New rules for posting pictures in the rosegallery

cupshaped_roses(6)February 18, 2008

I would like to suggest these new rules for posting pictures (Especially good ones) on the rose forums:

- Rule nr. 1: Only pictures taken with cheap (less than $149.99 ,point and shoot digital cameras allowed.

- Rule nr. 2: all pictures posted must have been taking between May 5. and December 10.

- Rule nr. 3: only pictures taking on the Northern Hemisphere in the before mentioned time period allowed.

- Rule nr. 4: Pictures taken in USDA Zones 9 and Higher are considered cheating and will be frowned upon

- Rule nr. 5: It is only allowed to post pictures of fragrant roses. If the pictures show non-fragrant flowers, it is not roses and posted in the wrong forum.

- Rule nr. 6: Cats, dogs and other pets are not allowed on the pictures. This is a forum for roses, not a pet-show.

- Rule nr. 7: Please do not post pictures of gardens showing any weeds (tip! weed before taking the pictures ... anything else than: Roses, Iris, Nepeta, Hardy Geraniums and Delphiniums and Foxgloves are weeds! You may think your garden is wonderful with all the weeds, but this is the ROSE-FORUM!

- Rule nr. 8: Do not post pictures of winter gardens. Those who suffer from SAD are depressed enough already!

- Rule nr. 9: Pictures from wonderful places like Hawaii or New Zealand and most of Australia, Some areas in California and Mottisfont Abbey are forbidden. No explanation given or necessary.

- Rule nr. 10: Roses introduced before 1867 are to be posted in the Antique rose gallery. Modern "roses" introduced after 1867 are to be posted posted on the rose gallery.

If anybody are caught cheating or are not following these rules they will be sentenced to grow roses in Siberia (USSR ZONE 1).


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diggerdave(Montana 4/5)

Duke says forget it! This is his yard and he will get in any photo he wants to.

Siberia?? You are trying to scare Montanans with Siberia?? LOL, Duke is still laughing.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

The roses are gorgeous and so is Duke.I would like to see more pictures,with the pets,too.


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Is this post for real?? Sometimes I never know. Love your pics diggerdave of Luke and beautiful flowers. Keep them coming. Judy

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Cupshape is never for real. He is doing that so people WILL show their pics. heehee! Nice try Niels! You been smokin????

Digger and Deb great pictures and of course, pets enhance gardens even more - what a beautiful dog. I Love, besises your roses and all the colour, the beautiful lush grass, something I can never have! do you think you can post some more pictures on the Garden Shots thread - we need more gardens, please! You could start with a Garden Shots #2 thread if you like as that one is getting long. Niels, why don't you give it a go too. Would love to see some of your garden pics also. You definitely should, for starting THIS thread. :smile

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Thanks Pauline! Sorry Niels!!! Would it be ok to post some pics of flower beds that contain no roses? I have planted some new roses this year thanks to all of you and your gorgeous roses but my pics from 07 doesn't have many roses in them but you better believe they will this year. Thanks, Judy

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You forgot a rule Cupshaped_Roses,
#11 No posting allowed of pics on days that haven't happened yet.

Today is the 18th and you're posting on the 19th at 4:something am according to this time clock. That's cheating, you're a day ahead, your day hasn't happened here yet.

OTOH I did have 3 different rose bushes put out blooms today, 6 weeks early this year:) Then I pruned them off!

You didn't mention fish however, this is my newest tank:

1 of 5 felines, this is Harry:

Great garden photos Digger, I especially like your grass included too, Duke is looking very handsome and King of the gardenly.

Here is a link that might be useful: Denmark time

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the_morden_man((Z4-Z5) Ontario, Canada)

Niels, too funny and I agree. Pictures of Mottisfont Abbey should not be allowed....EVER!!! And who exactly was this Graham Thomas guy anyway????

I notice that you didn't say that pics of David Austin's garden in Albrighton were not allowed. Therefore, I assume it is perfectly okay to post these...

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diggerdave(Montana 4/5)

Thank you everyone :) I hope he was joking Judy. If not... Duke and I have gotten another person angry with us. We are used to it, LOL.

Jean, Duke used to always be underfoot when I was in the yard. He is 15 years old now and takes more rests. He has to have me in sight though. He gets up and moves if I get out of view.

Pauline, I posted so many yard pics on the link test thread that I figured I would give y'all a break. I tend to get carried away posting photos. We are on a very slow dialup connection. I haven't been able to check the 'Gardens' thread in quite a while. It just won't load even if I override the timeout on the browser.
We walk and sprawl on the lawn so much that I have loosen the soil with a garden claw a couple times each year. We spend a lot of time on the lawn chatting and acting like we are weeding :)

Les, Harry looks like the king :)

Great shots MM

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the_morden_man((Z4-Z5) Ontario, Canada)


Please continue to get carried away. Personally, I never tire of seeing pics of your beautiful garden.

Besides, if one is passionate about roses, the more carried away the better. It's good for the soul and many here could learn from your example.

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I think this was "someone's" way of getting everybody to post MORE pics to get him thru the winter blahs!!! Gee, I'll have to come back and post some major "no-nos" when I get off work tonight. Don't have time right now....

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Well, I'm breaking "most" of the rules here...

A non-rose

A weed

A rose with irises (Cl YELLOW BLAZE)

Bug & Ginger as a kitten

Ginger & her Beanie Baby friend helping me surf for roses

And a "TABOO" rose

I'd add some pics of the snow in the yard, but Cupshaped Roses probably wouldn't believe me that we DO get snow in CALIFORNIA!!

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Beth, you been holding out girl. I love Ginger.
Neils, I think Morden man needs a slap on the wrist, don't you?
Wonderful pictures, everyone.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Dave, you just keep on showing us that beautiful yard and all them roses and of course,Duke.Hes so pretty.

Beth,Them yellow roses really stand out with the purple iris's blooming,.Its gorgeous.Your Taboo is very pretty,too.Ok how about some more pictures,now.I am loving this.


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diggerdave(Montana 4/5)

Thanks :) Reckon we should count our blessings? Nothing prohibiting shacks in the background...

That would keep pics of that monster mini away. Had to include that MM. The rascal keeps getting bigger.

That is showing him Beth! LOL, Thinking about it a little... hoses, buckets, chainlink etc were not mentioned.

We should probably ban photos with dead leaves piled against weeds (alyssum).

Duke is the mellowest dog I have ever had Jean. Only thing is that I can only work with one hand when I sit in the yard. He parks next to me when I sit down and I have to scratch him with one hand.

There are those hoses again. Duke also pouts when I go outside the fence :)

One other rule... old petals should be picked up off the lawn before taking photos.

Passionate? Just a little :) One good thing for you guys.... I got called to a meeting yesterday. The company owner showed me my new pickup and digger. The truck needs a toolbox and fuel tank but he wanted to make sure I saw it right away. The new excavator is a John Deere but is pretty nice. Won't have time to drive y'all nuts here soon :)

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Dave, This should definitely be banned, hose laying in yard! I have trash can shots too.


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These were wonderful bright cheerful pics to wake up with this morning with my coffee cup in hand:)
This was always one of my favorite shots from where I used to live. This is one of my feral cats, Nugget and 'weed':

Or I caught three of the cats relaxing at our rental:

Or an old climber that I had and hope to grow similar again without bringing the fence down this time.

Then there's what I started with at this house a couple of years ago, already replaced those first plants.
Hey Pauline, here's my garden:)

Another huge weed with a visitor:

Great photos though, love all the roses and 'weeds' and other non roses and hose pics. Wonderful cat pics, Beth that's pretty funny of your Ginger hanging 10. Your pics are excellent. Russell beautiful cat. Morden_Man your pics are awesome along with Digger's. Carla I love your yard, what do you have growing on the arbor? I didn't realize that when people don't have fences they grow roses on trellis' out in the 'open'.

My pics are for irritant value:)

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cali_poppy_52(z10 CA/Sunset22)

OK...A non rose on January 8, 2008 in Southern California.

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Among the other great pictures here I loved Ginger all grown up (with friend). What a beauty!

My boy Bligh pictured below.

Beth, it snows in CA? No way! Well maybe just a little..,

Yes, there are roses under there. At least there were at the end of Fall. It is melting but SO slowly.


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I certainly am for real! Pauline: I have quit smoking and working out to get in better shape ... if I am anything smokin it must be smokin hot!!!

I really do suffer from the effects of SAD, and all the light bulbs in the world does not make the difference the sun can. Even roses need at least 4 or more hours of sunlight every day to be blooming well ... I may not be a rose but I need just as much, not to wither and die...

Only my weird sense of humor and OCD-routines make me last through the winter. Checking out pictures in the rosegallery here on GW really brightens up my day ... but bursting the bubble of illusions like "It never snows in CA" is hard ...Well at least it is in Northern CA! There never seems to be any refuge from winter anywhere ... Youngquinn from Victoria in Australia statement in the Antique rose gallery really depressed me too ... ALL DAY IT WAS ECHOED IN MY MIND THAT THEY HAVE 10 MONTH OF SUMMER THERE ON THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE!!!! Roses take a "Break during the winter in June and July down under. Obviously I live in the wrong part of the world!

I look forward seeing your rose-pictures Judy!

I can´t believe roses could grow that well in Montana under Deb and Dave's care. Even their Dog looks pleased ... but 2 members of the National Anti-grass league has already complained: TOO MUCH GRASS. That sweet chariot sure is big for a MINI.

And I agree with the rule: Petals and hoses on the lawn is a no-no on pictures!!!

Les: not sure on the rule about time differences ... we are 9 hour ahead of CA time ... Or as I prefer to call it ... 9 hours smarter! Harry is beautiful and I love the dark fountain grass! And Nugget illustrate what annoys me with cats: they constantly "stare" at you when in the garden. Every time I need to get something done my neighbors cat come to see what I am up to and she can "help". But it is all forgotten when she catches a mouse or chase a fly ...
We do BTW have the same swallowtail butterfly over here!
But I must salute you on the great job you did weeding your new garden! Soon those roses are going to grow as weeds!

Russels cats is a beauty!

Beth: Glad to see you had time to post some pictures of edible weed. Your cats sure like to help out with your roses too I see. Boy you grow a lot of roses and have many pictures on HMF! Only thing "taboo" about cats is when you weed the garden with your hands and you are not wearing garden gloves and sometimes finds a smelly lump .... ARGGHHHH. Well I suppose the cats just thought my roses needed more fertilizing and helped making one of slower sparrows into something useful: like a heap of bonemeal and feathers...

Cali poppys weed can almost pass for Rosa Mundi, a rose mostly grown for its "Scentimental" values.

I disagree Carla: Mordenman needs more than just a slap on the wrist. Off to Siberia to grow TEA- roses as punishment for this direct disobedience. Oh my heart be still those gardens are gorgeous! But since I hear that the winter in the upper Midwestern states seems to be lasting forever this year and has been harder than usual ... I will let you you go with a stern warning! This time.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Dave,I have the same problem,but not with a dog.Mine is 2 cats.One has to be right by me when I am outside,so alot of times I have one hand on the cat petting her.Have to be careful when pulling weeds as she thinks its play time and grabs at the weeds too,and mistakes my hand for a weed. Those clematis are gorgeous.

Les, your aquarium is really pretty.I have 4 of them going right now,but,Mine are not decorated.Easier to clean. What is that huge rose that looks like its taken over everything it touches.Its gorgeous.


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cali_poppy_52(z10 CA/Sunset22)

I don't know if you mean my picture but if you do that's a "non-rose"! It's a camellia. And it was a huge one by the way!


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Just FABULOUS pictures here.

MORDEN MAN, Did you take those pictures at Mottisfont Abbey. Lucky you, if you did. If so, in the first picture the purple climber looks like a rose, but surely Not? It just looks soo blue/purple to be real. It does not look like a clematis, so I cannot figure it out, please tell. It is beautiful by the way. As are all of your pics. It looks like you went to David Austin's as well. WOW!

DAVE, Thankyou, I opened your link and was blown away by the beautiful pictures of your garden. Now I understand what you were talking about. Having recently posted all them, there would be no sence posting again right away. But I am glad you put me on to the link. I really am behind on checking out a lot of the threads. Cannot seem to get past these first few as I have been involved with them, and yep, it does take time. I am going to try and aim for shorter roses myself this year, you have that look I like. One gets a better view when they are on the shorter side. (excluding climbers) Thanks again. You two have done an amazing job.

BETH, More fabulous pictures thanks. Ginger with her beanie baby is adorable.

RUSSEL, That is a beautiful picture of your gorgeous blue-eyed cat. Thanks.

LES, The picture of you three kitties is soo cute. The butterfly picture is fantastic - what a wonderful shot and composition. That could win a photo contest for sure. Now about your garden. Teehee!! That's the best blank canvas I have ever seen! :smile But I am holding my breath, because I know you have put a lot of work into it, and you SHOULD be ready to show us some pics before the coming season is over! ................anything would be an achievement with that! Just kidding, heehee! I really am looking forward to some after pictures. Good luck. Actually, when I look back on ours, or if you were able to look back on ours, before we started, you will see how lucky you are. We carved our property out of a forest, literally took down the trees. I do not think there is anything worse than trying to make a garden out of a forest floor especially one with several springs. So it just shows what one can do with a blank canvas. I know yours will be gorgeous.

CARLA, Beautiful shot of your garden. Is that the back or the front. Your home is gorgeous with interesting archtectural details that a Georgian home may have. Is it an old home. I have an iron arch like yours too.:)

CALI and KATE, nice pics too. Kate, it looks like you got more snow than we did in a whole year. heehee! It sure makes a pretty picture of your place.

NIELS, Congratulations on quitting smoking, and concentrating on keeping that smoking hot bod in shape. Seriously, I know where you are coming from re SAD and lack of sun. I get it too, but I am on meds and this is the first year it has not bothered me. Where we live, we do not see the sun even if there is any in the winter, our trees are dense and tall and it is totally non-existant in our garden or on our house. The sun light now is only just starting to come down the trees, almost to the ground, I cannot wait for it to come over the trees and shine through a window. So cheer up Niels - I know you must be enjoying the comments and picturs here. You started a great thread. Ummmm now what kind of pictures can I put up to get myself into trouble!
hugs, P.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Pauline, that is the back. I don't grow any roses in the front.
Niels, such an enjoyable thread. Morden man has been warned, don't think he'll show again. LaBrea better not bring any bird shots here either. He has nerve postint parade, train and botanical garden pics.


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Hi Jean, thanks, I get a kick out of the dragon in the tank and the diver's helmet is my husband's interest.

Not sure what that large pink climber is, I got it at Sequoia and they don't recognize it either. The empty space to the left had the one that pulled the fence down actually and it was Rosa Banksiae Lutea or Yellow Lady Banks. I grew both minis and full sized climbers. It wasn't any help in figuring out what it could be either. I always liked that one very much.

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diggerdave(Montana 4/5)

LOL, Duke says the lawn is the perfect size. He thinks it is probably silly humans of the league that are objecting to the grass. Ask the critters those humans belong to about the amount of lawn. Duke says not to argue about who belongs to whom. Digger follows him around the yard with a shovel and bucket. Case closed.
I laugh when I look at Sweet Chariot and think of the folks here at GW that complained about the little twigs that Tiny Petals sent out in 2001.

That monster was one of those little twigs. I put the grade rod in the photo to show it was over 5 feet wide. Rain the night before that pic had the chariot swinging low. I need to upload some pics from the day before when SC was standing up. That gives you an idea of why I call the thing a behemoth.

LOL Jean, I can understand :) We had 4 dogs a while back and there was no way I could do anything when they were all in the yard with me.

Pauline, the roses don't have much choice but to be short in spring here.

That was after we cleaned the beds out last spring. It was before the final pruning. I had just cut back enough obvious dead stuff so we could clean out around the roses. They had less cane when I finished pruning. Ooops, better throw in a pic from 10 weeks later....

I cut the tall ones back pretty hard after the first flush to try and keep them a bit shorter. It doesn't work very well with some like Bob Hope and Perfume Delight. They get tall no matter what I do.

Didn't see any objections to a garden sorceress casting her spells....

in garden pics. Almost forgot to ask about minis. If antiques are supposed to be in that forum, are minis banished to the miniature forum?

even if there are HTs in the background? I'm so confused :)

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I broke two rules over on the other gallery---
Here it is --snow and a budda-

I don't know who the snow people are in the chairs---LOL



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the_morden_man((Z4-Z5) Ontario, Canada)


Gardening in Siberia and only being able to use Tea and Ht¡¦s would certainly be a fitting punishment for me. By my calculations, I¡¦d have to plant the graft down about 7ft to ensure they come through winter okay. I guess subterranean gardening can be fun. My wife already calls me an ¡§Ogre¡¨ anyway. º


Thank-you so much for remembering how much I enjoy your pics of Sweet Chariot. Simply the finest specimen of that plant I have ever seen and I don¡¦t tire of seeing it. It has been my favorite miniature and one of my favorite roses for some time now. You must revel in the scent while it is in full bloom. I know I do when my SC¡¦s are. Love that wafting fragrance¡K Thanks again for sharing them and all of your beautiful photos.

Yes, I took all of the photos in June 2007 at both Mottisfont and David Austins gardens. My wife if British ex-pat and we go back to visit every few years. We made it a point to doing these pilgrimages since we were there during the height of their rose season.
Yes indeed, that blue/purple plant in the first picture is indeed a rose. It is the once blooming rambler Veilchenbleau. Quite a site in person I can assure you. The pics don¡¦t do either garden justice.


Sheeeesh!!!! Since when did you become the forum warden and punishment enabler??? I am not that easily intimidated I am afraid, so just to spite you, I am posting more¡Kand for Niels, the last pic is indeed of Mottisfont...

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Tim, I am green that you get chances to go to England and view those glorious gardens! Thank you for photos of a place I hope to go someday. My ultimate wish list, Mottisfont.

Dave, I'm so glad you've shown how large Sweet Chariot can get before I planted more things around mine. I guess noone could grow SC in a hanging basket in Montana. Are they on steroids?


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diggerdave(Montana 4/5)

LOL, that is great Florence :) Deb had to check it out.

Wonderful pics MM! I'm just glad I don't have to maintain those gardens :) Couldn't forget the times we tag teamed poor unsuspecting newbies with photos of Sweet Chariot. SC refuses to be less than a favorite. Fragrance is almost overpowering when it is in full bloom. I conducted a fragrance contest with the minis last year. I knew SC would win so it was more to see which came in second, third etc. Lo and behold... a single bloom of

beat out a single SC bloom. Sweet Arlene is something else. You know how we fragrance nuts are :) Almost a bigger surprise?

tied SC for 2nd. Sweet Arlene and X-Rated are planted together and vie with SC for the most fragrant mini area in our yard. Love ya Dad came in 4th and he is planted with them too. They are in the lower right of the last yard pic (10 weeks later). They put on a great visual performance too.

My pleasure Carla :) No steroids that I know of... A friend here wanted a hanging basket with SC. We started a cutting of SC for her. Left it in the pot and placed that in the basket. I would bury the pot for her in winter and it worked great. SC is the most cane hardy rose we have so that helps. It was getting too large for the pot after 5 years. She had to move to a nursing home last year. We miss Luella and taking care of her roses with her.

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Ok I am in Heaven!!!! Here is a slide show of my backyard dog included!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Slide show of my backyard!!

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Wow, Jess, your garden is gorgeous, too.Love them knockout roses.They really put on a show.The dog is pretty, too.Love your birdbath.Mine quit working,The pump went out and I can't get it apart to put a new pump in it.Got the pump, then couldn't get that fountain apart.


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I know what you mean Jean as our fountain lasted one year and now the water/pump works but the water sprays out too far and I am refilling the fountain everyday!! Not sure if my husband can fix this as the fountain is only a year old and to send it back is $60 shipping and by now the warrenty has run out so don't even think they will honor a refund. Hopefully we can fix it as I like it!!

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seil zone 6b MI

I'm feeling very rebelious today so here goes.

First off all of these are illegal because my camera cost $220.00. So there!

Next, this rose was bred in 1860! Reine des Violettes

This is what my rose bed looks like now.

And this is my partime cat Sofia.

She's my sister's Siberian and I'm her official Auntie Sharon and cat sitter.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Morden man, what is the rose on arbor in the first photo, in the first set.


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carla17(Z7 NC)

Has everyone crawled into a hole? I'm testing a pic that looks grainy on photo site.


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Made Ya Look

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Love the collie!!! What is his or her name?? I had one when I was a child (oh so long ago) and she was the sweetest, mild mannered pet. Thanks, Judy

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His name is Fenway. We rescued him at about 4 or 5 years of age and he had been badly abused. Who could abuse a face like that? In any case, he is about 10 now and has a little more white on his shnoz. That photo was about 2 years ago or more.

If more politicians were like our Fenway, it would be a better world.

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Back at ya redsox!! Ok, after the ball park?? Love the Braves in this household. Judy

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Redsox, Did I say I was a little slow?? LOL!! Judy

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Judy I'm slow sometimes too. Enjoy the Boston Braves. You must be glad they relocated.

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The Cranford Rose Garden

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Love this Thread! :-)

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brandyray(Coastal NC/8a)

Wonderful pics- all of them! Amazing what some people can do to their yards! Especially yours, diggerdave! And those clematis!!! I hope mine look like that someday.
I loved your camellia, Cali poppy. I have several and it is not enough!
Labrea- I wanted to know what kind of cats those are? Amazing ears. Loved the bird shot too.
Maybe at some point in the future I will have some pics worth posting. Brandy

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Patricia43(z8 AL)

Still enjoying the cool days of pansies at the cake of ice which becomes the bird bath around noon when the sun thaws it.

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barb_r(Z8 western Wa)

Hey Labrea that is the cutest bird picture I think I have ever seen.. But the cats!! What happened to their hair??!!

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Buddy, pondering how bad a dogs life can be and the need for a dog forum.

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kitcatclub(z5 NY)

Joe, do you still have the shot of one of your cats wearing a sock as a muffler? That had to be the cutest picture I've ever seen! I still think they look like Martians, tho, LOL! Not that there's anything wrong with Martians! ;)

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iowa_jade(C 5b H 6)

That shot with the yellow bounty, and very happy thrush (?) is a great shot.

Sorry Niels! You may just have to put up with a weed or two.

I hardly got any work out of DW last year with her teaching classes in the summer. It just made our income taxes go up. Not enough $ for me to get a new hat, but at least I get to buy some new roses this year.

The hat will wait til next year. At least it's got "character."

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jackie_o(zone 5/6)

Redsox I can even forgive you for what your guys did to the Indians after seeing that pic of Fenway lol.
I've had a weakness for collies since I was five years old and saw all the Lassie movies and "Lad, a Dog".
Fenway sure is a sweetie.

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Really really funny cup!

Love it

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Geez,I am so glad I decided to check out this posting again,or I would have missed all these gorgeous roses and pets thats been added since my last visit.That is a gorgeous looking collie.Beautiful dog.And Buddy has a beautiful little face on him.
LaBrea, your rose garden pictures are beautiful, too.As well as the cats.I forgot what these cats are called,but they sure are different..I have really injoyed all the pictures.


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Thank you, Jackie. He is as sweet as his picture. I have had many dogs and this one is the lowest maintenance creature on the earth!

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OK, so it is raining here in Mass. - I am now officially crying - so many pictures - so beautiful. I have six roses on the way - EBB TIDE. I planned to make a round or oval bed in my large front lawn. It is south facing - no fence - just lawn straight to the street. I have a little rock garden and that's all.

I gardened for years and then got divorced. "THAT" house is a block away from where I live now. I feel so burnt out and so sad that I have to START ALL OVER AGAIN.

And I am not accustomed to the weird layout of this house.

If I put the roses in the center of a bed - what should I put around them on the outside of the circle? All your beautiful picture are of large spces or areas that are strictly roses - except winner of the award person - I can't even mention her name or I will start crying all over again.

Please help - I am open to all suggestions. I live in metrowest Boston. Please send me a plan for a bed on a front lawn - full sun that can incorporate my 6 EBB TIDES?

Someone take some pity


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carla17(Z7 NC)

More rule breaking!


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Very pretty Carla, all those colors and the reflections in the water.

Madsud, you might post your request on the Rose Forum, instead of being buried here on this old thread. Even though there are still rule breakers here looking:) 6 Ebb Tides in a bed sound very beautiful. Hope to see a pic of that one day from you.

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