Lean / well draining soil

idahoan_2010March 8, 2010

Hello, significant other wants a humming bird garden,I am new to all this and looking on web found these two recipe's for lean /well draining soil.

1. three parts coarse grit or stone chips,one part garden soil,one part peat or compost.

2. 9 parts coarse sand ,5 parts peat ,4 part pumice. Plants will be in 10' x 6'raised beds 16" - 18" deep starting from scratch ( no topsoil and hard as heck ). Salvia dorii,Salvia pachpylla,Salvia nemorasa,Stachy's coccinea,Achillea kellereri,Kniphofia hirsuta,Penstemon eatoni,Penstemon pinifolius,Penstemon virens, Agastache acapulco. I have a tree farm close by to purchase topsoil. Either plain screened ( tan dirt very little in the way of humus or compost)or mixed with sand and bark mulch.

Thinking of using the latter and mixing in concrete sand ( coarsest I can find ) and some decomposed granite or expanded shale if i can find any in bulk. Am I on the right track ANY and all help appreciated.

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Wow, Idahoan, you are more than a mile or 2 from my gardens. But, I've got some gravel I can sell you.

I think you are on the right track but what do I know? I once "killed" plants in Moscow, there in the the Palouse Hills. Just couldn't make the adjustment from glacial till to wind-blown loess. And now, after 4 decades here . . .

I posted the link below on the soil thread. Maybe it will be of help to you. Some of the ingredients you mention are included in those mixes.


Here is a link that might be useful: Attra - Potting Mixes

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Dan Staley

When you make your mound, incorporate your mix into the native to get drainage. Two different layers won't drain until saturated (perched water table) and this will kill roots. I had an area in the yard in Sacramento that I dedicated to hummers & that's where I ended up all the time. You won't regret the extra work and care.


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windwhipped(Z4 WY)

For the granite, I use chicken grit. You can find it at feed stores in fairly large (and heavy) bags.

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