Plantlife as digit Sees It!

digit(ID/WA)March 13, 2012

On a windy, stormy morning . . . the sun came out this afternoon and might be out for a couple hours! Maybe I should have waited to take the picture.

I have to bring a dang half sheet of plywood in soon to increase the table space! Two more cookie boxes coming to the window near me by tomorrow morning . . .

Plantlife as


Sees It! Trying to make the garden, a better place.

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

I can relate to the running out of space issue. When I pot up the rest of my peppers, I think I'm going to have to mount a light on the underside of my grow table, and put a tray or two on the floor!

Here's plantlife as Highalt. sees it:

It's all peppers so far ...

Well, not counting the lettuce sprouts outside in the milkjugs.


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treebarb Z5 Denver

Looking great, Steve and Bonnie! I've got trees to plant the next couple of evenings, so seedlings will be started this weekend!

Thanks for the inspiration!


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Bonnie, you must go the 1 seed/1 container route. Do you have to extract "promises to grow" from each seed before you are willing to make a commitment? Not only would I need a lot more room here at the south window (& an earlier migration out to the greenhouse) but I'm afraid that there would be a lot of gaps in the plantlife.

There are 2 more cookie boxes here this morning than what the picture shows :o( and no bright sunshine). Won't be long - I will run outta room and the greenhouse will be the only recourse.


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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

This is new for me, Steve. Don't know if you remember, but last year I used 1L water bottles, and put 2 - 4 seeds per container, but found potting up and separating all those tiny roots to be too tedious and nerve wracking.

BTW, I'm only using this technique for the peppers. The lettuce is still sprinkle in 1 gal. milk jugs. In the past, the tomatoes were done in the 1L or 2L bottles, or 16 oz styrofoam cups. This year, I did them in milk jugs, but divided them in half with cardboard, and sowed 3-4 seeds per side.

These went outside, but if I start a few back-ups inside I'll do them like the peppers.


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gjcore(zone 5 Aurora Co)

Steve and Bonnie your starts are looking nice.

Plantlife as Core see it.

Peppers and other seedlings outdoors

Indoor nursery area sort of empty for the daytime. Other trays are outside. Mostly rosemary cuttings from a bush that has survived 4 winters in Colorado without any protection. Also mint and tarragon covered with the plastic bags.


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gjcore(zone 5 Aurora Co)

My roommate wanted to point out the soil mix on the floor. ;-)

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I am pleased to say that the seedlings enjoyed a very sunny day in the greenhouse today!

I am sorry to say that I may as well turn the furnace on and leave them there . . . Tomorrow is supposed to have a 70% chance of rain so the plants would otherwise be stuck indoors in inadequate space in front of the window. Obviously, their light requirements will not be met. It is also supposed to warm only to 47F tomorrow so the furnace may run all day.

Transplanting into flats must begin so I'll be joining Gary O' and Earl and all the rest of 'em out there tomorrow!

who just replaced all that UV-resistant plastic (with a little help ;o), yesterday!

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After throwing a bit of potting soil on the floor, some things have gone into 4-packs (1st sowings - all tomatoes, 1/2 peppers, 1/2 eggplants). There will be lots more in 2nd & 3rd sowings of tomatoes and 2nd sowings of peppers & eggplants. But, so far - some of the tomatoes:

Bonnie, you'll notice my Earls of Edgecombe peeking around a couple of plant markers.


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Hi, I'm new to this forum (first post). I live in Eastern Washington (hot dry summers, cold winters much less precip. than the coastal areas) I am trying to find the group that most matches my climate zone. 6b. Have I found the right place?

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Kathie, I spent 3 years, I guess it was, trying to get the people in the Puget Sound and lower Willamette areas to understand what I was talking about on the Pacific Northwest forum.

This was pre-Idaho Gardening forum - for whatever that is worth. I asked a few things of the gardeners on the Northern Gardening forum but everyone there seemed to be either on Michigan's Upper Peninsula or in Ontario. (Do you know that you probably live further north than about 90% of the Ontario population?)

Finally, I decided to set my sights on the mountains.

My gardening is at just over 2,000 feet elevation. The Colorado gardeners allow me to hang around on this forum because I tell stories about the Marmots and Mountain Cottontails eating my plants. Some of the gardeners to the south of us, garden at elevations that would be above the treeline up here. Still, not all of them are so fortunate as to have marmots . . . I'm considering a relocation program for those folks who have an interest.

Kathie, if you live down in the Columbia Basin at 500 feet elevation - I think the Southwest Gardening forum might be best for you (notwithstanding what I said about you living north of the gardeners in Ontario). If you live in the Palouse or anywhere north of the Palouse, I think this is the forum for you!


And personally, I think Sunset zones 1 and 2 are a better guide to the kind of gardening that folks here are experiencing than what the USDA hardiness zones indicate.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sunset Zones

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Thought about posting this on the pepper thread, but here it is. As you can see, considerable progress has been made since my last photo.

Noticed the tulips starting to bloom this morning ...

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Those are lovely, Bonnie!

I tried to see those tulips out your front window but can't quite get them in focus!

Hey, I'm moving the eggplants out of their community container into 4-packs. Usually, they just go straight into pots like yours. Do you think I'm making a mistake?

  • Eggplants don't have such a great root system.

  • Eggplants have those great big leaves.

  • Eggplants need many more weeks before they can go outdoors. I'll have to move them into the pots later.

What I'm doing is treating them like I treat the tomatoes -- into cells; then, plunking the square from the cell into the bottom of a 4" pot for the final weeks indoors.


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