Need Help Choosing Red Mini

alameda/zone 8January 16, 2009

I want a red mini - large blooms that remain like a hybrid tea [dont open quickly] and want a clear, chinese red color. In the past, I have had and liked Miss Flippins and Old Glory [years ago]. I have looked at quite a few and the ones I am most attracted to are Harm Saville, Miss Flippins, Caliente, Power Point and Sorcerer. Can anyone give me any information [or photos] of these? I am leaning more towards Harm Saville - its seems to have the clear red color and large blooms I am looking for but always like to check with the Forum first! Thanks!


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Miss Flippins is certainly a strong growing and productive plant. However, the blooms do open pretty fast for me and the back of the petals is not a clear red. I haven't had Power Point long enough to say, and I don't grow the others. Sorry.

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kentucky_rose zone 6

My friend has Harm Saville and it's one of the first to get spidermites.

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My Harm Saville isn't a hybrid-tea type... more like the floribunda Black Cherry with smaller leaves. I've got the two planted together and that's the only distinguishing characteristic, IMO.

Caliente has been a great rose this year. Someone told me it wouldn't do well in our low desert environment but mine has been in the ground about 2 years and is thriving. I've also got Shenandoah, Ricky Hendrick, Red Beauty, Miss Flippins, Old Glory and Red Scentsation. In our warm climate, they all open fairly quickly. I've got several other minis that claim to be red but they look pink to me.

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You can't go wrong with a Benardella miniature; 'Caliente' is a very fine rose.

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evie1955(z9 Tampa)

Starina is a nice choice too, Judith. It's the one I have.

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The only one of these that I grow is Harm Saville; I love that rose, but it may not be what you're looking for. It's really almost a single when it comes to petal count. No high center to be had. The blooms last forever, but they open quickly to a fairly flat shape, if that makes any sense. Also, you said you wanted a Chinese red, and to me that means you want something heading toward orange... Harm Saville is a deep cherry red. I've got pictures of him at home, and can post some if you like!


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He opens to this stage almost immediately for me; more of a semi-double.

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how bout Robin alonso or memphis king my fovorite is Dr Troy Garrett

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I agree with soonerd2000, Dr. Troy Garrett is one of favs. Also, Memphis King and Memphis Magic are both great reds. I like Miss Flippins as well, but those previously mentioned seem to have larger more exhibition form blooms.

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alameda/zone 8

Today.......I got from Kimbrew-Walters - visited his greenhouse, SUCH healthy plants! I went a little nuts - the reds I got are: Dr. Tony Garrett, Caliente, Miss Flippins, Memphis King, Memphis Bell, Red Intuition. These should satisfy my desire for reds for awhile! Thanks all! Any comments about any of these?

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