time it takes from seeds

newbieeAugust 9, 2012


how much time it takes to see sprout above the ground after sowing seeds?



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Nor sure about outside if that is where you sowed them. But generally indoors they should sprout anywhere from 4 days to 30 days. Some of the superhots take longer than normal but generally, seeds from nearly all peppers should sprout within a couple weeks. I start mine indoors in the winter with heat mats and they usually come up withing 7 or 8 days. A few take a little longer. If a seed doesn't come up for me in under two weeks, I give up unless I am growing a kind of pepper that I know takes longer. I hope this helps. If you sow them outside, I would expect them to take a bit longer unless conditions are bad.

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Also depends on the variety. Some mild peppers will pop up in a couple days. Some nuclears like the bhut jolokia can take upwards of 2 months.

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I've had them take from 2-80 days.

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