I have been high jacked, do not open emails from me.

honeybunny2(Z9TX)October 26, 2011

At 3:20 today I wanted to send an email to Pat, letting him know that I received the cuttings, and there were over 100 emails sent to everyone that I or my husband have ever sent an email to. I share my husbands email address. I tried to do a Mc Afee security check, its tells me everything is secure, but I have been doing it since 2:45 and only 7% has been done. I called lifelock, they told me to call aol, since it looks like my husbands email has been highjacked. I decided that I needed to put out this message, My friends are calling me to tell me that they received an email for an erection cream. I hope that i get this message out in time. Just think this message willl be sent to Governer Rick Perry, and most of the people in Autin, I can't believe this is happening. Barbra

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Uh, oh. Thanks for letting us know. I was about to send out a reminder about the meeting but have posted one here.

Did not receive any inappropriate messages from you, yet! Don't worry too much about it, Barbra. Seems like I get a highjacked email message at least once a week from any number of friends.

See you soon!


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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

What a coincidence! Looks like somehow my email got into some people's hands too, because just today I received an email from myself (!) advertising Rolex watches!!!

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Sunseeker, I could have handled an advertisment for Rolex watches, the advertisement from my email was for an erection cream. Barbra

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Ill take a rolex over Erection cream too! LOL ... : )

Im sorry that you are having a bad time with your email..that stinks!!! I hope it gets fixed soon!!!

Take care Barbra!!!

Laura in VB

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Barbra, I had that happen on one of my email accounts too not long ago. It was in the email account and not in the computer. I stopped it by deleting all contacts on my list and of course since it didn't have any address to send to it stopped. After a couple of weeks I had the computer checked as I thought it had a virus. It didn't so I put in a couple of bogus addresses so I would get a mail delivery failure notice if it sent any. It had stopped and I have not had a problem since. I keep a bogus address as 1st one on my contact list so I will know if it is trying to send out emails. Hope this helps. Peg

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Peg, I don't know how it started. I think most people my email was returned, or they did not open it after I posted on all my visiting forums. This week 4 people from the brugmansia forum have had their email hacked. The latest email is asking for $2500, to help pay a hotel bill in the UK. You usually don't even know until somone sends you an email. I saw pages and pages of returned emails, scared me to death. Thanks to a friend of mine telling me to run the security check. I went to McAfee, it said your computer is security, no action required. I ran the security check anyway. It found 4 virus files and tracking cookies. I am so glad I did. So far no more problems. Barbra

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