jitsmith(5)March 15, 2014

I've seen a lot of spiky blue plants in my neighborhood, don't know what they are but they all get really floppy mid-late summer, look like weird crop circles. Anyone know what they are w/out pics?

I'm planting a narrow - 4', one-sided - border this year, floppers like that eat up too much space. Any others I should beware? I did read a recommendation to invert a hanging basket over a Nepeta to control sprawl, wonder how effective that might be.

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Possibly some kind of salvia? Mine gets floppy once the flowers start falling off if I don't deadhead. I'll also admit I've let them go long enough to get the ugly crop circle look.....If they're deadheaded after the flowers start to drop off they'll bloom a 2nd time later in the summer and they don't look ugly at all. I like them mostly because the deer don't.....

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