Transplanting to a new pot OK at this time in So. california?

labland(Inland Valley CA9)October 3, 2010

The other day I went out, and noticed that my one clay pot, containing three good sized plants from cuttings last year, had fallen over and the side broke off. It was my only clay pot.

Is it OK to replant right now? At least according to the weather reports, our immense heat may be over (??!!). As I said I have 3 good sized plants, all blooming, in addition to 2 cuttings that hadn't done well until finally they leafed a bit this year. I had been thinking of separating them this last spring, but figured it could wait until next year.

The pot is. Mostly intact, but I cannot water properly because the water runs off the side where the pot broke off.

I was planning on just gently separating them, and repotting using palm soil and perlite. Suggestions?

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

I prefer to transplant in early spring. If you do so now and it is flowering it may abort the flowers. If you do so now use b-1 or superthrive to reduce the shock of transplant. Oh, and clay pots are not good for plumerias unless they are glazed because the roots stick to the clay and moisture moves through the clay quickly. If you can find Unigrow cactus mix and get some pumice it is a better mix than palm soil.

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labland(Inland Valley CA9)

Bill, thanks for the info. Yes, the plants all have gorgeous blossoms. One I think may be Hawaiian Flag. It seems to bloom all the time. I love the plant. The other two are also blooming, although not as profusely as the other.

I kept the pieces of the pot, maybe I will tape them back in place for now. I would hate to lose these blossoms!

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