Belinda's Dream

sweetannie4u(midOK_z6b/7a)February 20, 2013

This bush was grown from a cutting I took off the Belinda's Dream I bought from Rose Emporium. I planted it in the Upper Garden and it does much better up there than in the main Rose Garden on the lower level. I guess it likes the afternoon filtered sun.

Some of the blooms have frilled petals and some do not. I like the frilled petals on this bush.

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seil zone 6b MI

A wonderful rose, Anne! You're really good with those cuttings!

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Another bloom of Belinda's Dream. on the same bush.

I will take more cuttings from B's D and spread the joy around!

She is SUPER fragrant and a continuous bloomer all season long.
I just love her.

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If you squint your eyes, you can see the big Belinda's Dream bloom in the back behind the Ballerina.

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Here is a photo of the same bush with bloom and bud.
Just a lovely rose in every way.

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Interestingly enough, she forms her buds all over the bush, then begins blooming on the lower branches first, making their way up. Self-protection from late frosts and rain damage? I wonder....

Rain does a real number on her blooms, ruining them overnight. (See photo below)
It is terribly frustrating. But, I cut them off and take them inside for fragrance, mostly, and the bush bounces right back with a new flush within a few days.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Gorgeous photos!!!

I see on HMF this has Tiffany as a parent. I do like my Tiffany. Also listed as an Earth Kind (performance, disease resistance and hardiness) ~~ quite the rose. Thank you.

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You made my day.

Yes, she is an Earthkind rose.

Belinda's Dream is a dream rose, truly. She seems to be constantly in the process of making and presenting her bouncy, blousy blooms.. Very vigorous bloomer.

I don't spray my roses because I have honeybees, yet she doesn't ever seem to have any problems with disease and the like - stays very healthy..

The blooms have medium-long stems so are lovely in bouquets, perfuming an entire room, and lasting for days. No big bad thorns. Just kind of prickly in places.

Thanks again for looking. Glad you enjoyed. :)

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

She's one of my favorites in my garden...wouldn't be without her :)


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Yeah. Here on the upper Texas Coast, my Belindas dream never ceased blooming this year.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

This is such a nice rose- everyone seems to have good luck with it and to sing its praises. I love the shape of the flower.

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This year we are getting so much rain. My garden is so lush and everything is growing so full and healthy. The rose bushes look 'fat" with their growth.
Belinda's Dream has doubled in size, both in girth and height. It will be interesting to see how all this moisture is going to affect the overall design of the garden - how it will look with all the lushness and flowers in my gardens this spring. There hasn't been this much rain in years - since long before I planted the bulk of my roses, irises, and daylilies and created the new garden areas.

The Gardenia rose I planted at the base of the Japanese pine behind Belinda's Dream has gone bonkers, sending runners all through that bed and up into the pine tree. Yikes!

I have to get in there and either prune the extras off or tie them up into the tree before they root on the ground and take over that entire area!!!! She's like the Eggplant that ate Chicago!

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

I'm so happy you have received all this rain. The few times we have had extra spring rain it resulted in bigger, happier plants. I love the big, fat pink blooms of Belinda's Dream, a splendid rose it must be. I've considered it for a while, but am concerned about its size. What size is your Belinda? Roses grow large here because of our hot, sunny summers. Have fun with your supersized garden. Diane

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Wow - I've always wanted to get Belinda's Dream. Yours looks fantastic. Wish I could smell it.
I like the upside down picture the best. wow!!

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Thanks Diane and Carol.
Carol, the picture that looks upside down...isn't.
The camera interpreted it to be upside down and so placed the date stamp accordingly. Irritating darn computers think they know everything.

The size of a rose bush depends upon a lot of factors and I for one will not tell you that Belinda's Dream will only gets this big or that wide. In lean years when it is extremely hot and dry here where I live, there is little growth, but the blooms are still gorgeous and smell divine. The heat really brings out the rose oil and hence the fragrance is stronger. In cooler years when there is a lot of rain, the growth can be immense a there may be more blooms, but the fragrance may not be a strong. That's the trade off. Still, she has a lovely fragrance and is a prolific blooming rose. Lovely huge blooms. This one bush is now over five feet tall and approx. 3-1./2 ft. wide. That is what I wanted in this spot, so it's not a problem. I have another one in the rose garden that I keep pruned back to a more compact size. I get the same blooms, just a smaller bush.
I do my major pruning in early spring or late winter when buds first start to form on the stems. Then, do more prunings as needed throughout the spring and summer, removing deadwood and branches that cross over and rub against another branch. If the bush starts growing in a direction I don't like, I head it off by snipping it back to a nodule that points in the direction I want it to grow instead.
If there is plenty of rainfall, I feed them once a month. If not, I limit that to only three or four times during the growing season.
I don't spray my roses for insects or diseases because I have honeybees. Generally, I follow the rules of Mother Nature -
"Healthy soil = Healthy Plants."
Everything else is up to the roses.

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