Who's here in 2007?

Skybird - z5, Denver, ColoradoMarch 5, 2007

Hi All,

I've been seeing a lot of new names around here lately, and I'm kind of wondering who all is around these days. In fall of '05 David started a Roll Call thread, and I'm going to start a new one here.

So enter and sign in please! Tell us you're here--even if you're just lurking--and where do you live if it's not in your bio. And, newbies, identify yourself so we can all welcome you! We're always glad to see new faces around here.

Happy gardening,


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I'm here.

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I am looking forward to spring!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi red rock,

I haven't seen you around RMG before (not that I see everybody! LOL), so I'm glad to know you're here.

I think we're all anxious for spring! Denver is supposed to be around 60 all week, so I plan to get my veggie garden turned over finally. So far it's been buried in snow all winter, but it's finally melted off, and I think it's dry enough now to be digging in.


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I'm here, in the Lakewood area.

I purchased a house about a year ago so I've had a bunch of projects like putting in flower beds, building a composter, building a seed started set-up for indoor sowing, and my next project is building a few raised graden beds. Also on my long list is putting in a sprinkler system, regrading the yard and then growing a lawn...and maybe even a fence. Anyway, I'll be popping in to RMG from time to time for a long time.

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jlynn(8 sc)


In Wyoming. Can't wait for spring, found GW on Christmas eve and am lovign it! I'll be listing plants soon for trade so keep an eye out.
Blessed be,

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I'm here too.
Colorado Springs.
Did some sowing of Spring seeds yesterday.
It felt good after the Winter we had!

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I'm here in Colorado Springs.... tired of winter and ready to get started. Last year I was way ahead with the beautiful weather. Here's to a successful and fun gardening year to all!

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cnetter(z5 Co)

I've been here since way before whatever my current registration date says, but I dissapear for months when things get busy around here.
It's nice today, so I think I'll go outside right after I post this and do some digging.

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Still here!

When I first found this forum I was on the Front Range, but now I reside on the western side of the state. I seem to be the only one on the forum from this area. Any Western Sloper's lurking ... show yourselves, LOL : )


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I've posted off and on here for a few years. I tend to read/post from early spring to early summer. By summer I'm so busy in the yard/garden I just don't have time to do much posting.

-Lyons, CO

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Count me and my clay soil that gets as hard as cement in!! Here in arvada I have a small area that I planted in wildflowers 4 yrs ago, several flower areas and the lawn to oversee. My husband does the veggie garden. I always have questions but sometimes forget you all are there to help. I'll try to do better this season. Have already been out putting my hands in the dirt- I love it!!! As you can tell from my username, I am also on the Reptile & Amphibians forum often.

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jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)

I'm here out on the prairie.

*chirp* spring is coming! *chirp* *chirp*

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Chirp, chirp commin right back at ya, Jali! IsnÂt spring wonderful? My robins are showing up more and more often again, and I hope they build their nest on top of the circuit breaker box on the back of my house again like they did the year before last. Talk about being able to watch them!

I see a couple more names I donÂt recognizeÂwelcome, if youÂre new, and there are a couple of you I didnÂt know were in the metro Denver area. Maybe we can try for a plant swap sometime later this year. It never happened last year because olegraymare seems to have disappeared.

DavidÂs southwest, highalt, are you down that way, or are you west west?

Happy spring weather for all of you along the front range,

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Hello Skybird,
I have read many of your postings for the past year or so and always enjoyed them. I live behind the Hogback near Morrison. It is a challenging area to grow in! Very thin clayey soils, not to mention the wildlife.
I think a plant swap sounds like a great idea. It is fun to read and finally talk to people sharing our climate, soils, etc...

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Hi Skybird,

I'm pretty much a straight shot west on I-70, between Glenwood Springs and Rifle. It's a bit drier over here, you guys got waaaay more snow than us this winter, and the temperatures are more extreme, colder in the winter, and hotter in the summer. A bit more of a high desert climate, but the same hard clay as you guys.

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windwhipped(Z4 WY)

I'm here in Casper. Spring is a little later for us, so not too much happening - haven't even spotted the tips of the daffodils yet. Probably a good thing since my first priority is finding a roofer to fix that pesky little leak that seems to have developed over the winter. Sigh.

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The sun rose this morning in a robin egg blue sky and no frost anywhere!!! (Gosh, this can't last)

I'm on the westside . . . the westside of Idaho and so close to the border in the Far East of WA . . . well, I'm also often found over in Dad's backyard on the other side of the line.

J'Lynn's "Blessed be" always makes me smile. Welcome All!


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I'm here from Centennial. Spring is finally here -- 4' of snow finally melted off the rose garden, daffodils are coming up, and I have native columbines germinating (and a bunch of other things too).

i would be very interested in a plant swap.

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I'm in Wellington north of Fort Collins. I've planted some early spring seeds so far and transplanted plants out of my "bridge garden" (a little bridge over an old irrigation ditch). Weeds were overtaking me in that garden last summer. This year I will kill everything and start over. Other gardens are looking good so far!

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singcharlene(Zone 5)

I'm in North Castle Rock, CO. It was glorious today and I'm looking out the window at a beautiful sunset over the Rockies. Sigh.

I see spinach growing! A whole bed of it! I guess the seeds I planted too late for a fall crop decided to make their way. I put a double layered frost blanket over them. I also see some swiss chard and parsley coming up.

We still have some snow. About half of the veggie garden has a thin layer of snow. Hopefully will be gone by this weekend.

My aunt asked if she could have her wedding and reception outside at our house. Of course, now I'm fretting about all the stuff I want to plant and get done before that happens in July sometime!

I can't wait to be conversing with all of you about our gardens in no time!


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emagineer(z5 CO)

Guess I should check in too...in Colorado Springs. Am working on the backyard this spring and with the warm weather got caught buying seeds yesterday. I was in Parker when first siging up for GW 4 years ago. Haven't had a veg. garden for that many years, but miss it and have a perfect place in this new/old home.

Nice to see other CS people here. My neighborhood is full of gardeners and last summer it was almost impossible to redo the front yard with so many people stopping by to chat. They are wonderful and even left packages of plants for me. I am enjoying being here and can't wait for the spring blooms. There is hardscaping to be done and have to wait for this too until we know it will stay warm long enough to do it right.

Plantlady...didn't know you were in CS. What location? And, did you plant inside or out?


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Hi all! Still here after all these years...probably 5 or 6. Still in the Springs. Its been a rough winter, but signs of spring are around. Daffs are about three or four inches tall. Poppies have some new growth. March is our snowiest month though, so we could still have a good dose of bad weather.

Good to see all the old and new names. Looking forward to reading about your gardens this year.

Dan in Co.

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Sandy...I live in Patty Jewett.
I planted outside...early seeds like poppies etc.

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stevation(z5a Utah)

I'm here! I live in Utah Valley, and I spend more time in the new GW Utah Gardening forum, but I like to check in here, too.

I have been realizing lately that I picked the perfect place in Utah to live -- I didn't know it at the time, but I'm in a bit of a thermal belt -- just far enough up a hill to be above the coldest air during spring frosts, yet not so high that the air is colder because of altitude. It's a zone 6, but sometimes I get away with zone 7 plants.

Anyway, nice to have this online community!
- Steve

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david52 Zone 6

One week to the next, grass is starting to green up, daffodils shooting, rain instead of snow today, peonies pushing, roses swelling, yikes!!! I've got to catch up here with the stuff I usually do all winter, its been too cold or too muddy.

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emagineer(z5 CO)

Aren't the daffodils early? This warm weather is playing games with us.

Skybird, I'm in the Broadmoor area. Tiny house, nice size yard...just enough for me and to enjoy. You planted some poppies? Need to get a handle on this as it has been a while since living down the mountains.

More CS people...this is fun and definitely great to hear how all are working in their yards, planting, successes, etc.

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jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)

So nice to see everyone chiming in! Hope everyone has a great gardening season and the weather is kinder to us this year.

*chirp* *chirp* *chirp* Serious case of spring fever! LOL!

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emagineer..I think you're asking me and not Skybird (who lives in Denver)
What I planted was annual poppy seed.
They like some cold weather to germinate

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi all,

Its great to see so many of you checking in around here. Im keeping track of whos where, and Ill come up with a report later. If you want to get yourself counted, be sure to give us a shout that youre here, and tell us where youre shouting from.

It was plantladyco who did the poppy seeds already, Sandy, but I hadnt thought of poppies yet, so I was glad to see the post and now I have some (very oldhope they grow) Iceland poppies and some California poppies ready to put in. I hope to get the veggie area turned over todayor at least half of it! I still need to be careful with the elbow I had surgery on in November (not that my physical therapist doesnt spend his days dreaming up new ways to torture me!), and within the next few days I plan to put in at least my spinach and swisschard, and probably some lettuce. I got that all in too late last year and most of it never even came up. This year WILL be different. And another thing I always plant too late is my sweet peas, so they will absolutely be going in during this nice warm stretch. The sweet peas go up the privacy fence on chicken wire behind where the tomatoes will be planted, so by the time it gets hot and the sweet peas are starting to peter out, the tomatoes are coming up in front of them to hide them.

My bulbs are all coming up and growing amazingly fast! I only have a few so far, but the daffodils are at least 6" high, the hyacinths are up 1-2", and yesterday, when I saw something purple out of my window, I went out to look and discovered I have two beautiful purple crocus blooming already. My first two flowers this year! I absolutely cannot believe how quickly theyre coming up now that the snow is finally gone. Seems like they were sitting down there as anxious as we all are for spring to come!

I have to go dig, but.....
welcome to each of youits nice to know youre all around here,

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Hi Ho one and all!
I'm a newbie. In more ways than one. Newly married, new home owner, new gardener (although I hesitate calling myself a gardener, since this is my first real one) new to Denver. I'm in Northwest Denver - Berkeley area. I love it! Not a big yard, but big enough to have some fun! Great old house built in 1913 that I am completely smitten with. It came with a garden of sorts in the front yard. Some of which we'd like to change, but most we want to discover and keep. I'm happy to make your acquaintance and look forward to leaning on you all for helpful hints, tips and advice! Have a most splendid day!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Shauna,

Congratulations on your marriage and your new home, and, definitely, welcome to Denverand to RMG. Were glad you found us and will be glad to help you turn your thumb green! Ive added you to the list! Nice to have another Denverite to participate in a possible plant swap later this year.

Have fun trying to identify all your "new" plants,

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I'm new here in terms of posting, but I've been reading on and off since dealing with bindweed last year.

I'm in Denver (Five Points-ish). We've been in our house going on three years now and I get a little better with the gardening each year. The first year was all about discovering what was there (the people before us planted lots of fun stuff and I was really clueless as to what was good and what was a weed) and the second year was all about trying to get rid of the weeds and plant a few new things. This year, my plan is to start dealing with the weeds early -- this weekend. I am SO looking forward to playing around in the yard after the dreadfully cold winter.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi tabby,

Welcome to RMG. Glad you decided to register and post! Weve got someuhinteresting people around here, but were always lots of fun, and were always glad to try to help however we can. If nothing else, we can always start a bindweed support group for you as youre trying to deal with that stuffas youll probably be doing for the rest of your life unfortunately! There are a bunch of bindweed rants here on the various GW forums. But, seriously, youll love all the folks here on RMG. A couple years ago I quit posting on the other forums when I ran into some nasty people who seemed to always be putting people down, but this is a GREAT bunch of people here, and nobodys ever going to make you feel like you asked a dumb question! Youve sure got the right idea with trying to deal with the weeds early! Keep a close eye out for any seedlings coming up and pull them out as soon as you see them. Once they start to establish roots, theyre WAY harder to get rid of.

So its time to challenge us with your questions, and, since youre in Denver, keep an eye out for a possible perennial swap later this year.

Happy weeding,

P.S. Whats a sabo tabby???

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emagineer(z5 CO)

Gads, I have so much to do in just getting started. Would love to spread some poppy seeds...it really is spring isn't it? I love hearing about all the happy plants starting to show up in your gardens.

Skybird/Plantlady...sorry about the mistake. Reading too fast to keep up. And, I've been a member for 4 years, but really haven't chimed in much.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Yep! It's really spring! This week at least! LOL Hey, this is Rocky Mountain Gardening! We ALL know what can happen in a couple hours!

I just spent the evening going thru all my seeds, and I pulled out several different kinds of poppies. What I need to figure out now is which ones do I want to sow directly into my wonderful clay soil, and which ones do I want to start inside--especially since some of them are old. I need to think about that one.


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shadygarden_CO(z5 Denver)

Hi! I'm here in Aurora. I lurked and posted for the first time last year as that was my first garden for a long time. I am glad to get ideas, like planting poppy seeds now, as well as spinach and chard, so plan to do that.
I am also going to try to save some beautiful spring daffoddils, tulips, and hyacinths (forced) that someone gave me recently. Guess I need to store them until next fall, right?

What else should I be doing now? Do I wait to prune roses that I put in last year. What about perennials I planted last summer?

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi shady,

Welcome. Glad to have you around here. Besides spinach/chard, you can also plant lettuce, peas and sweet peas, and radishes. And pretty soon you can plant, cabbage and anything in that family, beets, kohlrabis, onion seeds/sets, and parsnips. I guess carrots can go in early too, but I always wait till later to plant them.

Assuming the bulbs youre talking about are in pots, wait till they finish blooming and then cut the flower stems all the way down. Then put the pots outside in a sunny spot and plant them in the ground as soon as the soil is workablealso in a full sun spot. Leave all the leaves on until they turn completely brown, and then you can cut them off and forget about them till next spring. But be sure you mark where youve planted them so you dont accidentally dig into them when youre doing something else.

Everybody has a different theory about what to do with roses and perennials! I cut my roses down to 18-24" in fall (and Im really glad I did this year for sure since they wound up with 4-5' of snow piled on top of some of them, and even with the canes cut down, some of them broke. Cant imagine what would have happened to them if they hadnt been cut part way down!). Then, when the leaf buds are becoming obvious (soon), I cut them down to 12-18", giving them a fresh cut and cleaning out any canes that have broken or died overwinter.

With my perennials I pretty much do the same thing. I like the beds to look "neat" overwinter, so I cut almost everything all the way down in late fall or overwinter. Luckily this year I got the last things done just before the blizzard! I dont cut down the things that add winter interest like the ornamental grasses and things like the upright sedums. This year all the winter interest was in the mountains of snow, though. I just got my smashed grasses cut down a couple weeks ago! So much for winter interest! The hibiscus in front of my house never did get cut down yet. Its on the south side of the house, so I usually do it on a nice mid-winter sunny day. Well, I DID have some nice mid-winter sunny days this year, but my hibiscuss (hibisci???), which are 4-5' tall, were just BARELY visible above the snow! Needless to say, theyre looking pretty bad, and I should get them cut down pretty soon, but they wont even be showing till June, so I have lots of timeand have other, more important things to do right now.

If youre wondering what to do when with something specific, just ask. Theres always somebody around here to help.

Happy, happy, happy spring,

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Hi All,

Found the Garden web site in December, So I'm a newbie to the site. If been having fun reading all the posts, and decided I should just sign up. So here I am WAY UP in Jefferson, CO.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi prime,

Welcome! Were glad youre here! How WAY UP are you? I bet out that way you dont have much of anything coming up yet! Have you been gardening long? Tell us a little bit about yourself. (Alright! Im nosy! You dont really have to if you dont want to!) There are lots of great people around here, so ask us any questions you may have, or, if youve been digging in the dirt for a while already, help us answer them for others. Regardless of how long you've been gardening, different opinions are always appreciated around here. The more the merrier!

Happy warm weather coming up this week

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Hi! I have been lurking on this site off and on for almost a year and decided I might like to join. I am in south Colorado Springs.

For 2007 I will be container gardening on my apartment patio for the third year in a row. I usually do berries, vegetables and some flowers. After last years disapointing crop I am trying new things and will probably need a lot of tips.

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emagineer(z5 CO)

Lindy...what a challenge to have a container garden. You are a delight to know that the love of gardening does not keep you from doing so with a small space. And berries too?

Why do you think last year didn't fair well? Just curious as I don't know anything about container gardening. I thought our summer was a perfect garden environment with the rain/sun balance.

Am in South CS also.

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Emagineer, yes berries and all. I'm not sure why last year's crops didn't turn out all that well. About half of my garden just flopped. My peppers, herbs, eggplant and two of my tomatoes just didn't put out well. I ended up with tiny peppers, I only got one eggplant that was pretty small. My herbs just went straight to seed and I only got half as many tomatoes as usual. This was completely different from 2005 when I got tons of good sized vegetables and fruit.

I am trying several new varieties this year and a few new tricks to get things off to a good start. I was cleaning up my patio today and saw that my rhubarb has already started to put off new growth and my strawberries and blackberries are showing new life as well. My raspberry on the other hand... we'll see if that comes back. I really didn't overwinter it that well.

I love gardening and living in an apartment is not enough to stop me! I am hoping that 2008 will bring me a new house and a yard to grow more things in, like heirloom tomatoes... But for now it is fun to experiment with things in containers.

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Hi everybody,
I've been lurking on the forums this winter, and now that it's finally looking like spring, I figured it was time to register an account. I'm new to Colorado, and am rather intimidated by all of the gardening challenges that the centennial state has to offer. I moved out here to Fort Collins last November from Connecticut, where I've been veggie gardening almost my whole life. I've also gardened in Santa Cruz, California, but have never gardened in an arid climate, with dense clay soil, with intense temperature fluctuations, etc. etc. etc. so I'm sure that this is going to be an uphill climb for me.

Just figured I'd say hi. :)

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conace55(z5 CO)

Hi everyone. I'm in southeast Centennial. I'm mostly a lurker, but have asked questions now and then. I'm amazed at the knowlege shared on this forum and am grateful for all the pointers I've been given (directly and indirectly).


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Welcome all!

Thats quite a project you have going, Lindy! I tried doing veggies in BIG pots at my last house, and never had much luck. I hope you have a really good year this year, and I hope youre able to get your new houseor, more importantly, youre YARD in 08.

Well help you climb the hill, diamonic! Gardening out here is WAY different from almost everywhere else (I grew up in Illinois), but it is definitely doable! If youre starting with a veggie area (or flower beds for that matter) that havent been worked before, I recommend you plan to add a considerable amount of a good quality organic compost or moist Canadian peat before you start to plant anything. And dont hesitate to come here for help whenever you have a question. Between all of us, we must have a couple hundred years experience!

And Im glad to have another Denverite to add to the list, Connie.

Glad to see you all,

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Skybird, I've been gardening up here for about 7 years, It's a great challenge. WAY UP is about 9,600 Ft. (give or take), and just got a dusting of snow yesterday (bummer). But on the plus side I do have stuff coming up! But nothing like you all in Denver I'm sure.

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I've been gardening in CS for 30 years.
My hot weather crops (especially my tomatoes) didn't fare well last year.
It got too cold and sunless in late Summer.
I wound up with MANY green tomatoes...and that's not normal for me.

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jah742foco_co(colo frt range)

i am ready for spring. it is warming up here in fort collins. i have crocuses flowering already, got wave 1 of seeds started, and just finished my hobby greenhouse. i have been on here before, mainly in the organic forum. this willo be my fourth season, strictly organic/heirloom. the past four years i have been in my current house, once i get crocus to bloom, i don't have a gap till mums in the fall.

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Plantlady, I have had several people tell me that their crops didn't turn out well last year, so that makes me feel better. =D

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All my species crocus busted out this weekend, and I was a wreck running around taking pictures of the spectacular early daffodils, crocus, etc. Also trying to get the rose garden straightened out now that the snow has melted off. It was covered by 3' of snow for 75 days straight (since the mid-december storm), and I wasn't really done with the fall cleanup before the snow hit. I had 5' canes sticking up above the drifts, and plenty of the others were bent down to the ground completely by the snow. But amazingly enough, after it all melted off the canes bounced back pretty quickly. I did a bit of trimming on the bits that were clearly frosted, but the majority of the canes are green, healthy, and already putting out leaf buds. Since the leaf buds are already showing, I applied my sul-po-mag mix and alfalfa pellets this weekend too. The soil is still quite saturated, so I will wait until next weekend to get the new bare-root roses in place.

Also thanks to the snowcover many of the perennial companions (nepeta, veronica, penstemon) stayed quite green and continued to grow UNDER the snow. I'm hoping that we don't have any really bitter freezes over the next month, and we can have a good early show from some of these perennials.

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Hi all!

I'm excited to have found this group. I started my first square foot vegetable garden last summer and had decent success for a first timer. I've been using Mel Bartholomew's _Square Foot Gardening_ book as my guide and have loved his methods. This year I'm expanding and I'm in the midst of getting ready for a spring garden with peas, lettuce etc. We'll see how that goes. I'm sure I'll being asking for all your expert advice!

Nice to meet you all! (I'm in Littleton, by the way)

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shadygarden_CO(z5 Denver)

Skybird, thanks so much for all your answers to my pretty dumb questions, but I'm kinda new (should know a little bit, though). Your help is much appreciated. I plant most of my veggies in containers, but have a little flower garden that I put in last year.

Lindy Loo, did you plant raspberries in a big pot? That is something I would really like to do, but didn't know it was possible. The contractors I had last year planted black raspberries instead of the Heritage red, and that was really the only ground space I had for raspberries.

Love this site and all you neighbors,

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stevation(z5a Utah)

Hey greenj1, tell me more about this sul-po-mag stuff. I have a rose hedge that hasn't flowered very well since I planted them five years ago. They get full sun, and I fertilize them with a foliar fertilizer, but last year I dug a trench along them and put a bunch of high potassium fertilizer in the ground to see if that would improve the bloom. It had some effect, but not enough. I've heard potassium is slow moving in the soil, which is why the trench was recommended. But could it be that sul-po-mag would improve my bloom? Do you find that they don't bloom as well without it? Do you dig it into the soil or dissolve it and use it as a foliar spray? I suppose it's a soil application since you did it recently and there isn't much foliage right now, but I want to be sure how it's used!


    Bookmark   March 13, 2007 at 5:14PM
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Marlene I have a blackberry and a raspberry in large pots with a wooden trellis in each pot. They both did well last summer, but I think I killed my raspberry because I didn't overwinter it as well as I should. However, my blackberry is looking great right now. I had read from several sources that talked about how easy it is to grow rasp/blackberries in pots on your patio so I thought I would give it a try. Like I said, it is fun to experiment. :)

    Bookmark   March 13, 2007 at 8:17PM
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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Denverdidi,

Welcome! Were glad you found us. Peas are one of my favorite veggies, so I wish you good luck with yours. I love to just sit out in the garden and eat them fresh off the vine. And bring on the questions! Chances are somebodyll have an answer for youor possibly too many answers and well just wind up confusing you more than ever! LOL

And, Shady, the only dumb question is the one you dont ask, so you didnt ask any dumb questions. But, be warned! The better you get at this fun addiction, the more youll be chomping at the bit for more space to plant things!

Welcome everyone,

    Bookmark   March 13, 2007 at 9:43PM
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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Funny you should say that Skybird. When we moved here last year, we had a landscaper lay out the beds, so that he could install the irrigation system. As soon as I saw his paint marks in the dirt, I had him expand them. Now I have ordered so many things, and started a ton of seeds, and I am thinking they are STILL too small. I think I have my DH talked into giving up a little of the precious sod along the fence that separates the front and back yards, so that I can have a small herb/veggie garden. He doesn't want it to look messy or tacky, so I will have to incorporate SOME flowers in there to make sure it is attractive from the street. Any suggestions are welcomed.

If it was up to me we would just have grass in the back for the kids to play, and the rest would be beds with paths winding between them, though I am sure that would make it harder to sell the place when the time comes. Now if I can just find space for everything I've already bought, LOL.

    Bookmark   March 13, 2007 at 10:54PM
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I'm here in Denver, too! Just planted my lettuce and carrots on Sunday - we'll see how it goes. I'm new to vegetable gardening...

    Bookmark   March 13, 2007 at 11:59PM
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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Welcome, peace, glad to see another Denver face around here.

And, LOL, high! Every year a little bit more of my sod seems to mysteriously disappear! Actually, I wish it was mysterious! Unfortunately its a whole lot of work! And as if sod isnt bad enough, theres a whole maze of cottonwood roots just barely under the surface. What a job!

I dont know if its true or not, but Ive heard that marigolds are supposed to help keep bugs off of some veggies, so you might want to plant some in with your veggies, or put a row of them in front of the garden to partially block it. Some varieties get pretty bigand theyre certainly easy to grow. And many herbs are nice ornamental plants too. Red (purple) basil can be really nice, and I have tri-color and golden sage in my perennial beds. And there are some other ruffly leaf basils, though they can all look pretty nice, and even parsley makes a nice green foliage plant if you keep it cleaned up. One other thing you could try that wouldnt take up very much room, is to put a row of glads across the front of the veggie area. They get pretty tall and dont get "wide," so you wouldnt loose much space that way. In my experience, however, glads need to be staked to keep them really upright. That might just be because mine dont get full day sun.

You might also want to post your "ornamental veggie garden" plans on the Community Blog thread I just started to see if others come up with some other ideas.

I hope your weather out there is as beautiful as ours is here in Denver right now.


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belight_11(z4 CO USA)


I'm here:o) I live up in Glenwood Springs colorado.
We have just started to get some thaw going on around here. I'm going to see if I can get the soil in my raised beds turned. I am usually a lerker. I have enjoyed so much everyones input. I have learned alot. THank you

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi belight,

Welcome! We're glad you decided to let us know you're here. Highalttransplant has been looking for somebody else out her way, and now there isshe's between Glenwood and Rifle.

Youre not alone anymore, Highalt! Now you have a GW gardening neighbor.


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stevation who asked about sul-po-mag --

there are a number of ways to apply the Sulphur :Potassium : Magnesium components of sul-po-mag, and I'm not going to argue about different brands here because the point is what the components do for the roses. I use a equal amounts of blood meal, bone meal, and epsom salts to get the mix I like. 1 cup per bush, applied at the base and mixed in with the heel of my workboot, so nothing too technical about that. Also all my roses are growing in 40% organic matter (compost, aged manure, overwintered leaves) mixed with Denver Clay, in raised beds. All the beds are maintained with 1" of water /week during irrigation season, so the organic matter is extremely important for maintaining appropriate moisture levels. I disturb the soil as little as possible, and companion plant with xeric perennials like nepeta, or semi-xeric annuals like cosmos.

last year I had good results just adding compost on top of the soil, but due to variations in the moisture levels toward the last part of the summer I rebuilt one bed and added the sul-po-mag on top after rebuilding & mixing more fresh compost into the clay. This bed underperformed last year, we shall see if the remix helps this year.

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Here nad new to Arvada CO...great thread!

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Welcome belight 11!!! Thanks for coming out of hiding, LOL!

Skybird is right, you are the first person from my side of the state that I have seen on this forum since I moved here (to Silt) last spring! Do you have any good nurseries in Glenwood Springs? ... and Lowe's doesn't count, LOL. We have Alpine Garden center, which isn't very big, but run by very nice folks. A lot of what I planted last year came from there, and Centennial Gardens in Rifle. Everything else I had to order online, so I am on the lookout for good local sources.

Gardening is probably more challanging for you, since you guys are nestled between the mountains and don't get as many hours of daylight as we do up on the mesa. Anyway, nice to have some company over here.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Welcome, hummer,

Glad to see another Denverite! There are 11 of us in the immediate Denver area so far, and a bunch more in the nearby suburbs.

I remember you now! I just checked your website, and youre the Sum and Substance person! LOVE that hosta, but couldnt possibly put it in my tiny yard. How long have you been here in Colorado?

Glad to have you here,

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Looks like I'm the only one from MT around here. Maybe someone else from Big Sky Country will come out of hiding. :)

    Bookmark   March 14, 2007 at 4:07PM
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Thanks for the welcome Skybird, well I've only been here since January so very new.
Yes Sum & Substance is a beauty when she grows up. Don't know if I could grow one that big here, she needs alot of drink to get good and big.

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nancy_in_co(z5 CO)

I'm back too. I have a large garden in Cheyenne Canon. I started cutting down the scrub from last year's gardens last weekend and my hamstrings are still killing me. I have seen a few little bits of green but it was so warm yesterday that I got surprised but a garter snake. You know spring is here when you start seeing the snakes! I told the snake the same thing that I told all the plants last weekend - go back to sleep. There is still plenty of cold weather to come unfortunately!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi mthawki, welcome. Yes, you are the only Montana personso far! But you definitely have a Rocky Mountain or two up your way, so youre part of us! A couple years ago I went up to Glacier NP up thereand Waterton up in Alberta. Had a GREAT time! Your closest GW neighbor that I know if is digit in Idaho, but, if I remember right, hes over on the Washington side of the state, so probably not too close to you.

Hummer, you answered another question I was wondering about! All the beautiful hosta pictures on your website are the gardens you had to leave behind! That must have been sad! So this is your very first year gardening in an arid climate! Well all be glad to try to help!

And, Nancy, I remember having seen your name around here. Welcome back! Im sore from turning over the veggie garden tooand from trying to cut out all the @#%%$#@ cottonwood roots from the neighbors trees! But I suspect you and I arent the only stiff and sore ones around here with all this beautiful weather! And, what do you mean its going to get cold again? Was I wrong to put my tomatoes out??? Just kidding! But, boy, is it ever hard to not start putting out all the stuff you cant yet. And, snakes? Maybe there are some advantages, after all, to living in a run-of-the-mill subdivision! When I lived down in Parker, I went out one day and found a HUGE snake behind my house. At that time it was still VERY undeveloped where I lived, and some of the neighbors had actually found rattlesnakes on their property, and I didnt have a clue what this wasbut it DID have a rattlesnake type pattern, so I went in and called "animal control." They didnt have an officer available who could come help, so the lady I was talking to got out her book and read these instructions to me: Grab the snake by the tail with your right hand and throw is as far away over your left shoulder as you can. Just typing it here, Im totally cracking up again! Like, yeah, that was gonna happen! Hey! At least she didnt tell me to grab it by the rattles! It turned out it was a bull snakebut it was FOUR FEET long!

So far 44 people have checked in here on this thread! Its good to see you all here!


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hi all! happy spring! i've been here for awhile but mainly just lurk. i'll try and post more often.
skybird, that's really funny about the snake! sometimes i think a four foot long bull snake could be very useful against all the pocket gophers! yeah, that's the ticket...

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Nancy...I looked at your page and found out we have the same birthday.
I'm sure I'm older...I'm older than everyone!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Yeeehaaaa! We have a representative from New Mexico! Welcome bombus! Glad to have you here!

So far we have 1 from Idaho, 1 from Montana, 2 from Utah, 2 from Wyoming (though I think there's more that just haven't shown up yet from WY), and now, 1 from New Mexico. Our reach is global! I don't guess you'd be interested in the plant swap, but do be sure to join us for the information swap!

BTW, I did find out that bull snakes are good for controlling rodents, but I really didn't want a 4' snake "loitering" around the house--and possibly coming in when we left the door standing open----and I had a SMALL dog--so I "disposed" of it. No---LOL---I didn't throw it over my left shoulder!

Happy spring,

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stevation(z5a Utah)


When I was a kid, I kept bull snakes (also called gopher snakes on the west coast where I lived) all the time as pets. They're really quite harmless, and a four-footer is something of a rarity. They eat a lot of mice and gophers, too.

Hey Greenj1, thanks for answering the sul-po-mag question. I think I'll seek some more help in the rose forum on increasing my blooms.

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nancy_in_co(z5 CO)

Hi plantladyco, Don't think of it as being old, think of it as having more gardening experience! Yikes, that last sentence made me laugh. People ask me all the time what you need to be a successful gardener in Colorado. I always say a really good sense of humor. Old mother nature does love to play tricks when you are at 6000+ Ft.

Anyway, I wonder if we know each other or if I have seen your garden. If you ever drive on Cheyenne Road east of the schools, you have seen mine! Nancy

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I live in Patty Jewett
I'll ask my husband...he rides his bike up the canyon every Sunday AM.
PS I'm not old..I'm seasoned!

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shadygarden_CO(z5 Denver)

lindy_loo, thanks for the information about planting berries in pots. You said you think you lost your raspberry plant because you didn't overwinter it as well as you should. How _do_ you overwinter your berries, anyway?

Hope you get your house and yard soon.


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emagineer(z5 CO)

Nancy...can I drive by your garden? Am down the road from you. But, don't drive by my garden, it is still in rehabilitation. I love all the gardeners in our area, they know so much about the plants and willing to share. This place is incredibly beautiful when in spring bloom.

With all the chat about buds...I looked out yesterday and the apple tree is budding. Please hope we don't get a bad freeze, this weather is far too nice and am afraid it is fooling with us.

Really need to get the veggie garden ready. Am going to try some milk bottles to cover the first plantings for a while. And somewhere is my wall o waters.

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belight_11(z4 CO USA)

hello highaltitude. :o)
Lordy it is hard with the mountains blocking alot of the sun. My raised beds are still frozen about 5" down. I really like going to Planted Earth. I find lots of wonderful plants there. When I can't find what I want there I order online. I will not shop at Lowe's. I guess it's a matter of principle. I don't think it is right that they charge an extra tax just for the "privilege" of them being located in the meadows.
Some of my bulbs are coming up! I am starting to get the seedling fever. I know it is still a little early though. I have lived in Glenwood for about 18 years. I bought my house about 10 years ago. That is when I started learning about gardening. It is always hard trying figure out what mother nature will decide to do. I remember one year when it snowed in June! It really is nice to know someone closer who has an idea.
Happy planting!:o)

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nancy_in_co(z5 CO)

Hi Emagineer,

If you drive by my garden next weekend, you will probably see me chopping down last year's growth. I have almost finished the back of the house and am ready to tackle the big berm in front. It is something like 130' long so it is a very big berm. Anyway, if you see me, please stop and say hello.

Of course, now you are going to have to tell me where your garden is as turn about is fair play. And I think every garden is in rehabilitation. We are always aiming for that picture in our mind's eye but reality never quite matches. That is what the compost pile is for - those misses. Some years I have a very big compost pile!

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emagineer(z5 CO)


Thanks for the invite, I'd love to meet you. And rehabilitation is a major understatement here. I had to remodel inside and tear out the front yard this year. Far more than thought, but still holding on for a wonderful yard and home. Big plus is the "dirt" is wonderful. Am further east/south from you....I think.

Have been watching the buds and am hoping to take photos of your area soon. Am a photographer, primarily love architectural details, can't wait to get shots. The lilacs are really budding, not sure about cherry blossoms yet. You probably have a good idea of when this is actually in full display.

For those who do not know about the area...it is one of the oldest in Colorado Springs. Based near the mountains with streams running through a lot of the properties and water falls a couple of miles up. Miles of hiking available.

Spring is so full of blooms it is hard to see the houses, an incredible display of nature with wonderful quaint homes and large mansions of every style.

I'll post some pics when nature greets.

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stevation(z5a Utah)


You make it sound so beautiful that you'd better post some photos! I'll look forward to seeing them.


    Bookmark   March 20, 2007 at 12:58AM
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wishccr(Z4-5 CO)

I am here. I really enjoy reading the forum.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi wishccr,

Glad to see you around! Are you in the foothills?

Happy spring,

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I new, my name is souta (soo-tah), I having a terrible time at figuring out this site..but I'm working on it! Is there a way we can post photos with our forum discussion? The backyard is going through complete renovation, and it is my first time with a major garden project! Thought I would join the forum for support and questions, I'm sure I'll have many.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Souta,

Welcome! Were glad you found us! I guess I know where youre fromIll add one more to my list under Montana! You have one other Montana RMG neighbor, mthawki, who signed in up above on the 14th.

Regarding posting pictures, the good news is, yes, you can do it, but the bad news is, I dont have a clue how, so I cant begin to tell you what to do. Im sure somebody will be along who can help you with that.

And well all be glad to help you get your new garden going in the right direction, so just let us now when you start to run into questions. If you plan to be coming here quite a bit, you might want to put a link directly to the RMG forum in your favorites. It sure makes it quicker to get here, and you can still get to the other forums by clicking on the "other forums" link on the top left side of the RMG forum if you want to check out some of the others.

Happy spring,

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cnetter(z5 Co)

Souta, I wish we had a gallery associated with the Rocky Mountain Gardening forum, but we don't. Maybe we can ask for one. You could use the Garden Gallery forum and then tell us when you uploaded pictures there.
Or you can get your own picture gallery website - Photobucket is free. Once you upload your pictures to there, you can put a link to them here.

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Marlene, to overwinter berries is pretty easy. They need to be mulched really well. You need to make sure that the soil stays moist or at least does not dry out all the way. You will probably need to water them once or twice over the winter to keep them moist. Then, you need to bring them in close to the house and wrap a tarp or heavy plastic around the pot to help insulate against severe cold (or better yet, put them in the garage/basement). My plant died because of the old saying, "do as I say, not as I do." ;)

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cnetter(z5 Co)

Souta, here's an example of me posting from a free Photobucket account:

I can give details on how to do this, if you want.

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We're building a new home on a ridge in the Greenhorn Valley. Closing is supposed to be around the end of May. I hope we get in early enough to plant some things. I have a transformer-on-a-pole problem that we need to hide; I posted that on the landscape design forum, so if anyone wants to look there I'd be appreciative. I'm afraid it's hopeless.

I'm glad to be here!

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I'm in Broomfield. SO much looking forward to this spring/summer. In 2005 I had newborn twins (so absolutely NO time for gardening) and last year we were in a rental house (patio home) waiting for our new one to be built. But now I'm here, new house, new yard, new plants, and I can't wait to dig in the dirt!

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stevation(z5a Utah)

Hey supermommy, welcome. My wife and I have 7-year old twin daughters, and they are a BLAST! A little rowdy and competitive, but they're so cute and fun. Twins are awesome. They are also the kids who like to garden with me sometimes, but some of that is that they're competing for Daddy's attention! Not that I make them compete, but that just seems to be the way twins are (at least the ones I know!).

So, anyway, I know what you're saying about no time when they were little. I had to take naps at work during that first year. I hope the twins get out in the garden with you. Enjoy the new home!


    Bookmark   March 22, 2007 at 6:53PM
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Hey Steve, always nice to "meet" another parent of twins (since they are the only ones who truly know what it's like - all the wild and wonderful times!)

My twins are boy/girl (spontaneous, no family history - big fat surprise when I had an ultrasound at 6 weeks). They'll be 2 next month. I also have a little boy who will be 5 in May. All three of them LOVE LOVE LOVE to be outside with us, helping hubby build the deck or helping me with the project of the day. We're starting seeds for a veggie garden next week so they'll love that - poking their little fingers into cups of dirt and dropping seeds in. Our summer veggie garden will be an annual family project/activity (and it's a great way to get them to eat their veggies!) My 4yo dubbed green beans "laser beans" and has loved them ever since.

See you on the forums! :)

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emagineer(z5 CO)

Steve...will gladly share pics as soon as the area "really" springs to life. This is my first year here, driven through it many time, but can't remember the exact time it happens.

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jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)

A great big howdy and welcome to everyone coming out of lurkdom and new to the board! These are some really great folks around here who are very knowing and will go out of their way to help.

A few months ago I asked GW about an exchange, so go over there and pleasantly pester them a bit about that and a gallery or conversations.

    Bookmark   March 23, 2007 at 10:58AM
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I'm a newbie in Colorado Springs. My husband and I just bought our first house last June, so this is my first season with my own garden!!!! I don't think I've ever been so excited about spring in my whole life!

It's interesting to see what's coming up this year as I didn't plant much. There are a couple rose bushes that I knew about, but now I'm seeing lots of bulbs coming up (though I don't know what they are???).

I did get a chance to plant a few things last year, crocus and daylily- I got my first crocus bloom on St. Patrick's Day :) I started some seeds indoors about the same time. My impatience is REALLY getting the best of me...

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funky_dutch(z5 CO ignacio)

Dipping in (belatedly as usual)... TWO little daughters now keeping me away from posting much but by heck they're coming out to garden with me this year. I catch up on RMGF in the wee hours after they're asleep.

On the Western Slope, CO... way south, outside of Durango on Florida Mesa.

cheers to everybody!


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cnetter(z5 Co)

I'll post in your request for an exchange forum if you post in my request for a gallery forum.

I'm thinking I'm going to need to thin my SDB iris this summer and an exchange forum would be a good place to post them.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Welcome, maeceand welcome to Colorado Springs too. You have a bunch of RMG buddies down there in the Springs. Im about to post the list Ive extracted from this thread so everybody can see whos near them, so keep an eye out.

And, welcome Dutch. You have at least one RMG neighbor down there somewhere near you tooDavid52. And, its time to get those girls out in the dirt to get their addiction started!

And susanka and supermommy, glad to see the two of you here too. Im getting quite a list! Ill try to get it into postable form and get it up here tonight yet.

Happy spring everyone,

    Bookmark   March 24, 2007 at 8:22PM
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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi all,

Since this thread has slowed down, heres the list of everybody whos checked in here so far. Ive also picked up a couple names off of other threads if I noticed a name I knew wasnt on the list yet. A couple of the names (with the question marks) Ive noticed seemingly contradictory locations on separate posts. And the two on the bottom, if any location was posted, I missed it. If I got anything wrong, or anybody wants to change anything, or give more specific information, post it, and Ill change it. This is all public information already anyway, so I hope nobodys upset to have it condensed this way. I think its fun to know whos near youand very helpful to know where someone is when youre posting replies. (If anybody wants their name off the list for future postings, just let me know!) If youre not on the list and would like to be, post yourself here, and Ill add your name.

I hope this reads ok for everybody! Since were very limited with what we can do here with underlining, bold print, and spacing, it took a while to figure out how to make it come out as useable as possible. If we get many more additions to this thread, Ill update the list later.

Im going to also start a separate thread with this so RMG neighbors have a place to say "hi" to each other.


P.S. DenverMetro and Colorado Springs were in a dead heat for a while, but Denver has pulled out into the leadfor now at least! Keep those cards and letters coming folks! ;-)

amester--------------Highlands Ranch
cnetter--------------West of Arvada
conace55-------------Southeast Aurora or SE Centennial ??
oakiris--------------Westminster (across Sheridan from Arvada)
peace rose-----------DEN
sabotabby------------Five Points-ish
shadygarden co-------Aurora
shaunab--------------NW Denver - Berkeley area

DENVER WEST (foothills)
primeribs------------WAY UP in Jefferson County
redrockgarden--------West of hogback near Morrison

nrynes---------------Black Forest/Monument - or near Elizabeth ??
singcharlene---------Castle Rock

diamonic-------------Ft. Collins
doug z5 co-----------Lyons
jah742 foco co-------Ft. Collins
robinco--------------Northern Colorado

jalirancher----------Eastern plains "Cedar Breaks" (I know what that means! LOL)-- (Whats the closest recognizable town to you, Jali? Limon?)
milehi-----------------80 miles SE of Jali!

belight 11-----------Glenwood Springs
david 52-------------SW Colorado
funky dutch----------Ignacio (near Durango)
helene111------------Glenwood Springs
highalttransplant----Between Glenwood & Rifle
mission impossible---Buena Vista (I know BV isnt on the Western Slope!)

binnesman------------North side of COS
emagineer------------South COS - Broadmoor area
goatgal--------------Moving from AK
lindy loo------------South COS
nancy in co----------COS
nicole---------------Manitou Springs

shudavies------------Canon City
susanka--------------Greenhorn Valley (Rye, Colorado City)

digit----------------(NW Idaho near WA)

missoula s-----------Missoula


stevation------------Utah Valley

jlynn----------------Near Casper

debcatz--------------Just moved to 6500'!

    Bookmark   March 24, 2007 at 10:11PM
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Hey Dutch, I've got two little ones keeping me busy so I'm a late night lurker too. I did some gardening/posting a couple of years ago but since then mostly changing diapers. I get a little bored with virtual gardening but return to the forum occasionally to see what everyone is chatting about. Hey- the hot topic is still bindweed! LOL I'm north of Denver, in Berthoud. Hi everyone!

    Bookmark   April 9, 2007 at 3:11PM
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emagineer(z5 CO)

Skybird...thanks again for keeping this list. A big job, and like numbers for me which I would just mess up. You can just list me as SW CS, am in the same area as Nancy, Nicole, etc.

Wasn't there someone from Grand Junction. Plus...nccod and junkmanme from NM? spyfferoni from UT? Hopefully I'm not intruding by catching these. Probably tells you I am this thing more than I should be.

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gardengal_co(z5 CO)

Just found this post... it's great to "meet" fellow gardeners in the area. I am in SE Aurora. You'll find me mostly lurking in the roses forum, love the gallery section most of all.

This will be my third year at my current home.. previous owner did a wonderful job of setting up flowerbeds, berry bushes for the birds, and fenced veggie garden.. with several small garden areas throughout the yard. So every year as I work the gardens I find surprises and joys I didn't see or forgot from the year before. When I bought my home it was for the number of bedrooms (three kids), the neighborhood and schools, and the price was right.. I didn't reallly even take note of what the yard had to offer. What a wonderful garden haven I have found here.

My first summer in my new home I just spent the time working the gardens and assessing what was where. The second summer I planted a few things, moved a few things, planted asparagus, and continued to discover what I have here. The third summer I put in a pond and flagstone patio... added a few perennials, planted garlic, pruned and reshaped the shrubs, put in a raised bed, and replaced the retaining walls around the rose garden beds as the wood was deteriotating.

This summer I want to put in raised veggie beds, plant perennials in the raised flowerbed, plant the bog garden, and clean up the compost area and chip the pile of branches that are accummulating in the back corner.. (future fruit trees).. I have a small yard, but lots of little areas for planting. BUT, spring is not cooperating with my schedule... when I am at work the weather is nice and when I have time off the weather is cold and wet.. (not that I am complaining about the wet and rain!!!). I have close to twenty rose bushes around my yard and found one that needs replacing. Just hope I can get out of the garden center with only ONE rose bush for now. I have plans, lots and lots of plans for what I want to add to my yard.. a rock garden, an arbor with climbing roses, fruit trees and bushes. So you will see me around here a lot, asking questions and getting advice.

I consider myself fortunate as I work at Tagawas Garden Center in Centennial, CO where I can check out all the new plants and offerings. They actually pay me to deadhead and mess around in the plants. But Spring is hopefully soone around the calendar corner!!!

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I live near Santa Fe, NM, climate like Durango, CO. I sometimes lurk here, but haven't had much time to garden since my twins were born (b/g 5 years old). Last summer they got interested, though, and we planted a veggie garden for DS and me. DD is more interested in flowers, so she had her flower beds out front. They are slave drivers now. They helped me plant strawberries and potatoes two weeks ago, peas last weekend, and spread mulch, and are already insisting it is time to start the tomatoes and some flower inside (and they are right, darn it).

This is fun, but kind of exhausting. ;-)


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Hello all,

I live in Ouray, CO elevation 7800 feet.
Surrounded by high mountains so getting 12 hours of actuall sun, makes growing a challenge.

I experiment a lot. I have Boysenberry plants that have produced for 4 years now (even though they should not grow here.

Horseradish does real well here. I am always giving new plants and root cuttings out. And one lady in town stops when some of the leaves are 3 foot tall and asks for the leaves. I never ask her for why??

Of course all the cool weather crops do real well. I have had harvests of corn, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes. Last year the sweet cherry blossoms got nailed by frost.

Flowers do well, but some plants that should grow here do not. And others that are not suppose to grow here does.

Living in this valley presents many micro-climates. So I listed no zone... Each zone map gives the town many different zones. Seed suppliers all list us in different joins, so plant shipments get messed up at times.

I got a peach tree in Early april from one suppler, and yet another supplier wont ship glad bulbs yet, another is holding off on perrinals like poppies and such.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Well Ive been kind of remiss in my welcomes around here lately, so let me say welcome to each of you who have signed in since my last post. Were glad you all found us and we hope to see more of you around here.

Steviewonder, glad to see youve been able to find some time to be posting hereand youre rightbindweed never goes out of style when it comes to gardening!

Gardengal co, it sounds like you must have quite a yard there! What fun having new surprises coming up for you all the time! I didnt get many surprises when I moved into this house three years agojust a whole lot of rock mulch on top of landscape fabric! Oh, well, at least once I got the rock out it gave me room to put in the things I wanted to. Just wish the yard was biggerwhich is what I was looking for when I bought the house, but I really liked the house itself, so I caved!

Its wonderful that your kids are already "cultivating" their addiction to gardening, catherine nm. I always love to see kids getting into it. Its such a "healthy" thing to do. And for the BIG kids, its so relaxing, in spite of the hard work. We only have one other "officially checked in" member from NM as of now, Bombus, but I dont think shes been posting real recently. Probably lurking though!

And Dave1949now we have TWO Daves down in the southwestern corner of Colorado! David52 is down that way too, but I think hes southwest of you. AndLOLhorseradish does real well anywhere, doesnt it? It seems to me it would take over the world if it were allowed to. Wellit might get some competition from bindweed! :-D

Ive added you all to the "list," and hope to find time to repost it in the next couple weeks since there have been a lot of additions since the last posting.

It looks like its going to be a pretty good weekend for gardening in the RM area, so have fun everyone,

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Hello to all - I'm new on this forum. We live at 7900 ft right outside of Estes Park.

Last summer we put in a lean-to greenhouse on the north wall of our garage, and I successfully overwintered almost all my container plants, which spend the summer on our front and back decks. (The elk and mule deer eat pretty much everything that's not up on the deck -- someday I'd love to have a walled/fenced garden, but that's w-a-a-y down the road!)

I'm looking forward to getting to know other high-country gardeners. This will be our 4th summer here, and after several building projects, I'm just beginning to implement a long-range garden plan for our house. (We moved here from Kansas City, and needless to say, all my "old favorites" aren't going to work here!)


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi, Cheryl,

Glad you found us here! Ive added you to the list and plan to repost it soon.

When it comes to basic trees, bushes, and perennials, I think you may be pleasantly surprised to discover a lot of them will work here too. Well, at least to the extent that you can protect them from the "critters!" If you havent already found it, you may want to check out the "Deer Candy" thread down a little ways on this page right now. It may at least help a little bit to know "youre not alone!" ;-) And there are links to a couple deer resistant plant lists on that thread.

Just let us know when youre looking for things that will work out here. Youll get lots of information and opinions.

Welcome to RMG,

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jnfr(z5b CO)

Hello everyone. I posted here a few times last year, but vanished over the winter.

I live and garden in Westminster, just east of Standley Lake. I used to live and garden up in Coal Creek Canyon at about 7500 ft., so I know a little about mountain gardening too.

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cnetter(z5 Co)

"just east of Standley Lake"

That's pretty close to me.

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dryad58(z4/5/ CO)

Hello all! i'm up in cheyenne Wy, and would definitely be interested in a swap or exchange or something. My work schedule is ridiculous so i don't post very regularly, but i love to garden just the same. Nice to meet you all!

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jnfr(z5b CO)

Jeffco gardeners unite :)

I see you're zone 4, (cnetter). You must be further west than we are. Mostly we are a warm zone 5, but honestly the weather varies so much here it's kind of a toss-up from year to year.

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cnetter(z5 Co)

Hi Jnfr,
When I moved here 20 years ago, we regularly got zone 4 winters, but in recent years it's definitely been zone 5. Some things I could grow in Thornton, definitely would not grow here back then. We're still two weeks behind the center of Denver.
I'm thinking I better change to zone 5.
I'm south of Rocky Flats. I regularly drive past Stanley Lake and go down 100th or 108th.

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I don't read much on this forum (just not enough time!) but came over here to post a question regarding native CO (or at least mountain) iris & thought this post looked interesting. I'll post my iris question in a separate note.

I am in Henderson - just east of Thornton. I also am going into my 2nd year of 'gardening' a bit north & west of Livermore at 8,000 feet. Visited up there today & the herbs are popping up so I'm anxious to see what else made it through the winter.


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Hi I'm new here...I live in Sisters OR (high desert) 20 mile north west of Bend OR. I'm new to the area from Hawaii and will have LOTs of questions...:) Nan

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stevation(z5a Utah)

Sisters, Oregon, huh? Very cool. I remember well a trip to Sisters when I was a teenager -- my stepdad sold a horse to someone up there and I went along as we trailered him up from Northern Cal. I remember some beautiful mountain scenery with lava flows winding down through forests. Three Sisters Mountain is very cool, too. Hey, at least you have lava to remind you of Hawaii! I hope you enjoy it there!

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I just found this forum (I'd been hanging around in the tree and perennial forums) so wanted to say hello to all the fellow RMGs.

I am in Erie, CO, in a new construction (2 years old now) home. I have lots and lots of mulch beds to fill, and have lots to learn. Other than watering and pruning at my old house that had an established yard, I don't have much gardening experience to speak of, so have learned a *lot* from Gardenweb already.

I had to laugh at the post above about the bindweed. I actually pretty much gave up the fight at my old house... Just couldn't keep up with the little devils, so I decided to enjoy them for their pretty flowers and not worry about getting all their roots out. In our new yard I'm aggressively pulling them when I see them so they don't get established, and so far so good.

Happy gardening!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Welcome to RMG, Almondstriations. Youre not too far from mewell, compared to pretty much everybody else at least. Im in Thornton. Ive added your name to the list. There are a bunch of people north of Denver now, but most of them are further north than you are. Watch for the list reposting probably the end of this week.

Did you look around enough to notice theres going to be a Spring Swap on the 18th down in Castle Rock? Just in case youre interested! And Im going to have one in late summer or early fall, so that one would be closer to you. I thought you might be interested since you have a new yard to "fill up." And you dont need to be able to bring anything to swap if you dont have anything. If youre interested, see the Spring Swap thread for more info. Wed love to meet you.

Good luck in your battle of the bindweed!

Were glad you found us,

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dafygardennut(5b-ish, CO)

I'm new here, but after lurking all day to find out about the grapes and blackberries I planted today, I decided to join. I'm in SE Aurora and it's only my second year planting in the ground rather than pots on a balcony, but so far I've only killed a few plants. :)

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Dafygardennut. We're glad you decided to register. I've added your name to the list of RMG neighbors, and I'll be reposting it in a few days.

Just let us know when you have questions. There's always lots of good help around here.

Welcome to RMG,

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robinco(z5 CO)

Hi - I am in Fort Collins, zone 5. We recently moved to 1.5 acres with some great mature trees, and lots and lots of reworking to do. So far, we've turned a ratty old gravel circle drive into a front yard with a (completely intimidatingly) huge perennial border. So far this season, lots of tending, weeding, and dreaming of the plants I will put in after I return from an early June vacation. I am practicing my most elusive of virtues -- patience.

Now... that Oenothera discussion is going to keep me up at night...

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Hi everyone! I've posted a handful of messages in the past and I always appreciate reading all of your insights. I live in Arvada....in the clay! Loving spring and dreading the hot summer!


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Here! I am a long-time lurker of many GW forums. I live in Utah, in the Ogden area. I moved here from Wyoming almost a year ago, and I absolutely love it. This is my first full growing season here, so I will be checking in alot. :) Nice to meet you all!


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jchaber(4 CO)

Well, thank you for asking!

I am new to this board and to Nederland, since July of last year, but only just started on my garden. I've been on gardenweb for about four or five years...or something like that. I had been frequenting the bonsai and container forums, then moved on to bamboo and still bonsai. I have now focused on Rockies, for obvious reasons! I updated my gardenweb account to reflect the change, just in time to miss the swap by one day!



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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Wow! This thread has become popular again! Welcome to RMG everyone! Thanks for letting us know you're here!

Jennifer---and anyone else who may have discovered they just missed the Spring Swap---I just want to let you know that there will be another one in late summer or early fall at my house. So keep an eye out in a couple months for a Fall Swap thead where we'll be posting information and keeping track of everyone who wants to come.

Welcome all! We're glad you're here,

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Hi all.

Not exactly new here, but have been away from the computer for quite a while, and when I came back the old handle wouldn't work. I got such marvelous help from tech support that it was simpler to come up with a new name.

Sign me up for the fall swap! I will have hostas, and heucheras, and who knows what else. I garden for a living, and a lot of what I do is recovery of gardens gone wild, so I end up with a lot of plants. Rough job, huh. I frequently donate what I can to Habitat for Humanity to use in their homes, but not everything is appropriate so it usually finds a home at my house. My house currently looks like a pot factory exploded. And I don't think the neighbors are buying my story about letting the grass grow to hide the pots.

So I better go mow. :-(

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Shady,

Glad you decided to work your way through the iV maze to sign back up. I haven't been able to change my password--or anything in my profile for a couple years now, and I don't get follow ups and PM's don't work for me! iV support! What's that?

We'd love to have you at the fall swap. I'll be starting a thread in a couple months for info, so keep an eye out for it. Where are you located?


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Hello all!

I'm following some Utahns from the Gardening in Utah forum to get more advice specific to our region. I'm in Utah Valley, west of where stevation lives and south (I believe) of bpgreen. I used to live even further west, in California, but we made the move to Utah in spring/summer 2005.

This year, I'm starting an orange tree indoors! I'm also trying to get fruit trees established for the future, although it may not be soon enough as my son is already starting on solids! Our two daughters are also big fruit and berry eaters, so I'm working on expanding there as well, and doing a little better planning for our vegetable garden.

Lastly, I'm trying to eventually build up our roses, since I miss the ones we left in California (I grew up in the rose (plant) capital of the world in Southern California, or so we believed growing up, a huge jackson perkins/bear river farm location where they bagged fields of roses for sale in other locations). I'd also like to find and start growing other flowers for my wife to cut and bring in the house, which will involve planning and organizing our backyard into something more than wall to wall grass.

Anyway, I've found reading very helpful and entertaining, so hopefully I can also contribute at some point!

You can call me Cycler - (because there are already too many "Steven"s here - We named our son "Steen" about as close to a "junior" as we wanted to get! It means "stone" in Dutch, so we aren't making it up!)

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I just found this site last week. Great fun and full of info. I am in Wyoming. Jenn

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karlajr(z5 CO)

I'm here in Colorado Springs!! I have been a "member" of this site for years, but do not put my name out there much. I do more looking, I guess.

Now that I am putting my name out, I am wondering if anyone has any input on Snow in Summer for use as ground cover/erosion control on an extreme slope that gets more full sun than shade. Any input would be appreciated.

Thanx and Happy Gardening to you all, eh?

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We're just completing our new house in Colorado City; might get to move in the end of next week. We have our landscape pretty much planned with a Pueblo firm, but I plan to post some questions. I tried to do it earlier, but can't get my pix to post. We live on a wiiiiiiiiiiiindy ridge! (The dots above the i's are for the hail that came with the storm.)

Good luck to all of us gardeners this year! And thanks for all the help I've already received from you.


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Here in Greeley Co. My wife and I have been going on our garden for the last 6 years here."changes every time". This time I think I'm gonna win our yearly Tomato contest we have with each other !!! First time starting from seed this year and some of my plants are already 5' Tall !! Growing a bunch of Mortage lifters, Joe's Giants and tons of plants this year ! Very fun stuff !! Great thread !!! Also built some homemade Earthboxes and they are working very well !!!

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Jailranchr invited me to stop by. I live in very SW KS next to the CO line. Hot dry arid conditions. I actually work in CO processing the natural gas for many areas of the front range. I have a few flower beds but concentrate on veggies. Tomatoes and peppers are a priority. I've been gardening for 40 plus years. My area is probably a little earlier than many of yours. Still nice to find a site where they experience some of the same weather. Hail, wind and wide temperature swings. And drought is a yearly occurence. Had hail last Saturday. Best gardening to all and will stop in occasionally. Jay

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JMBinSteamboat(Zone 4/5 CO)

Hello all,

First of all, I am not longer in Steamboat so will need to change my "handle" I guess. I moved back to Denver in January and have been living in a patio home while waiting for my house in Steamboat to sell and find a place here - which I did. I am moving to Applewood (est Lakewood) in late July - finally, thank goodness, being without a garden in the spring is torture... I did plant some annuals and lilies in pots, but most of my pots are in boxes somewhere in the garage/basement/???

Steamboat was an adventure gardening-wise - colder than heck in the winter, dry and sunny and really windy in the summer. I bought a house with no landscaping and spent most of the two summers I was there buidling about 600 linear feet of dry stack retaining wall (I have two broken fingertips to show for it). They turned out beautifully and are now planted with an assortment of shrubs, peonies, etc (including my favorite, the perennial butterfly bush, which did really well). I will certainly miss the garden, but my neighbors have said many times that they will enjoy it for me.

So now I am back in the tropics of Denver and very much looking forward to starting another gardening adventure in my new house (backyard is pretty bare; how can you live in a house for 35 years and not plant any shade trees in the back yard????) and I will be turning to all of you wonderful gardeners for ideas, help, and just plain camaradarie.


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi all,

Well, its been a while since Ive replied to this thread, so welcome to each of you who has checked in in the last few weeks. Were all glad to know youre around here.

Cycler, its too bad youre not in Colorado. Ride the Rockies starts today, and it sounds like it would probably be your kind of thing! Its a week long, 400 mile bike ride around Colorado. Frisco to Steamboat Springs to Craig to Rifle to Glenwood Springs to Aspen to Leadville to Frisco this year. And thank you for giving us an alternative name---Steve! :-)

Karla, Snow in summer would work on your slope, but you might also want to consider doing a combination of all different kinds of sedums, ice plants, and hen & chicks. It would give you more interest than just having all one thing, and the succulents are the easiest thing to take care of. If you should decide to come to the Fall Swap, Ill have cuttings for 5 or 6 different types of sedum available. There will be at least one other person coming up from the Springs.

Whyrag, your tomatoes are WAY ahead of mine!

JayIm glad to hear Jali has somebody else out there in that general direction. You guys sure get the worst of the weather! By the time it gets out there, its always so much worse than it is here in the Denver area. Ive totally lucked out this year and havent had hail at allso far. Of course I havent had much rain either! Im in a dry pocket compared to the rest of the metro Denver area.

Juliano longer in Steamboatwelcome back to the tropics! Fall is a great time for planting perennials, so you might want to consider coming to the Fall Swap too, to pick up a few things. Everyone is invited whether they have anything to bring to swap or not! And its a great way to meet some fellow RMGers.

And, Susanka, glad to hear your house is finished, and I hope by now youre in and getting settled. Have fun with your new garden.

Have a good summer, everyoneand stay cool,

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I'm a transplant (no pun intended) from the deep south to Salt Lake City. I miss the lush green and being able to grow virtually anything, but can do without the humidity, bugs and tornados!

Three years ago I bought an older home with a fairly decent lawn, three rose bushes, three varieties of grapes, an apple, pear and plum tree........and basically no flowers. About half of the back yard had been used for vegetable gardening, but was mostly weeds and a walkway-in-progress, comprised of around 300 concrete pavers.

Several projects later...starting with the "childbirth" experience of removing the pavers(had I had ANY idea how difficult that was going to be I would have considered learning to love those pavers...:), ... I have a few veggies and several perennial beds. The latter is an ongoing surprise.

For the first two seasons, when I knew essentially nothing about "serious" gardening, I pored over gardening books and websites and planned ad nauseum. I've now mixed in a healthy dose of the "stick in the ground and see what happens" theory.

I've posted a couple of questions and appreciate your responses.....the dish soap solution worked for the aphids on my plum tree - thank you! I have several projects in process and look forward to your advice!


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ksplanter(z5 ks)

Hi All,
I'm Very near CO in western KS (I can see Colorado from my back window)..lol..We do most of our major shopping in Denver, only 2 and 1/2 hrs away..closest shopping to us believe it or not. We sort of live in the middle of nowhere, but I love it.
My husband's a farmer and rancher..for all his life. We love the country.
I've been to a couple plant swaps in Denver and looking forward to this years!
You are a friendly bunch, glad to find this forum.
Skybird, thanks for starting this thread...

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I have posted several times but didn't get listed. I am south of Hamilton Montana. Have been on the forum for about 10 years. You will find me on Market and Tomatoes. I work for Ravalli County Extension, am a Master Gardener, Market Gardener. I grow tomatoes, cukes, peppers, carrots, peas, beans, squash, beets and have a small orchard of apples,pears, plums and apricot trees.

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karlajr(z5 CO)

Thanx for your input, skybird, it is appreciated. As it turns out, this year I do have a combination of things that I am attempting to grow on "my mountain" (recently dubbed "snake mountain" for obvious reasons) just to see what will grow. We planted morning glory, feverfew, kinickanick (or however ya spell it) and coreospis. I have some snow in summer and a hunk of yarrow still to plant. It will be interesting to see what will stay up there and live.

When and where is Fall Swap and what takes place there?

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tunnymowg(z6b Salt Lake)

Hello all -

I am mostly a lurker but have posted a couple of times in different forums after I joined about 3 or 4 years ago. My husband and I moved to Salt Lake from northern Virginia in 2002. We bought our first house in 2003 and put in some nice raised beds for veggies two years ago. I've had ok success with them (including some from seed started inside), but otherwise I am pretty much a complete newb when it comes to gardening. We lost the only two large trees in our front yard in less than a year...so things are looking rather bare and ugly. :(

I am trying to come up with a plan for the front yard but am kinda terrified when it comes to perennials (and really anything else that's not an annual). I've had no experience with them at all, I'm just sure I will screw up something in their care and hurt or kill them somehow! So I have some pretty dumb questions - I have read alot but there are so many things to learn that are just "hands on." And I get overwhelmed/confused/paralyzed by all the choices and all the factors that go into choosing plants...which is why I have done nothing yet...bleh! (LOL at Magnolia - "stick it in the ground and see what happens" - that's pretty much what I need to do and stop obssessing!)

So please try and be patient and not laugh too hard if I post a really stupid question, ok? Thanks! ;-D

    Bookmark   June 19, 2007 at 3:55PM
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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

I cant believe how active this thread has become again! Hello, everyone, and welcome!

I like your pun whether you intended it or not, Magnolia! If youve gotten to the "stick it in the ground and see what happens" stage, youve learned a LOT! And it sounds like youve gotten a lot of exercise in the process! When I moved into my house 3 years ago, everything was covered with rock mulch on top of landscape fabric. After 3 years Ive FINALLY gotten rid of most of it in the backyard, but still have more to beam somewhere in the front yard. Oh, how I wish I COULD just beam it somewhere!

KS, Ive said hi to you on the Swap thread, but Ill do it again here! Hi! Sorry to hear you have to drive all the way in to Denver to go shopping, but my husband (at the time!) and I used to drive from Denver to Hutch to visit friends, and I know all too well that theres nothing out that way. But isnt Limon closer to you than Denver? Tho I dont know how much "major" shopping you can do there! So glad youre planning to come in for the Swap. Ill enjoy meeting you, and Im sure youll enjoy meeting a bunch of other RMGers. (And I WILL answer your email!)

Margaret, you must not have checked in on either this thread or the original "List" thread before I posted the second list. Thats where I was picking up the names from. But youre on MY list now, if that helps! If I have time, I might repost The List again late next winter, when were all stuck inside again!

So youre growing snakes on your mountain, huh, Karla! I think theyre pretty xeric! Keep the sedum in mind in case you find some of the things youre trying dont work for you. And, the Fall Swap is at my house in Thornton on September 8thbut go to the Fall Swap thread to get a lot more info. Ill link it below. The thread is just starting, so theres not a whole lot there yet, but if you want to get more of a feel for a Colorado-style Swap, check out the Spring Swap thread. Heres a link to it.


And what we do is meet a bunch of friendly RMG gardeners and, for those who have them, bring perennial divisions or seedlings or seed along to swap with peopleor basically just give away. In other words, you dont need to give something away in order to get something. And at the fall one were going to have a couple demonstrationsand lots of good food! Check out the 2 swap threads, and post any questions you may still have on the Fall Swap thread. Theres AT LEAST one other COS person coming up at this pointand I hope a couple moreincluding you hopefully. Keep an eye on the thread. (Emagineer is the other COS person so far.)

Tunnymowg (Whats a tunnymowg???), there arent any stupid questions around here, so you dont need to worry about that! And---we may laugh with you sometimes, but nobody around here is going to laugh at you! If you can grow veggies and annuals, you can grow perennials! Positively! But you do need to start practicing the "stick it in the ground and see what happens" style of gardening! And you probably ARE going to kill some of them sometimeswe all do! Thats just part of the fun of perennial gardeningin the rarified Rocky Mountain air! Its WAY more fun to be out digging in the dirt than it is to be reading a book, so hit us with your questions, and its time to get your hands dirty! You might want to check out this thread for some possible long-blooming, easy to grow perennials to start with.


Welcome all,

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tunnymowg(z6b Salt Lake)

Thanks Skybird! Heehee..."tunnymowg" is short for Tundra and Mowgli, our two Maine Coon cats. :)

Thanks for your encouragement. It will be exciting to finally get started this fall...provided I follow through with all the hard prep work before then and I have enough $$$ for all the plants I want. Pity I'm not in CO or I would surely come to the swap!

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