dirtdiggin(8b NW WA)December 18, 2009

Just had a very nice trade with Robin. Items arrived safely and very timely plus she sent extras too! Hope the items going your way arrive safely and that you have great luck with them. Thanks so much for the trade.


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Received nice plants, well packed, and lovely bonus included. Thanks for a great trade.

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An excellent trade with Robin, great communication, fast shipping and she was very generous. Huge plumeria cuttings and wonderful cannas.

Hope we can trade again in the future~
Thanks so much~

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redthreaddiy(6a MI)

Keiki (Robin) sent 3 varieties of seeds for the secret santa swap:
- Red Sugar Apple (OMG - I have NEVER heard of these. I looked them up and am BEYOND excited to start them. They look SO COOL!!! I am so, so so grateful for these!!!)
- Clitoria ternatea - blue pea vine (These have been on my want list for some time, and now I finally have them!!! The flowers are really bizarre. I can't wait!!)
- Salvia coccinea - pink (have never tried this variety of salvia before!!!)
Thank you SO MUCH keiki! These are REALLY cool - it's almost like you knew EXACTLY what I'd love!! Thanks so much for the thoughtfulness. I am so happy to hear that the peppers are producing well already! It made me smile when I read that. Apparently they are perennials in your state, so that's pretty awesome! :)

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Thanks so much Robin for your lovely Christmas card and seeds....Merry Christmas!!


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I received a beautiful card and two packs of seeds in our Secret Santa swap. Thanks so much.

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Thank you for the pretty Christmas cards and the seeds in the SSS. Margo

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Many thanks to Robin for the pretty card and seeds in the Secret Santa Swap - love marigolds!

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I got a lovely card and seeds from Robin in the Secret Santa Swap. Thank you, again,

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Thank you for your generosity and for sending me such beautiful flower seeds in the 2012 Secret Santa Swap! I appreciate it very much and can't wait to see them in bloom! Happy New Year keiki!

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cryptid(Southern OR 7)

Robin,...thank you so totally muchly for your frosty-flower Christmas card and wonderful seeds for this year's "Secret Santa Seed Swap"! God bless you and yours this coming year, and happy gardening to you! You are a fantastic, generous person! Thank you uber muchly for choosing me to send to! :)

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Melinda Hagen

Rec'd a wonderful card and seeds from her in the 2012 SSS! Thanks so much! Melinda

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thosedarnsqurls(Up-State NY 5)

Sorry to of the worst trade experiences I have ever had on GW.
Sent sick, nearly dead plant, which even if it were a healthy plant, never would have survived the complete lack of care or attention to packing.
When asked why..she just blew me off.
(I sent her THREE potted, uncommon, very healthy plants for 1 sad dead little scrap of a Philodendron.)

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