Peppers '13

highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)March 16, 2013

Getting started

First sprout of the season

Time to pot up

Grow area today

A few close ups

Pimenta de Neyde - one of the coolest looking peppers plants I've ever grown.

The last remaining Manzano sprout. Started with nine, lost a few to helmet head deaths, and a couple to damping off.

Aji Yellow - starting to look like a plant instead of a sprout.

Purple Bhut - one of the hotter, and rarer items I'm growing this year.

I'll come back when I have more time and post my complete growlist.

Feel free to add your own lists or pepper pics to this thread. I'll keep it going all season!


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jnfr(z5b CO)

That last one is really interesting. You have a great crop this year!

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david52 Zone 6

Your leaves are a whole lot wider than mine, it must be the lights - do you leave them on 24/7?

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

David, those were all chinense and baccatum varieties, so their leaves are a bit different than the annuums. I turn the lights on in the morning, and off before I go to bed, so they are usually on 16 - 18 hours a day, plus they are getting the sunlight through the south facing window there.

So here is everything that I've sown this year, and the germination %.

Aji Chinchi Amarillo 2 (100%)

Aji Dulce #2 1 (50%)

Aji Limo Rojo (Chin.) 2 (100%)

Aji Yellow (Bacc.) 2 (100%)

Alice's Favorite 1 (50%)

Alma Paprika 2 (100%)

Ancho Gigantia/Grande 2 (100%)

Ancho San Luis 1 (100%)

Barker's Hot 2 (100%)

Beni Highlands 2 (100%)

Birgit's Locoto (1/3, 2/4, 2/17, 3/2)) 1 sprouted from 1/3/13 sowing, but then died. 1 sprout out of I lost count how many sown . Finally got 1 sprout to take!!!

Bishops Crown 2 (100%)

Bonda ma Jacques 1 (50%)

Cayenne Thick 2 (100%) One had helmet head though ...

Chiero Roxa 2 (100%)

Chilhaucle Amarillo 2 (100%)

Chilhaucle Negro 2 (100%)

Chocolate Cherry 2 (100%) (1 came up without cotyledons)

Cochiti 1 (50%)

Condor's Beak 2 (100%) 1 died

Costeno Amarillo 2 (100%)

El Oro de Equador 2 (100%)

Fresno (2/7/13)(2/28/13) 3 (75%)

Goatweed 2 (100%)

Golden Cayenne (2/7/13)(3/2/13)

Golden Greek Pep. 2 (100%)

Habanero Peach 3 (37%)

Habanero Pink 2 (100%) 1 Died

Habanero White 2 (100%)

Hungarian Hot Yell.Wax 2 (100%)

Inca Red Drop 1 (50%) (Died a helmet head death)

Jalapeno 'Biker Billy' 3 (150%) - Haha! Must have put two seeds in one plug by accident.

Jaloro 2 (100%)

Jamaican Hot Choc. 2 (100%) 1 Died

Jamaican Hot Yellow 1 (50%)

Jimmy Nardello 2 (100%)

Lemon Drop 1 (50%)

Leutschauer Pap. 2 (100%)

Lumbre 2 (100%)

Manzano (Orange) 1, but it died

Manzano (Red) 3 out of 3, but all died

Manzano (Yellow) 3 out of 3, but 2 died

Mulato Isleno 2 (100%) 1 died from helmet head

Negro de Arbol 0%

NuMex Pinata 2 (100%)

NuMex Vaquero 2 (100%)

Odessa Market 2 (100%)

Oschenhorn 2 (100%)

Paradiscom Alaku Sarga Szentes 2 (100%)

Patio Red Marconi 2 (100%)

Peruvian Purple 1 (100%)

Pimenta de Neyde 2 (100%)

Piment Bec D'Oiseau Noir 1 (100%)

Pimenta Barro do Rob. 2 (100%)

Purple Bhut 1 (50%)

Purple de Arbol 0%

Pusztagold 2 (100%)

Sandia 2 (100%)

Santa Fe Grande 1 (50%)

Serrano 2 (100%)

Tangerine Pimento 2 (100%)

Tobasco 2 (100%)

TFM Scotch Bonnet 1 (25%)

Wenk's Yellow Hots 2 (50%)

Yummy 2 (100%)

Zapotec Jalapeno 2 (100%)

Voclano (2/17/13) 1 (50%)

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Bonnie, I'm sitting here reading your list and wondering how many Scoville units there are in this bag of Tim's jalapeno potato chips. I've been eating out of this bag for 2 days or is it 3? It will take me another day to get thru it . . .

You are probably tired of people asking about the heat of your peppers but without attempting to grow them and attempting to eat them, I'd like to have some idea if the attempt is worthwhile.

I have never been much of a "hot" person. A Habanero has always been too hot for me to do anything with and a Serrano is too hot for me these days. My Super Chili is moving beyond any use for me. I need to find the Thai Hots and move them off the plate so there is no chance of me getting one on my fork by accident . . .

Still, I am sometimes surprised when people tell me that some things are "hot." I thought the whole idea of an Anaheim was that they didn't have any heat. I'm sure there are varieties and then they are varieties. I really like the flavor, at least, of a Jalapeno.

Early-ripening, sub-Serrano . . . I bet this packet of Aji Red that Tomato Growers Supply sent me is too hot. How about something commonly available? Do you have a suggestion?

Of course, I have my Italians: Marconi & Giant Marconi and a couple of bells: Keystone & The Big Early.


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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Steve, I am still not at the superhot level either. Anything much above a regular habanero is too hot for me. I grew the Chocolate Habanero last year, and it was so hot that I thought it might not even stay down. Yeah, any pepper that makes me gag is just too darn hot.

If you like the flavor and heat level of a jalapeno, then you should definitely grow Fresno, and maybe Santa Fe Grande. Those two are fairly easy to locate, but if you email me your address, I'd be happy to send you some seeds. Another one that is about that same heat level, but less common is the Aji Chinchi Amarillo. It was one of my favorites last year. It's not as hot as the regular Aji Amarillo, and it's also earlier, which is good for us northerners. The flavor is kind of citrusy, goes great with chicken or fish. Another one that I really liked that wasn't all that hot was Chilhuacle Amarillo. It took a while to ripen, but I mostly dried them, and powdered them. They are a larger pod, similar to an Anaheim in shape, and the powder was a nice change from the traditional red chili powders. Again, great with chicken or fish.

Let me think about it some more and I'll try to come up with some more suggestions.


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Thank you for that, Bonnie.

I started more seed for the Jalapeno M today - very, very late for 2013, I fear. After waiting about 3 weeks, I have about 7 plants and some hopelessly sad cases!

The seed is old and probably less than 30% are viable. Frugality is not getting me anywhere but I've got dozens of seeds back in the soil mix and we will see what it all looks like in May.

The Fresno looks like it might be a good choice for me but these are all pretty things! I will have something to look forward to in 2014.


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rt_peasant(5 CO)

My pepper grow list:

Fresno (my fave!)
TAM Jalapeno (great snacking if you let them turn red!)
North Star (the only sweet bell I grow after trying others)
Mini red/orange/yellow sweet peppers


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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

My 2013 pepper seed starting was mostly a failure, but I have sprouts of the following:

CGN 22091
CGN 22795
Hawaiian Kona
Heavy praetermissum
Jamaican Yellow Pepper
Maui Purple
Nativo Chile
Petit Marseillais
Tabago Seasoning
Tollis Sweet
Trinidad PI 281317

I had started seeds in paper towels/ziplock baggies and then transferred them to seed starting mix in trays with domes - when I got sick of tending to the baggies - maybe 2 weeks. A few popped up in the trays but I am wondering if the trays got cooked with the under heating mat. Sprouts were transferred to keg cups once big enough but I didn't have the heart to toss out the "trays of nothing". So, I let the domed trays sit - ignored - no heat mats.

A tiny sprout of Bahamian Goat Pepper has risen after a few more weeks!! WOOHOO.

So the domed trays will sit in a guest room, until guests arrive...

On order from Cross Country Nurseries:

Aji Cito
Aji Colorado
Aji Omnicolor
Beni Highlands
Cayenne Buist's Yellow
Criolla Sella
Dedo De Moca
Doux d'Espagne
Georgia Flame
Grenada Seasoning
Jalapeno Jumbo
Kalocsa Paprika
Koir Sitakame
Pimiento De Chiero
Tobago Seasoning
Trinidad Perfume
Trinidad Seasoning
Trinidad Smooth
Trotolino Amoraoso
Vietnamese Multicolor

Happy Gardening All!

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Okay, sorry about starting the thread and then going MIA, but I finally got the plants in the ground, so here is a long overdue update.

Community garden plot with 48 pepper plants and new soaker hoses in place:

Chilhuacle Negro x 2, Ancho Grande, Ancho Gigantia, Mulato Isleno, Costeno Amarillo, Aji Yellow, Aji Chinchi Amarillo x 2, Birgit's Locoto, Aji Dulce, Yellow Manzano, Aji Limo Rojo, Bishop's Crown x 2, Chilhuacle Amarillo x 2, Lumbre, Sandia, Cochiti, Barker's Hot, Lemon Drop, Jamaican Hot Yellow, El Oro de Ecuador, Beni Highlands, Tobasco, Serrano, Goat Weed, Condor's Beak, Purple Bhut, Piment Bec D'Oiseau Noir, Pimenta de Neyde, Pimenta Barro do Robiero, Hungarian Hot Wax (see I grow some common stuff too!), Wenk's Yellow Hot, Golden Cayenne, Cayenne Thick, Fatalii, Bonda ma Jacques, True Jamaican Scotch Bonnet, Cheiro Roxa, Jamaican Hot Chocolate, Habanero White x 2, Habanero Pink, Habanero Peach x 3

2 Earthbox with 4 plants each:

NuMex Pinata, NuMex Vaquero, Zapotec Jalapeno, and Biker Billy Hybrid Jalapeno

Fresno, Santa Fe Grande, Alma Paprika, and Jaloro

16 Pepper plants in the veggie bed here at the house:

Tangerine Pimento x 2, Patio Red Marconi, Chocolate Cherry, Pusztagold, Yummy, Ancho San Luis, Odessa Market, Leutschauer, Sandia, Paradiscom Alaku Sarga Szentes, Golden Greek Pepperoni, Jimmy Nardello x 2, Ochsenhorn, and Alice's Favorite

... and a couple of strays in pots

Peruvian Purple

Patio Red Marconi


Look already have pods!

The low tonight is predicted to be 37 degrees, so I am a little worried about frost down at the community garden, but hopefully this will be the last cold spell of the season.

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Bonnie, you have made awfully good use of that community garden.

From my experience, some people jump in and then neglect them something terrible - outta sight, outta mind, I guess.

Thank you for sharing your pictures!


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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

You know, Steve, it's funny you should mention that. Last year, there was only 3 of us that used it, and I was worried the town would shut the program down. This year all the plots are leased. Glad to see the renewed interest. We'll see how many of these newbies stick with it for the whole season.

I just hope they are good neighbors! This one tenant right across from me, refuses to obey the no chemicals rule, and sprays weed killer all over the place. Pretty annoying!

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

A few more baby pods ...


Zapotec Jalapeno

Jimmy Nardello

Golden Greek Pepperoncini

Patio Red Marconi

Leutschauer Paprika

These are all from plants here at the house. I'll try to get some pod pics down at the community garden soon.

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Great pictures! I should see what my camera can do with close ups and how still my hand can hold it!

Bonnie, my poor peppers were the oldest plants in the greenhouse. They were the latest plants to be set out in the garden (& have just gone out). A few of them have bloomed.

Do you think I should remove the blossoms?


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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

I'm thinking the theory behind pinching the buds is so that the plant focuses its energy on root development and overall growth. As short as our seasons are, not sure it is beneficial. As it is, we are doing good to get a harvest before the first frost! I pinched them while the plants were indoors, but once they went outside, I quit bothering with it. I figure if the plant is busy focusing on spreading out its roots underground, those early blooms and pods will drop off on their own anyway. When the plant is settled in, it will start blooming again in earnest.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Bonnie,

I don't know if you're interested in this or not, but I was just catching up on some of my Seed Savers email and I found this interesting recipe! Since you're our resident Pepper Person I thought I'd link it in case it turns out to be something you want to try.

And this doesn't have anything to do with peppers, but on the trip I just came back from I went to see Seed Savers/Heritage Farm in Decorah, Iowa, and if anybody around here ever happens to find themselves in Decorah, I highly recommend stopping by there for a visit! They have trial and display gardens, several miles of hiking trails, an apple orchard that is preserving several hundred 19th century apple varieties (they were in bloom when I was there!), three hundred and some varieties of grapes next to the apple orchard, and, I didn't see these but they're a breeding site for Ancient White Park Cattle, a recovering (almost lost) breed of cattle, in addition to a variety of "more unusual" poultry, some of which I did see! Also a gift shop which has a short video about Seed Savers and carries all the seeds in their catalog. I was only there for a couple hours, but I really enjoyed it and hope to go back in a couple years. Have been offered a private tour of the seed preservation areas!

Their seeds are reasonably priced and buying seeds from them helps to support their seed preservation efforts, so if they have something you want I recommend buying seeds from them--all heirloom open-pollinated varieties. I bought some new (to me!) tomato varieties and a few other things while I was there.

Commercial over!


Here is a link that might be useful: Lucinda's Miniature Stuffed Peppers

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Hey, this looks like that "pickled cabbage," "refrigerator sauerkraut," "Steve's non-sauerkraut," or whatever that was. You know, it was pretty good - and might have been better with chopped up peppers in it. I had it as a side dish but found that it was good in a sandwich.

Okay, but this is a pickled stuffed pepper. Bonnie likes to cook, & stuff . . .

I very much like jalapeno peppers stuffed just with cream cheese. It is the best reason I can think of to grow them. Still, I eat most of the jalapenos sliced & in a sandwich.


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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

I agree, jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese are "the bomb". Especially if wrapped in bacon!

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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

Atomic Buffalo Turds - look all white trash but are addicting and worth the effort!

12 fresh hot peppers
12 slices of bacon
24 little smokies or large shrimp, cut into quarters
*8oz package cream cheese
*1c Monterey jack �" grated
*1 shallot, minced
*1 clove garlic, minced
*2t paprika
*1t cayenne
Sweet BBQ Rub
Sharp Cheddar Cheese - shredded
BBQ Sauce

Wash and trim the peppers - halve and scoop out seeds.

Combine (*) in a bowl. Fill each pepper half with the mix. Sprinkle the mix with sweet rub, after filling.

Top each boat half with a half of a little smokey.

Wrap each boat with ý slice of bacon and hold together with a tooth pick or 2.
Smoke for an hour at 300 degrees. Bacon will crisp.
Top with cheddar, while hot, and your favorite BBQ sauce.

I've tried this without certain ingredients and find that all are needed.

This works with sweet peppers as well. And we no longer eat pork and turkey sausage and turkey bacon work great.

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Thanks for posting that recipe, Sky! Not a big fan of cabbage, but I appreciate you thinking of me : )
I'd love to have a chance to visit the Seed Savers Exchange/Heritage Farm! I actually saw their seeds for sale at Walmart this spring. Was very pleasantly surprised!

More pod pics ...

Lumbre (seeds from elkwc)


Barker's Hot (Deb, I think the seeds may have been from you!)

Chilhuacle Amarillo (These made an awesome mild to medium powder last year.)

Chilhuacle Negro

another poblano Ancho Gigantia

Bishop's Crown (Once they are full sized, they will look like little hats!)

This is probably the hottest pepper I'm growing this season, Fatalii. (The name alone has me a little scared!)

... and finally, Santa Fe Grande. I didn't get any germination on this one last year, and was disappointed. Glad it's back this season!

Okay, guess that's enough for now. Don't want to bore you guys to death!

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

In case you get really bored. I made a couple of video tours you could watch ...

Here at the house:

Down at the community garden:

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Looks good! Looks good! Yay! Thank you, Bonnie - that was fun!

You are worried about 1st frost and your plants are that far along? My plants are suffering terribly from the cool weather. They look pathetic in June every year!Their only hope is the long days we have up here . . . I guess. Of course, there are things like habanero that won't even develop pods.

I especially enjoy the emotion you bring to pepper growing.

Posted by highalttransplant z 5 Western CO (My Page) on
Sat, Jun 8, 13 at 23:29 . . . The name alone has me a little scared!



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Loved the guided tour, Bonnie. I only got to the house, but what a wonderful share time! Only spiders, no snakes?

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Bonnie I haven't been around the forums in a while. Was wondering what you had growing so had to come and check it out. What an impressive list. I didn't start any peppers this year due to some job and personal issues. I thought I would just buy them. I couldn't find much that even interested me at the greenhouses/nurseries and when I did they were 5 dollars or more a plant. After growing 14 or more types of NM chiles every year what they offer is very plain vanilla. I will make sure I start my own in the future. Only started two trays of tomatoes. And one I lost my planting sheet on. With the ongoing drought I had planned to cut back some. And these issues just helped me accomplish that. I dug most of my garlic yesterday. Overall the garden is looking fine. If we could receive a little more help in the form of rain and the winds would die down I might have a decent year yet. I have 8 grafted tomatoes planted along with around 40 more. Last year I had two and one did excellent. So far this year they look great. Jay

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Hi Jay!! Nice to have you "drop by." I am growing 4 NuMex types this year, Sandia, Barker, Cochiti, and the Lumbre I got from you. So far, the Lumbre is the earliest and most productive of the four. Can't wait to compare heat levels on them!

I hear you on the personal issues/life getting in the way of our hobby. For the past 6 years, I have been wintersowing all my flowers and veggies (except peppers). This year, I didn't wintersow a single container! After two really disappointing tomato seasons in a row, I finally caved in and sowed them indoors this time. The plants are way ahead of last year. Most of the cherries already have tomatoes on them, as well as a couple of the larger beefsteak/paste types.

Everything else, either got direct sown, or not sown at all. I did end up buying a couple of pumpkins, and melon plants at a local organic nursery, since I waited to late to grow from seed, but not growing near as many as I usually do.

The plants at the community garden are doing better than the ones here at the house, partly due to a sprinkler hose here that needs repair. Almost impossible to get enough water on them by hand when it's in the 90's!

I'll try to remember to bring the camera next time I'm over there, and post some updated photos.


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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Okay, spent some time down at the community garden this morning. Even got to visit with a couple of the other gardeners there.

Took quite a few pictures while I was there. I won't post all of them, but here are some of the more impressive ones.

I'll start with the Lumbre that I'm growing from Elkwc's seeds. This baby is LOADED!

Not far behind it is Sandia, from seed I saved last year.

... and one more NuMex type, Barker's Hot

The hottest pod I'm growing this year, Fatalii

One of the more uncommon varieties this year, El Oro de Ecuador

... and the most common variety I'm growing, Hungarian Hot Wax

To some old favorites, Santa Fe Grande and then Alma Paprika

Guess that's all for now. Hopefully soon I'll be posting harvest shots!!!

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david52 Zone 6

Yours are way ahead of mine. Almost all are now just starting to flower.

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maxinmontrose(Zone 5 western slope)

WOW! I'm with are way ahead of mine too, even with another two weeks gone by.

Just wanted to throw out a suggestion (for next year). Tequila Sunrise. They have a ton of flavor, not very much heat, and they are the CUTEST little orange things. Love them in a stir fry

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Sorry I haven't been around in a while. It's been a crazy summer!

Here's some pics of some purple varieties:

Condor's Beak (a purple habanero)

Pimenta Barro do Robiero

Purple Bhut

Okay, this one's really more black than purple. Pimenta de Neyde

This one I'm mainly growing for it's ornamental qualities. Peruvian Purple

... and one more blackish variety, Goat Weed. Love the fuzziness of the stems and leaves on this one. Feels like lamb's ears!

I'll finish with the money shot ...

Hope everyone else is having a great season!!!

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Looking Good!!!

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david52 Zone 6

I don't have a picture to add, but I'm busy roasting green chili. - third 3 gallon bucket so far off of 15 plants. We had a wind storm the other day and it broke off a lot of branches.

3 inches under the broiler, 8 minutes a side until they just start to char. Then into a covered pot to sweat, then bagged up and into the freezer where they will dream of burritos.

My, does my house smell good.

Putting in a plug here for "highlander" hybrid from Johnnies. Good size, thick-walled, mild heat, bit sweet.

Edited to add that dinner last night consisted of hot roasted chili, extra-sharp cheddar cheese, and smoked pulled pork all wrapped up in a large flour tortilla. Some good, this.

This post was edited by david52 on Tue, Aug 13, 13 at 10:14

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