I need your help...

duryjoyJanuary 24, 2008

Hi there,

I blew up all I have written just right now...TT

In short...

I have a several months old 'Sunrise Cupido' mini roses in my 4-inches pot.

the pot has 4 stalks in that, and nowadays the roses' roots start to come out of the pot's bottom holes. I was considering to change the pot's size a month ago, but somebody said it is too cold season for doing that. she recommended me to change the pot in spring.

However, nowadays the roses' many bud are dying instead of busting... and the highest cane and bud are now almost dyeing... and many leaves are yellow now.

Here are my questions.

1. Should I change the pot into bigger one? If then, what size do you recommend? And should I divide the 4 stalks into 2 and 2?

2. I often wash the roses upside down to kill the tiny yellow insects... and I have heard that some herb are very good to get rid of harmful insects. If you know about it, please let me know.... TT

3. What should I do when I find its leaves are yellow? I don't know it is because of cold or hot... I put my pot inside of my window and it is kind of near by radiator....

Thank you...

I need your help and recommendation...

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I don't like to answer posts with other posts, but some of the information you may find handy. At the top upper right it says search and you can put in key words and look for other info. I copied off one of the previous posts for you with some good info. Anywhere your mouse goes over a link you can click on it and open it. As far as I know these are all still good.

As far as your question goes I would think your roses need repotting in a much larger pot. If you're keeping them indoors there is nothing stopping you that I can see. Even if you want to move them outside after the temps warm up sounds like your yellow leaves are from the roses becoming rootbound. If I understood you right you have them in a 4" pot? Ok, I just reread your post, if the roots are coming out the bottom this definitely needs transplanting. What size? I'd say at least 12" container and you'll probably be transplanting from that after a few months if your rose continues to do well. I transplanted one mini rose from a 12" pot it had been in for just a few months when the leaves started turning and found it rootbound. I put it in a 15" container next. I don't understand how many individual roses you have, but you do need a much larger container. Sounds like you're doing well with the spider mites and look for, I believe it's Oldroser's thread or post about growing minis inside. If you do have individual roses you might want to break them up into separate pots, if they're all just growing from the same plant leave them together.

I don't grow roses indoors but there is some good info on here instructing you the best way to do it and some say they are very successful at it like Oldroser in some old threads I found.

Good luck and I hope this helps you out.

Here is a link that might be useful: previous questions

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