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rajun_cajunJanuary 15, 2007

I am looking for a good climbing mini that I can train to climb on the pillars on the front of my house. The area gets plenty of sun too. I heard a lot about Jeanne LaJoie but it may be too vigorous for that part of the house. Does anybody know much about Valentine's Day?

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

I have just ordered the Jeanne Lajoie,and not sure just where I will plant it at.I ordered the climbiing Rainbows End to put in a big pot with a small trellis.It would probably work fine for what you are wanting, too.I don't know anything about Valentines Day.


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alameda/zone 8

Jeannie gets very large, mine is on a fence where it can sprawl. I have Work of Art on an arbor and love the color - an apricot/light orange. I am about to order Pennies From Heaven. I have High Stepper on order as well as Cl. Little Girl - a light pink. This is an older one that grew at the home of an older lady with a backyard nursery, and the first climbing mini rose I had seen, along with Cl. Yellow Doll. I plan to get that one, too.

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Hi Rajun Cajun.

I do believe that we are old acquaintances from my 'former life of rose addiction'. I think that I met you on a visit to the ARS Garden in Shreveport 2001. I was the speaker at a special all-mini show, and I believe that you and your wife were exhibiting that day. If you are my old friend from Red Stick, please write to me off the forum. I would love to tell you all about my new life. I will give you a couple of clues to my identity.

This is my first post on the Garden Web in MANY years. I used to by MiniRose489 from Chula Vista, California, if that means anything to you. *lol*

As for your questions about mini climbers, I have grown more than a couple of them. : )

'Jeanne LaJoie' would be far too vigorous for pillars. It can easily send out canes that are 20 to 25 long in a well-tended garden. Its habit is to grow and bloom laterally. That is the case for most climbers. They want to be horizontal to the ground to really produce blooms.

I have had some success with 'Baby Darling' and 'Climbing Rainbow's End' on an 8 foot tall archway. However, you will need to bend many of the branches down to get blooms on the lower part of the pillars.

Have you considered the large rose climber 'Blaze' (aka 'Red Blaze' or 'Crimson Blaze')? It is a natural pillar climber, meaning that it will easily bloom along the length of canes that are vertical. It is an old girl that loves to show off with a great garden display.

Sorry. I am not familar with 'Valentine's Day'. It must be a new release, since I moved and left my life of mini rose addiction. *lol*

I went from hundreds of roses in my garden to none for a while, but I am gradually allowing my old addiction to come back into my new life in my new home near Fresno, California.

I hope that I have been able to help you. By the way, this is my first post on any forum and my first rose message to anyone in almost 3 years. It feels really strange to be talking about roses again, after soon long.

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