Any NYC Area plumeria owners out there?

shorjaiOctober 12, 2010

any nyc area plumeria owner out there willing to sell me some of their plumeria or cuttings??? please let me know.. thanks

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Wow. Tough crowd.

I'm guessing there aren't a lot of NYC plumeria growers with direct sun and space being at a premium there. I can't recall ever seeing or hearing of plumies when I lived up that way.

There are some good plants still available on ebay, which I personally use even though I can find plants at the nurseries here. HD, Lowes and my best locals never know what variety or even color they're selling so I buy named ones online. Florida Colors and Brad's Buds and Blooms are also very good, as is Maui Plumeria Gardens.

Good luck!

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I live in NYC and grow plumerias but I dont have any to give away right now. I got all of my plumerias off of e-bay. Plumerias do pretty well here and I never have had a problem getting them to flower (but they flower late in the summer). NYC gets really muggy during the summer and the plumerias really seem to thrive in that weather!
Good luck!

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Hi alex.. which ebay seller do you get your cuttings from?? how many plumeria you own right now??

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I got my plumerias from a lot of different ebay sellers but the 2 that come to mind are rollmisty aka Two Willes Nursery (only have plumeria sometimes) and californiahoya aka Jungle jacks plumeria (there plumerias are expensive, but they are worth the price). I didnt get cuttings from them and all the sellers that I got cuttings from gave me cuttings that never rooted. I have terrible luck with cuttings.
I have 7 plumerias right now, one is about 7 feet tall, three are around 4 feet tall, one is 2 or 3 feet tall (its a dwarf so they dont get very tall) and 2 more still are seedlings (one actually is a cutting because I had to cut the plant after it rotted and I did manage to get that one to root for me!).
If you are going to buy cuttings, I would wait until late spring because then you can keep them outside where they will have enough heat to get them rooted. Early spring is a really good time to buy plumerias that are rooted because they would only be inside for a few weeks and then have the entire summer to grow.
Good luck!!

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