Blackberries and raspberry varieties in UTAH

babdav(5)March 17, 2011

New gardenweb member here. looking to plant some blackberry and raspberries, hoping for YOUR input on successful and tasty varieties in utah.





TULAMEEN (excited for this one)









I know a little bit about each of these but its difficult to find much PRACTICAL info. Sellers usually all say the same thing "DELICIOUS high yield wonderful" blah blah. :)

using process of elimination, i think i will ditch the arapaho, willamette and latham. They seem to be the least desirable so far. Thanks for your input everyone!

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I don't live in Utah and don't grow berries but found some info for you with a quick google search: Blackberries in Utah

Growing Raspberries and Blackberries in the Inland Northwest and the Intermountain West See page 20 for a table of recommended varieities.

You should probably check with your cooperative extension office to see what they recommend for your county: Utah University Cooperative Extension Offices You certainly don't want to get a variety that becomes an invasive weed - ask the folks in Oregon about blackberries!

I hope these links will be useful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Utah Berry Grows Association Newsletter

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shucks. that link didnt work (growing raspberries and blackberries in the inland.....)

I have been asking around a bit and have discovered the following varieties to be good for utah. These are also available at nurseries and hardware stores like the borg.

heritage (small, long season, hardy)
canby (similar red rasp)
cascade rasp
caroline (large, excellent flavor, shorter season)
polka (great flavor, med large)

black diamond blackberry?
Triple crown (vigorous, large berries, thornless)

still learning. will post more later.

any other experience in the mountain west about brambles and cane berries?

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Hey babday, I live in central Utah at 6,000 ft. (sanpete co) and the triple crown won't make it here as the flower buds winter kill. Chester grows and bears pretty good here.
By far the best rasp. for me has been Caroline and I also do well with a yellow rasp. called Anne.
By far the most important factors are good culture(moisture, mulch, pruning). I have had real problems with raspberry crown borer; it is more common than you might think.

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