you're wondering, the folks "chatting" often ask/answer which is currently sitting, so if you keep an eye on the chat thread you'll probably find out pretty quickly which is sitting.

Someone on the chat just posted a Hummingbird Nestcam and I have the link, so if anyone is interested in that I'll come back later and post it. Since we are in Suddenly Summer, I need to get out into the yard to get some stuff done now.

For those of you that are interested.......



P.S. They just traded places, so as of 1305 MDT, mamas egg sitting!

Here is a link that might be useful: Red-tailed Hawk Nest

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Thanks for the link! I love watching real-time, web-cam nests! When I lived in Michigan, I loved watching web-cams of the peregrine falcons that nested in the 1920-era art deco sky-scrappers that dominate Detroit's landscape. The combination of raptor and urban setting fascinated me!

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Here's another Bird Cam of barn owls. Aren't they darlings! 4 owlets/chicks?? recently hatched with only 2 remaining. Hopefully these 2 will live. One of the things I do when procrastiworking apart from hanging out here.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Boy, those are ACTIVE little babies, Alice! The one keeps flapping his "wings" until he falls over! The adult face is amazing! Almost looks like a primate from some angles! Fun to watch all the seemingly impossible ways they can turn their heads!

At the Decorah eagle nest the first egg hatched yesterday and the second today. I haven't seen the babies yet. About the only time the adults get up off the chicks is at the Changing of The Guard and feeding time.

Decorah is streamed by USTREAM too, and all the advertising is very disrupting! A few days ago I had Decorah on and they went to an obnoxious ad just as "something" was happening! By the time the ad was over the "something" was over too! Grrr!


Here is a link that might be useful: Decorah Eagle Cam -- and more!

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Wow that's awesome! In the Springs we have a pair of red tails and the one is almost pure white. The white glows in the sun and is beautiful flying against the blue sky. They have been in the neighborhood for several years, easy to recognize it is the same pair.

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