Not sure my Plummies know it's time to power down.

Lnorigb(9b/10a)October 6, 2013

it's 92* .5 mile inland!! My plummies are in heaven and asking for watering. My U. of H. orange has 5 new claws on her; I hope they all last thru the dormant season. My white and yellows are still firing on all cylinders. JJ's Incognito has been flowering since May!! Inca Gold is still showing off, Samoan Fluff too.
All, but an unrooted cutting of Lurline, survived the growing season! I'd say they all even thrived. I'm getting a bit nervous about keeping them all alive thru their dormant season. This is my first year with all my babies and I'm feeling a bit mother hen-ish. =)
Got any tips n tricks for coastal dormancy?

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I plan to keep all my plumeria in the ground, and dig up if there is a threat of a freeze. This is the first year my plants are large enough to bare root store. I plan to keep them in the ground, until we get a freeze warning. Then I will dig them up and store in the carport in the cardboard boxes that will be already in place. If you are close to the water, you have extra protection. My friends that live 5 miles inland had 3 freezes last year, I did not have any. I just need to be sure I am down there, so I can do this. The last freeze I had was 2-6-2010. I covered all my tropical plants with sheets and bungie cords, but forgot to turn off the sprinkler system. What an idiot! Barbra

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I hope that story gets funnier and easier to tell as the years tick by, Barbra. We've been down into the low 30's just once in recent years and I've got a plan for that, if it happens again, I'll bring all my pots in (30ish) and line em up on wee-wee pads in my upstairs living room. 2 walls of that room are glass doors, so it functions as a greenhouse quite nicely. Except for the hardwood floors, hence the wee-wee pads. it's not the slickest of winter time storage but it'll hav'ta do in a cold snap.

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There is something good that came out of that story. I lost all my NOID plumeria, but I found the Plumeria Forum when I was looking for a place to buy new plants. Someone recommended Florida Colors, I was able to replace my plants with named plumeria. I did not know anything about rooting cuttings, or making plumeria soil then, the rest is just history. I have learned so much, and meet such wonderful people on this forum. They always say God always leaves a window open.. Buy the way, I think your winter plan storage plan is great. You would not have to remove the leaves and they will still grow because of the natural light. Barbra

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