New cuttings - should I wait for Spring or pot them now?

cruz_cubiertaOctober 12, 2012

Hello to all ! SOS

I've recently was given a several sizes cuttings, and since this 2012 has been my first season on plumies, don't know what to do with them:

* Should I root them


* Should I wait for Spring?

My climate is semi-tropical, high humidity year round.

Thank you,

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Cruz,


I see that you are in Zone 10...lucky!!

Go ahead and root them. Keep them on a heat mat if you dont have them somewhere that they have the warmth and you should not have any problems..

Good luck!!


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Some people will just stick them away some place safe and dry, others will stick them in soil and perlite for the winter.

If it were me, I would allow them to callous then pot them up. Do you have a heat mat? Bottom heat is most important when it comes to cuttings.

Allow to callous for a couple of weeks if they aren't already calloused.

Apply rooting hormone and pot in clear plastic 16 or 20 ounce water bottles. (You can see when they root.) Poke drain holes in the bottom.

Different people use different soils. Many of us use 1 part soiless mix, 1 part perlite. Some of us use the egg method. You can do a search on this forum.

During the growing season, we would water once, and then not again until you see roots. Hopefully someone else will come along and give advice on watering your cuttings at this time of year. Maybe just a little water, maybe water as you normally would a cutting? I think it's important to get more advice on this one.

When I rooted my first cuttings it was during the winter and I watered. But I was a newbie and lucky all turned out good. LOL

Keep warm, heat mat would be ideal.

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