First roses are Frances Meilland

kittymoonbeamFebruary 24, 2014

This had taken awhile to get comfortable as an own root but now is ready to go. These are my first HTs because I never pruned this rose. The big wide centers are different than anything else I have and remind me of the silk roses on ladies hats from 1910. SdlM has actually been going all winter and fast behind is Clotilde Soupert and Johann Strauss. Frances has a beautiful perfume too to match the pretty looks.

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Francis is an amazing rose - an ADR disease resistant hybrid tea with strong fragrance! Mine grew fast and bloomed last fall. I'm really looking forward to it this Spring. I would get more if I had any room at all!

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These are imperfect but you can see what it's capable of. I can't wait to see the next ones open. I just had to post them here because they are the first.

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seil zone 6b MI

It's beautiful, Kitty! Are those oranges behind them?

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Beautiful shot.

If you had to remove one, would it be Frances Meilland, Souvenir de la Malmaison or Johann Strauss? Why? TIA

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They are Dancy Mandarin Oranges.

Well SdlM is very good here and does not ball and blooms all year and Johann Strauss is pretty much non stop with no disease. The only one I don't know well is Frances but it is looking like a really promising rose already. It's going to be another really tall rose even on its own roots. If I had humid weather or more rain, I'd probably not like it if the flowers of SdlM didn't open.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Thanks Kitty. I asked because I had considered Johann for a long time. I have yet to see him in person. When I saw Evelyn knew that spot was for her. But I'm still eyeing pinks for one more :-)

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