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digit(ID/WA)March 28, 2013

There are no seedlings in the house!

There are no boxes of soil mix on top of the fridge! Oh, I'll bring the ones that are still trying to make sprouts back this evening because the greenhouse thermostat will be set to 60oF by sundown.

Right now, it is 78o in the greenhouse with 53o outdoors, semi-haze, sunshine from waaay up in the sky, and big, billowy clouds!

I left the greenhouse furnace on last night.

That little old newspaper covered table is going out! Then, I'm going to feel so


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gjcore(zone 5 Aurora Co)

I wish I had the seedlings out of the house but it probably won't happen for at least 5 weeks. I've had my 5 shelf grow area filled with cuttings and seedlings since November. In fact I'll probably be adding more cuttings and seed containers in the morning. Moving everything out into the coldframes as fast as I can.

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Greg, the high temperature yesterday (61oF) was the warmest so far this year. Average for the day was 7o above normal and the forecast is for that just to keep going up! Sunshine all week!

Since the high bench in the greenhouse is fast filling up with plants coming out of their community containers and going into 4 & 6 packs, I moved what has been in the unheated greenhouse for the winter (rosemary) and the last 6 weeks (onions) out into the new shed attached hoop house:


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Those west-slopers, always rubbing it in.

BTW, I just got a FB post from our NWS office, runoff numbers continue looking grim, so I don't even have that to rub in...

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Dano, it kind of looks like there's a gradient of snow pack from 100% of normal at the Canadian border to about 90% here and I bet it just keeps falling as one goes south.

We actually had a dry winter with only about 1/2 the precip for March as usual. This was a relief in one way in that there were some sunny days in contrast to March 2012 with its record rainfall.

Anyway, we've had ONE 70o day! The 46o this morning might have been the warmest morning of the year . . . not much to crow about so far. And, now lots of clouds, a little rain and plenty of wind!

I was just noticing that the tomatoes in the greenhouse already look a little light-deprived. Shoot!


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