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BobTheWizard(CA 9)October 27, 2013

Some of you will remember me starting seeds earlier this year. I was fortunate to find a couple of good people to send me some seeds, so I could experiment. I went a little crazy with them and had about 100 seeds trying to grow at one point. heheh...

A couple of months later, I was able to consolidate the big group into the suscessful starters, and this is how they looked in July...

About half were just started in trays, and the other half started as styrofoam boats.

Anyway, now that it's getting later in the year, I built a rack to house them on, in my office, to keep them warm and growing through the winter. Here in Southern California, at least where I live, it doesn't get to freezing much, but certainly enough to freeze these seedlings. So I scoured the web looking for plans and found one I could follow (sorta) to build a rack.

I purchased a Florecent light and grow bulbs for the rack. I set it all up at the end of last week.

Heres what is looks like now with the plants in place.

I have some small issues to work out still, like drainage for the watering, but it's controlled at the moment.

So I have a question for anyone out there that has done this also... What's a good time for the light to be on during the day? I'm only guessing at 12 hours... And when watering, I don't want to over water, so I'm playing it by ear with watering the pots, and misting in between. Does that seem right? Thanks for any advice here.

By the way, Laura.... none of the seeds you sent me made it for some reason. The Possible VV seeds popped up, but then shriveled up... I have no idea why... They were with the others and should have been fine....

Anyway... Any advise is greatly appreciated! You regulars are the experts here... I'm still a newbie....

Thanks again...


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Wow look at those babies. When I look back on pictures of my 3 that were this size, it made them look like weeds lol.

I too am starting another batch of seedlings. Mine is about 2 months old and consist of Mr Ambassador, 2 Penang Peach, Vera Cruz Luticia, Wildfire, Vera Verde, & Kimo. So far the Wildfire is the tallest of the bunch. I also have 3 1+ year old seedlings that consist of Vera Cruz Rose (about 20 inches tall I believe), Queen of Hearts (approaching 1 foot), & Deep Desire (approaching 1 foot as well).

Its so fun watching them grow and develop they own looks and characteristics.

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I have a recollection about someone posting how they thought their plants which were kept overwinter under a grow light with constant time had a bit of a slow down when they took them outside in the spring. It was all supposition but there was conversation about the plants actually were getting more hours of light inside than out.

With that in mind I would try to mimic the amount of daylight which is typical around tropical latitudes. So maybe no less than 11 but increasing in late winter to 12 so when you put them back outside in the spring you are at the same amount of daylight as outside conditions.

An excellent use of PVC. I have often said that it should be part of every tool box right next to WD-40 and duct tape.

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K, I think that was me.

Yes, if you put too much light on them during winter, they have an adjustment period when they go outside in shorter daylight hours. I would set my lights to about 10 hours during the winter, then gradually work them up towards whatever light period--12, maybe--that they'll get by the time they go outside so they're not completely confused :)

Bob, your set up looks great! You've got the hang of it now with seeds so you should have a fun and exciting year coming up. Don't be surprised if you lose one or two later, it happens sometimes for whatever reason. But you'll see some cool differences between seedlings and start to pick favorites. Keep us posted!

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Nice set-up. I was wondering if you can post or send me a link on how to construct it. I may need it next year.

My seedlings were never outside (too cold up here), so I've been giving them 12 hours of light. I didn't think about the transition to Spring and outdoors. Good point by a PP.

Moisture is so touchy. I decided to leave mine in a plastic bin on a heat mat so they stay warm and humid. They seem to like it and I don't have to give them much water at all. It helps me maintain moisture w/o having to decide, is that "moist, but not wet?", because I think I tend to overwater. My soil never dries out this way. Obviously, since your's aren't in a greenhouse, you'll have to monitor the wetness.

Good luck. I only have 16 survivors and can't figure out what to do with them. I can't believe how many you have.

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sagolover(10a SoCal)

Wow, that's a great setting for your babies! How did you manage the drainage? Did you get trays that already have holes on the bottom?

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J, now that you said it... I think was referencing your post.

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