Shriveled Cane needs saving! Please help

TGiaOctober 30, 2013

I have two grow Hawaii canes that I received in September. to start rooting them I planted them in a plastic cup, made three holes on the bottom, used a cactus mix soil with some orchid bark.
The stems are quite shriveled but have a bit of green on the leaves. I pricked them with a needle and whits latex started to bleed.

I did not give any water, should I? What should I do to make them un-shrivel? Please take a look at the photos.

Please help me.

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2nd pic

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3rd pic

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They have looked the same since I received them except for the leaves, they saw sunlight and opened up.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Did you water them at the initial potting up?

Do you have them on heat mats?

Where are you located?

Misting won't hurt.. It looks like they are trying to root.. Don't go poking at them to see any roots.. They are trying..

Give us some more info and I'm sure some others will chime in too!!!


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TGia, Laura's right: they're trying to root. However, this is a tough time of year for them to root as their natural course is to go dormant now. You'll have to be patient and wait, maybe until spring, for them to root.

Give them as much light and bottom heat as you can, with a seedling heat mat or even Christmas lights wrapped around the cups. It may not be until April when they put out roots and plump up, but some do root over the winter given the right conditions. Good luck!

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Based on the cedar shake siding of the home in the background I think TG is in a northern climate. I am sure that glass table radiates heat when its sunny. I would certainly invest in a heat mat or incandescent Christmas lights to give the soil container more consistent warmth.

All in all they look ok to me for a late season rooting attempt. Good luck with it and keep us posted.

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Hi to you all!

Kms2: Observant you certainly are. I am in New England! I had them outside for a few humid days but the cold would sneak up every other day. I didn't want to leave them dormant because I thought they were going to shrivel into nothing.

Laura: I have not watered them at all. I was told not to water during rooting process because it may cause root rot, but I really wanted to water them because they look so sad. I will definitely start misting! I currently have them indoors on a door mat to keep them off the cold floor for now. I was thinking about creating a petite glass greenhouse for them...

Jandey: I adore the idea of the Christmas lights helping the plumerias keep warm! How many hours in a day would you leave the Christmas lights on for? What about a U.V. lamp? How many hours of light is sufficient for the plumerias inside?

It has certainly made my day hearing your feedback! Thank you all! :)

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I've kept those tube Christmas lights going on a rooting cutting for 12+ hours a day. They wake up when the days get longer so it's hard to fool them, but some will root just based on higher (80+ degrees) soil temperature.

The small humidity chamber/greenhouse will help, too. Misting a couple times a day combined with warmer bottom temps are your best chance to root over winter. I have one that's shriveled and trying to root like yours, too. My bet is I won't see roots until March or April, though. These things will teach you patience for sure!

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