new cutting that seems to have developed rot!

venhausaOctober 29, 2010

Today I received a cutting that seems to have developed a bit of rot during shipping. On the cutting there must have still been the little stubs from where the leaves were cut off that didnt completely fall away. It looks as though they were squished to the plant and began to decay, which in turn caused rot within the stem of the cutting.

There are 3 areas with rot that I can see so far and they are all at the end of the plumeria with the new leaf growth. Needless to say, I have contacted the seller in request for a healthy cutting, but nontheless I'm desperate to salvage this one in case.

Any suggestions? Can I make a cutting from the healthy plant at the bottom where it would be rooted(ie cut off a portion of the cutting that would no longer have new leaf growth)? Will this successfully root and generate a new tip? There is only about an inch of healthy growth above the rot. is this enough for a rooting? Also it seems there may be some black leaf rot.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Venhausa,

First of all, welcome to the forum!!

It sounds like you only have a little part of the stem that seems healthy. Usually you would need at least 5-6 inches or more to be able to root a cutting successfully, but I would still give it a try. (Cut off rotted bottom area and let it harden up for 4-5 days). Hopefully the seller will replace this cutting for you and then you can get started with a better cutting. Remember to soak it with b-1 and superthrive (some soak overnight) and some soak for 6-8 hrs. (only soak the cutting in 2-3 inches of water mixture)
Dip in rooting hormone, water with soaking mixture and then leave it alone (no more watering until leaves form) six probably will help it along if you place it on a seedling heating mat to help it along as well!!!

Remember to be patient...cuttings can take anywhere from 6-12 weeks to root properly!!!

Good Luck with your new cutting!!!

Laura in VB

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Thanks for all your advice Laura!

I cut off the bottom 8 inches of the cutting, so I think that should be enough to work with. I have successfully rooted several cuttings I've purchased from other sellers in the past but I've never gone so far as to place the cuttings in b-1 and superthrive. What's in them? I've also tried to use rooting hormone before but it killed the cutting.

So even without a tip it will develope a new tip and leaves? I really hope this works because it is such a beautiful flower.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Amanda,

Sounds like you have some experience with rooting you hopefully will have success with this little beauty!! At least you will have given it a chance...

Superthrive has vitamins and hormones that all plants love. I use this every time I water anything (Especially when it is outside because it smells!!!) You can find this at any Garden Store and sometimes at Walmart. It only calls for a tiny bit, sso read the instructions. when soaking for cuttings, I use 1/2 tsp of st. and 1/2 tsp B-1 per quart of water. B-1 is what it is...B-1 vitamin...This also is good when transplanting trees to help prevent shock. I use this in the spring as well. This is available at your local hydroponics store or you can order it on line. Rooting Hormone is still good for the cutting. Sometimes it is really the cutting that had the problem...not because of the rooting hormone...I would always use this on all of my cuttings.

Rooting any cutting this time of the year is hard for remember to use a heating mat. If you can a grow light will also be helpful too!! I am currently growing a cutting at this time as well. I check (look) at it evey day for any signs of growth...but remember they take their sweet time to root so don't poke or try to see if any roots are forming. Give them plenty of time to root on their own time...hopefully it will root for you!!!
Since you had to cut parts off of this cutting, make sure that you pot it up and soak the right end up...always remember that the scars from the old leaves on the stem will smile at you if it is in the right direction. As far as new tips and leaves, they will form from the sides of the cut tip. You will see in little bumps, from there the new tips will form and then leaves!!!!

I centainlly hope this works for you...let us know what happens down the road. Did the seller send you a new cutting?

Take care Amanda and good luck to you and your cutting!!

Laura in VB

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