Totally off topic - any of you wanting a dog companion?

mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)March 26, 2013

I'm sorry for the totally off gardening topic, but wanted to reach out to this great group of people to see if by chance any of you might be wanting to get a dog. We really need/want to find a good home for ours - reason being that she is jealous of our cat and/or her herding instincts take over when she is around cats. We have tried to break her of it, and for the most part over the past 6 years it has been manageable. But lately, she seems to be getting more jealous and almost stalks the cat and has snapped at her (never touches, but clacks her teeth at her). We don't want anything bad to happen, so we feel it is best to try and find a home for her where there won't be a cat issue and also a home where she can get more of the attention she needs - I confess that we have been a bit lacking in that dept. :(.

She is most likely an Australian Shepherd, and possibly a Kelpie - or a mix of that with something else. We adopted her from the Boulder Cty Humane Society about 6 years ago when she was a pup. She is now about 6 1/2 yrs old, but in a lot of ways acts more like she's younger. She's trained in basic commands, and does some tricks (roll over, play dead, back, turn a round, etc.) and LOVES to play fetch with ball or frisbee. She totally loves people and would be a perfect companion without needing other animals around, but should be ok with another dog (can be protective over her toys/food, though, so would need some help with that - she's been the only dog in our household).

I can tell you lots more about her if you, or someone you know well, are interested!! Just send me a private message. We want to be sure she goes to a home where there are no cats, and a single person or family who has time to play/exercise/spend with her - so will want to set up some times for checking out your establishment and surroundings, as well as you/her to check each other out to know if all is a good fit. We live in Westminster, CO near 104th and Wadsworth area.

I've contacted a couple of places, MaxFund and an aussie rescue group, etc., but thought I'd check in with my RMG friends :)

I'm attaching a pic of her.


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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

I've been in touch with the Colorado Aussie Rescue and MaxFund, so am considering their resources to help find her a home.

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