Can anyone identify?

don555(3a)August 29, 2011

I bought a package of ornamental pepper seeds and planted them back in March. This one is supposed to be "Firestorm", but the picture on the package shows skinny red and yellow cayenne-like peppers rising above the foliage. Obviously not what I have. There are 4 plants in an outdoor planter and they all seem to be the same, so it wasn't like there was one rogue seed in the pack, the whole pack is mislabelled. The peppers usually start off deep purple but sometimes yellowy-green, and as they get older they become purple and yellow mixed. I don't think any are mature yet, so I don't know the final colour with certainty. Any guesses?

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I wont venture a guess but quite a pretty plant you have there.

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Hey There - the size and color are just like my NuMex Twilight, but my plants are not growing like a vine, they are tall and straight.

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Thanks! That is very close, I see from searching after you tipped me off that Numex Centennial is very similar too. So it's got to be one of those or at least have a lot of the same parentage. Good to know, thanks again!

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