Troubled Plants

TechnoChimp(8)August 3, 2014

Plants in one of my raised beds seem to be having some problems. All the new growth is coming in very small and withered, and more dense than previous growth. I haven't watered much other than the occasional feeding. The last feeding was about three weeks ago which is when the problem started, so I'm sure the problem is over fertilization. My question though is what can I do to remedy this. My initial reaction is to stop doing anything and let them grow out of it. What do you think?

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Have you used any herbicide around your yard ?

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Not recently. I used some a couple of months ago in the driveway about 20 ft away from the beds. I didn't notice this until about a month after that. Could it take that long for herbicide to take affect on these if it did somehow carry over that way?

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I have two plants like this in a group of eight
Positive nothing has been sprayed or similar potentially harmful chemical use any where on the property.

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They have spared my peppers so far but it looks similar to what I have seen on my marigolds, I have attributed most of that damage to snails, the slimmers completely took out my cilantro to.

Paying my nephew a dime for every snail he collects. His matchbox car collection is growing as the snails are disappearing ha!


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Fixs what? Regarding the OP question?
Have to wait on the problem solves to log in for rrlitive answers .......

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Point is all the in house experts dodged this question for the OP
I havent found anything either,my two plants are 2 weeks from being pulled out if they dont make any changes,the water could be used else where.I dont need this crud to effect the other 6 in the group either.

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What were you feeding them and how much/what concentration?

From the pictures you posted it's hard to figure out what "might" be going on. Obviously taken in bright sunlight but the plants do appear to be a lighter green with some leaf curl. Any chance of a close up of some leaves in more subdued light?

FYI, a total shot in the dark at this point, if overfeeding is the problem you suspect, then giving the plants a very good (emphases on very) soaking to wash away salt build up around the roots should help.

Like I said, a shot in the dark but my best guess at this point.



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Did I miss something?

Not sure why you felt the need to post " all the in house experts dodged this question"?

Maybe forum members had no constructive advice to offer based on the problem as presented and their experience.

I have often regretted my speech, never my silence. - Xenocrates (396-314 B.C.)

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

That looks like 2,4-D damage. 2,4-D is a chemical used to kill broadleaf weeds in lawns. Tomatoes are particularly susceptible, and so are peppers.

The source could be:

1) drift from a sprayed lawn (spray can travel huge distances, particularly in hot weather; also, if you live near commercial farms where herbicide is sprayed from the air, that could be the source).

2) grass clippings (from a lawn which had been sprayed or treated with a granular herbicide) used to mulch around the peppers.

3) herbicide run-off after rain or heavy watering.

This page describes 2,4-D damage, and has a photo of 2,4-D damage on a tomato plant.

You might want to post in the Veggie forum for more advice.

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I agree with the herbicide theory. And missingtheobvious is correct... people just don't realize how far the stuff can drift in the air or that their mulch is tainted.


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