Late October blooms

kt2fl(okla z7)October 27, 2013

As much as I hate to admit it, it's time for the plumies to go inside for the winter. Last weekend we had our first freeze in Oklahoma. As of now, I have about a 1/3 of my collection with their leaves already trimmed off and stored away.

The other 1/3 are still outside as I'm waiting for their leaves to turn yellow. If they don't start, I will start trimming before October is over.

The last 1/3 I will put inside my front bedroom and keep them going over the winter. These include the ones that are newly rooted, new seedlings, and those with inflos :)

I have some with developing inflos and I'd hate for them to abort. There are also a few that are close to being done so I'm still taking advantage of a few more warm days bringing them in and out so they can keep what's left on the inflos lol.

Here the blooming plants I have going as of today.

Hilo Beauty has some buds left. There were 3 seedpods on this inflo. I only saw 2 of them left today. One must have fallen off along with the unopen buds when the temps dropped.

A few from Corona Surprise. Here's one when the highs were in the 70s 10 days ago:

Highs in the 60s and stored inside overnight. Here are its latest flowers as of this weekend

The blooms are still big in size :)

My Penang Peach doesn't want to slow down. Its first flower opened today

I will post the last few flowers from Taj Mahal and Cote D'Or when they bloom again.

I have inflos growing on Gardenia, Makaha Sunn (appears stunted from the cool temps), and Duvauchelle.

I was surprised to find Duvauchelle with an inflo when I started trimming off its leaves. Now it looks silly like a stick with small unopened leaves. :)

Does anyone else still have blooming plants? Are your collection safely stored away for winter?


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just gorgeous! I want to get a Corona Surprise out here. do you think it will show color or do you need heat for that? Also, Duvauchelle has been on my list. Need a Ca. grower for this one. thanks, roxanne

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Looks great Kenny. Isn't this weather strange. Today was so nice. Almost 70 and sunny. I spent all day getting the pool closed up.
Mine are sleeping except for divine, Celadine, and desert sunrise who all put out new inflos a few weeks ago. They are staying in the greenhouse. I love corona surprise and that hilo is fantastic.


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kt2fl(okla z7)

Hi Rox,

Yes corona will change color and shape in heat. I think the mother tree was discovered in Corona, CA. So it should definitely show the intense color in your climate.


Yes the weather is so odd lately. It looks like we're having a week of warm weather coming up. If my Hilo seedpods ripen next spring, you're more than welcome to some seeds.


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That Corona Surprise is such a chameleon! Put me on your list for a cutting in several years, okay? ;)

It's so wonderful that you still have flowers, Kenny. And some awesome varieties, too!

I started to pull up just a couple of plumies planted in heavy clay pots yesterday--just to get a head start on next month's big plumie march--then somehow ended up digging up over a dozen. Oy.

Several older seedlings are going into a plastic garbage bag with some of their soil still on the roots. Others got put into lighter, smaller plastic pots. I'm like you in that I put the newly rooted and young seedlings in a sunny spot in the house and keep them going. Everybody else will have to tough it out in the cold garage. I have no room for you all inside!! LOL.

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Love the Hilo Beauty. I have been thinking about that one but I thought it probably wouldn't do good for me as I don't have shade.

Also I have a little question for you. Will you be keeping the seeds or giving them away? The reason I ask that is because I have been looking for some seeds of HB but never be able to get my hands on them.

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It could be cool weather related but I have seen younger plants drop the second and third set of seedpods. Almost as if it knows it can only support one pod all the way through to maturation without starving other parts of the plant.

Right now I have Dean Conklin, Dwarf Orange, JJ Mini White and JJ Mini Devine pushing new inflos as the summertime ones start to end. Everything else is starting to slow down.

Dwarf Singapore Pink still has about 20 active inflos but they are starting to thin out and my girls are notorious for picking all the open blooms for various artsy purposes. Especially since there arent too many open blooms right now.

Barbra, Emily, and Jen came over yesterday and we went on a seed pod hunt and found seed pods on Sariah's Curly Pink, Samoan Fluff, Thorntons Mardi Gras, Lei FLower, Celadine, Dwarf Singapore Pink, Give Away Pink, Penang Peach, Loretta, JJ Southern Cross, JJ Mini White, JJ Thumbilina, and Spider White so far.

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kt2fl(okla z7)

Hi Jen,

You got it lol. By the looks of things, George might be able to beat me to it and CS will end up at next yr PSA sale haha.

Hi Kim,

My Hilo bloomed in full sun throughout the summer. If the pods make it, I'll be happy to send you some seeds next spring.


Yea I've managed to have many pods on the inflo before but only one of them would mature. It just seemed like all 3 on Hilo would make it based on their sizes. We shall see if it will hang on to these 2 it has now. The Haleakala you got for me last July has taken off. Hopefully it'll bloom again next season.

Wow you have a lot of blooming plants! That DSP is a beast! Looks like you will have a lot of seeds to share next yr as well!

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Yeah, we visited K's farm and had a blast wandering through his collection hunting inflos and seedpods. K, your plants look fantastic! Thanks again for hosting!

I'll be happy to ship out seeds again next spring. I just have the two pods myself. Obviously my thrips are lazier than y'alls :)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Kenny!!

They're all looking great!!

I still have some blooming, but not like yours!!!

So beautiful...

Take care,


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I found a seed pod on Kimi Moragne, when I was putting my plants to sleep. I hope it survives winter storage. I hope I have enough room this year to store all my plants, they have really grown. I am putting the base in 30 gallon trash bags, then propping them up in 7 gallon pots, that I bought on clearance from Lowes years ago. They are very hard, and perfect to hold up the large plants upright. I hope it works. I know for sure, next year, I am going to only have 30 plants, instead of 64. I just need to figure out which ones I want to keep. Barbra

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So glad Haleakala is doing great. It really looked like it was good stock. I moved mine this weekend to a leeward location in anticipation of high winds and found fiberous roots all through drain holes and down the wick. It probably could have stayed now knowing the roots had propagated into the ground.

Glad everyone could make it. I think "farm" is a bit strong of a word. Its more of a grove. :)

I'm watching the skys but right now I am still thinking my bigs and in grounds are OK to ride this 2 day cool snap out. The sky is overcast like a blanket and winds will keep the cold air from settling in.

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Barb, you might save me a trip to the psa depending on which ones you are getting rid of lol!
I have quite a few that are really just starting to bloom. The only way I am digging up anything is if work starts on the house, then all the plants will have to be dug and moved-or they will be destroyed.
Stay warm everyone!
Tally HO!

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