Dehydrating Peps

brian6464(4a)August 18, 2014

Up to this point, I have always stemmed and halved peppers before drying them. This year I have so many, it would be easier to just cut the stem and then dehydrate whole.

Probably a very silly question, but my question is whether there is any advantage to leaving the stem on when dehydrating whole peppers? Or rather, any disadvantage to taking them off first?

The ones I see in the store always seems to have stems on.

While I'm at it, same question for freezing whole peps. I leave stems on and then cut them off later. Any real advantage to cleaning and stemming before freezing?


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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I thin you can do it as whole. It might just take longer time in the dehydrator.
When you remove the stem, air can get in readily. If your peppers are stored in open ambient, with high humidity, they might get spoiled. But OTOH, if you are going to vacuum pack or grind for powder, stem serves no purpose. An you will have to remove them anyway.

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I removed the stems prior to dehydrating to help with the process. As Seysonn said, it helps with air circulation.

I just did a batch of pepper flake last week with several mixed varieties and am very pleased with the result.

A word of caution though, you will want to grind in the garage or outside. I ended up getting a nice puff of powder when I opened my grinder and it was not pleasant!


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Siouxzn - Good point. I am currently dehydrating to make powder.

I plan on a mix of some Reaper, Naga Morich Jalokia, Choc Scotch Bonnett and Caribbean Red Hab. Prob 85% Hab to 15% Ghost/Reaper.

First time for hopefully it turns out ok.

I definitely do not need a mushroom cloud of that inhabiting the house. Might be grounds for divorce...

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