Dug up bulbs in the garden today...

mayberrygardener(z5a, Broomfield, CO)March 29, 2014

what are your thoughts on cutting down the tops of these? Some of them (I think they're daffodils) are trying to bloom, and have pretty good bulbs and roots on them, but some of them are just leggy, partly because they were SO DEEP in the dirt and had to climb 6 or 8 inches to get some sunlight. I'm thinking about leaving them because they have at least SOME green on them, to feed the bulb, which has just had a rude spring awakening...
I think I'll give the leggy, thready ones a haircut, and leave the ones that have a pretty good leaf as-is?

Well, now I'm having technical difficulties posting a pic of my artwork as the phone won't talk to the computer right now. Anyone else HATE Windows 8?

Anyone else out there making mud pies today?

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I wouldn't give them a hair-cut, what ever green surfaces are there to build the bulb up for next years' blooms.

Theoretically, one is supposed to remember where they are and dig them up after the foliage dies down - then replant them in the fall. Thats certainly the easiest way to do it, the bulbs are all nicely formed.

However, I've dug them up in May and pulled them apart and planted them everywhere, big mess, and they made it just fine - lost a year flowering, but two years later, they were back in stride.

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popmama Zone 5

One of my old garden mentors used to just bend them over and rubber band them leaving the greenery intact, but more compact.

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Until the foliage turns brown, the more expose to sunlight the stronger the bulb. The bulb needs about six weeks after blooming and foliage turning brown to set the new flower for next year.

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