Aspen planting

Grim42March 30, 2013

I'm thinking about planting some Aspens out front. We're at about 8,500 alt. in Woodland Park. We don't have a lawn but do have some large ponderosa pines. I saw some Aspens at HD for sale at a reasonable price. They had three trunks in each container. It did look as though the tops might have been trimmed which made me wonder if that would impact their growth? Also if I were to purchase several of these, what sort of spacing do I need to use?


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Aspen can turn into a weed, sending up shoots and runners everywhere after a few years, and you can end up with a thicket of small, stunted trees. I hear far more complaints than good things. Some people are able to control that with weekly mowing and pruning, but generally speaking, aspen really don't do well in a standard front or back yard. An entire hillside, ok.

I'd look more at birch trees - you get the same look, and they're far easier to control.

But if you want to go ahead and try, three stems in a bundle sounds about right. I don't know about spacing.

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HD would be the last place I would go for plants. Nevertheless, that high they should be OK. I agree with David that they'll sucker and you'll have to keep the antlered friends off of them, but as long as you don't mind the fact they are short-lived, why not? They are my favorite tree in the wild, but can be a disappointment in the garden.

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