Question about seed pods

isobea(10, San Diego)October 25, 2011

Hi everyone,

Don't get excited, I don't have a seed pod (as far as I know), but a theoretical question. I know from my annual and perennial flowers that you usually pinch off developing seed pods if you want the plant to keep blooming for a long period of time. Otherwise the plant will put a lot of energy into developing the seeds.

Is the same true for plumerias? Since it takes many months for the pods to mature, it could really affect the number of flowers the plant will produce.

Thanks for your advice,


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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

Hi Iso! That's an interesting question! I have 2 plants that seemed to handle seedpods differently, so I'm not sure that I have an answer to your question.
I have a JJ Honeypot plant that got seedpods in January, and it bloomed quite well this summer, while the seedpods were growing.
On the other hand, blooms on my JJ Pinwheel seemed to slow down quite a bit after it developed a set of seedpods and once they started growing. So not sure how much energy the seedpods really take from the plants?

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isobea(10, San Diego)

Oh boy, I made the rounds with a magnifying glass yesterday and I think I may have a tiny seed pod developing on my JJ Mona Lisa. Now I really need to know if a developing seed pod will slow down next year's flower production. This plant is still very young and I'm wondering if it could flower well and have enough energy for the pods at the same time.
Hi Sun! Thanks for your feed back. Intersting that those two plants behaved so differently. I guess we'll have to go with what the majority of growers experienced...
So please everyone, let me know.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Iso!!!

Congratulations!!! Its a great feeling to finally have a seed pod!!! Just wait to see how many times you look at it in one day!!! : )

The tree that had the Seedpod last year didnt seem to slow down at all. It grew blooms just like the others and did quite well. The pod grew over the winter and seemed to fatten up well, so i dont think it willl take much from the tree as far as producing other blooms. Thats my opinion of course!!! I only have one pod left...I did have ill have to keep my fingers crossed that the other inflos still on the trees will produce more pods.

LOL...Like sun, get out the "inspector" glass!!!

Im putting trees in right now...its late and a cold front is approaching here, so im busy bringing in trees...

Wonder what the neighbors think!!! LMAO!!! it's 3 am!!! LOL!!!

Take care,

Laura in VB

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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

Congrats Iso! How lucky is that to have Mona Lisa seedpods! I bet it will produce beautiful offsprings!
Mona Lisa is on my wishlist for next time I visit JJ.

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I have not noticed any difference in flowering when a pod is under production or not. Purely an opinion on my part.

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isobea(10, San Diego)


Hi guys, since we are supposed to get rain tonight or tomorrow, I just moved some of my plants under our patio cover. I don't know if it was the cold nights lately or the Santa Anas yesterday, but my baby seed pod on Mona Lisa shriveled and turned black.
Sooo sad...

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sorry about your seedpod loss...always disappointing when our plants do inexplicable things.

Laura, once again you are cracking me up! I am ALSO the '3 am weirdo', out with a flashlight, rummaging around in my trees! LMAO! I too have thought to myself, the neighbors must think I'm a total freak of nature!
Haha it does make me feel better to know that someone else does these thanks for your candor! LOL


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