Anemone coronaria - de Caen

Skybird - z5, Denver, ColoradoMarch 25, 2009

Hi all,

Well I wound up in the Jumping Plant department at the food store today, and since the plants (roots/bulbs) were only $2.99 a box, I let them jump!

IÂve never grown anemones before, but at 15 for $2.99, I decided to give it a try. And the picture on the box is sure pretty! ;-) The problem is, I donÂt know ANYTHING at all about them! So I came home and started to research online! Absolutely NO help! IÂm finding unbelievable contradictions! IÂm gonna plant them anyway, of course, but IÂm wondering if anybody else around here has ever grown them, and what your experiences were.

Online IÂm finding places that say theyÂre hardy from z5 to z8, and places that say theyÂre only hardy in z8 and z9! HowÂs that for decisive information! IÂm also finding places that say they need to be in full sunÂand places that say they need to be in full shade! Alright!!! IÂll plant them in ????? Since the other "bulb type" anemones IÂm familiar with need shade, IÂm inclined to go with shade! Wherever I plant them, I think IÂll probably put them in mostly compost to ensure a good, rich, and well-drained soil. I found a couple places online that say to soak them for a while before planting, and I found one place that said they wouldnÂt come up for TWO YEARS! DonÂt believe that one at all! The box they come in, of course, has no useful information whatsoever! Well! It DOES say to water them after I plant them!!! :-)

SoÂany experience around here?


P.S. A ÂBlue Angel Hosta jumped into my cart too! Now doesnÂt ÂBlue Angel just sound like the cutest LITTLE Hosta you ever heard of? The box, needless to say, has NO info about the height! Got home and looked it upÂand itÂs HUGE, with leaves 18" long by 12" wide!" Well, thatÂll fill up my whole backyard nicely! Decided IÂm gonna plant is at the top (far end) of my escape proof garden where itÂll make a nice backdrop for the sweet violets, lily-of-the-valley, and sweet woodruff. (Got a box with 5 more lily-of-the-valley pips tooÂsince the couple I brought over here from the last house just havenÂt spread that much yet in their wonderful clay home!)

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Azura(z5 CO)

They are one of my favorites, Skybird! They are so pretty. They look gorgeous paired with Black Eyed Susan (common Rudbeckia Hirta), both have the same bloom time.
But... they are not perennial for me in any of my beds. I've never soaked them but I do know that moldy bulbs never amount to much. They will come up and bloom this year if you plant them in May. Mine have been happy in partial shade.
For frame of reference, I believe your yard is 10-14 days ahead of mine in bloom time so you must be a bit warmer. When you post photos I get excited because I know the same plants will be blooming in my yard soon. I'm at about 5800 elevation up on a ridge in Douglas County and I always have more snow than the Park Meadows area even though I'm only 1.5 miles away. If the hardiness is z5-z8 maybe you can mulch and they will survive. I have used two inches of leaf mulch and it wasnt enough in my microclimate but Im hoping it will be enough for you. Either way, they are gorgeous and carefree enough that I buy them every year.
I hope that helps!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Thank you, thank you for the great information, Azura. That really helps! When I decided to get them I was kind of assuming they wouldnÂt be hardy, so I was surprised when I found online that some people consider them z5. IÂll be surprised if they do come back, but maybe IÂll throw a few extra inches of bark mulch on top of them next fall and see what happens. Everything I read said theyÂre great cutflowers, and I keep thinking, oh, how nice, IÂll cut some and bring them insideÂbut I know when they bloom IÂm gonna want to leave them out making the yard pretty! I always wanted a cutting gardenÂbut itÂs not gonna happen with this little lot!

IÂm not sure yet where IÂm gonna plant them. When I can get out into the backyard againÂwithout wadingÂIÂll have to go out there and contemplate for a while! ThatÂs the design method of my garden! Ohmmmmmm!

ThatÂs interesting about my stuff being a little bit earlier than yoursÂand about your altitude. I wouldnÂt have even known this, but on one of the weather reports today I noticed they had the altitude of Thornton at just over 8400'. So you really are a little bit higher than me. I guess I already knew that Thornton was higher than Denver, because from "up here" we look "down" onto downtown Denver, but I never really thought about it before. If youÂre 400' higher than me, that very likely does explain the difference in bloom times.

Thanks again for the great help,

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