A sure sign of being addicted to growing plumerias

arctictropical(Z4)October 3, 2010

Help! You know I'm addicted to growing plumeria. Two years ago, I had no plumeria. Here's a picture of what I have now.

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erika79(Zone 9)

Oh boy, at least you have plenty of space and sun, try growing 60+ of these in a space of approximtely 12 by 60. With kids, bikes, and balls bouncing around it's heart stopping every time my kids (8,6 and 3) go out and play catch or hide and seek. And to think that 2 years ago I only had less than 10 plumerias, this morning I got 5 more, of course DH doesn't know anything about the new additions yet. lol I promised my self that I wasn't going to get more....at least until next summer ;-)

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Aha! Another plumeria addict! Hey, Erika, at least you can leave yours outside all year round. I have to move them all indoors under grown lights if I ever want them to bloom!

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I know the feeling I've got about 15 or so. All I know is that we will be tripping over them.

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I only have 8, but I do love these plants a lot! Everyone who sees them love the blooms on them and the fact that they are not familiar with them. Plumerias are amazing plants and I think that they are pretty easy to grow considering the reward that they give you when they are happy-beautiful, fragrant blooms!
Good luck!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Artictropical,

Yes...I'm with you!!! I have about 26-28 plants and I love them all..most are Hybrids and some are noids from our trip to HI,,some I picked up here locally, but can't seem to find anymore here in any nurseries!!! I feel that I have enough as well...but "never say never" that's my motto...I know that I have a problem, my hubby knows it too! even the grown kids know that these are my new "babies"...so, now that every knows what the real story is...then "life is good!!!"

Love all of your plumies!!! They look happy and very healthy!!!

Good luck with the change in temps...

Laura in VB

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Another sign is looking at a formerly prized rose that's just expired and thinking, "Oh, good. More space for a plumeria."

I've also targeted a pomegranate tree to cut down and tear out to make room for a plunged pot, assuming all my larger plumerias (finger crossed) make it through the winter. That's addiction for you!

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Hi arctictropical,
if I seen well you cover the black pots with a plastic ? why ?

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Greekman, I covered the black pots with white contact paper to reduce the heat to the root zone of the plants. I didn't want their roots to "cook" in the heat and sun during the middle of the day.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

It's time to remove the white covering! Then bring all those in during the cool spells and out during warm spells. That's when it really gets fun. Oh, and when each one gets 6 feet tall.

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Hi Dave! Yeah, what a hassle it is moving them inside, then out again. Actually, I have left them outside the whole time for the last 3 weeks, since the weather warmed up. The night time temperatures have been in the low 40's. Due to the shorter day length, some of my plumeria's leaves have started turning yellow and dropping, faster than during the summer, a sure sign they want to go dormant. I'm bringing them in for good this weekend, and will put them under grow lights, so they will stop shedding their leaves.

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