My Gardenia Roses

sweetannie4u(midOK_z6b/7a)February 20, 2013

I didn't look in the "G" list for this one...but, here is my Gardenia Rose.

It is a once-blooming Spring rose, but so worthy of a place in the Cottage Garden, if you have the room for her.

Lovely yellowy buds break open into Gardenia-like blooms.
It is VERY vigorous and a monster once established, sending out long canes that root easily and tend to want to hug other roses, but I don't hear any of them complaining about her advances.
She is virtually disease free. Blooms for several weeks.

I grew her from a tiny cutting that a dear friend in Texas sent to me several years back. She warned me in advance that Gardenia was a monster rose. The trellis hers was growing on, collapsed under the sheer weight. I took her advice and built a heavy wire lean-to trellis with metal pole supports against the greenhouse shed wall. She has now reached the roof and hopefully, will cover that ugly gray metal wall. oy, am I glad I listened to her advice. She was not exaggerating one bit.

Last year I planted one of her self-rooted runners at the foot of a Black Japanese pine in the Upper Garden, hoping that she would climb into the pine tree and grace that area in Spring. She took off and put on many canes by summer's end. I am anxious to see her bloom come spring.

All the roses I have planted under that pine tree are doing marvelously and the tree seems to have a mutual romance going with the roses. I never knew...

Do any of you have this rose?

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Another view near the top. She has now breached the roof and fully filled in the trellis.

Rosa, 'Gardenia' (OGR, Rambler)

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This view shows the lower branches with lots of the little yellow buds.
Gardenia has a lemony-vanilla fragrance.

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seil zone 6b MI

It's lovely, Annie, and big! I like that soft yellow color.

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Thanks seil!

The soft yellow blooms age to white, causing them to indeed look like gardenia flowers, hence her name.


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