One jalapeno plant and a downpour

cheezdoodle12(6)August 1, 2012

I just spent about 45 minutes trying to remove an over abundance of water from one of my jalapeno plants. We had a really bad downpour a few days ago, and have not seen much sun either. The planter has one of those raised bottoms inside, but apparently no hole at the bottom.

So... I picked up a few tips on this site about creating a wick.. and tipping the pot on its side slightly which shifted the water level. For the wick, I used an old towel cut in strips, but it wasn't going to happen.. LOL. As soon as I started to poke a little hole in to stick the towel in, it was like the tide coming in. The water level was so high a little towel just wasn't going to work. I proceeded to my kitchen drawer and found a turkey baster.. yep. I dug a trench and with that turkey baster, I was able to pull out more than 10 cups of rain water. I did as much as I could and now the towel is in there to sop up the rest hopefully. The poor plant has that familiar yellow overwatered look so I'm hoping it'll recover from this. I don't have any special mixes but I did add in Perlite and Vermicite(? spelling) to MG in this container but didn't think to check the bottom for a drainage hole.

Unbelievable what some of us will go through for our pepper plants!!

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If you can't replace the pot at the moment, probably would do better in the ground. That's a lot of work for a plant when you have many alternatives. I hope that it pulls through and the weather lets up.

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Thanks habjolokia, I guess it's a learning experience.. Unfortunately, I don't have space to plant in ground so everything is in containers. I will remember to put them under an awning or something next time it rains though. If it continues to look sickly, I might try to repot it.

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Drill some holes in the bottom of the planter. Even in the drip basin so that nothing will collect. Drill some extra ones in the regular part of the planter also. I did that to all of mine.

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If I remember correctly it can't be drilled from a previous post, because of the type of material. Please repot or remember to not use that pot next season. It's a lot of work moving it around due to weather. Good luck and I hope it works out.

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I pulled another 8 cups or so out today.. unreal.
The plant is still hanging in there but yellow. The top is still green with a few jalapenos on it. If it makes it into the weekend I will try to repot it. I did hear we're in for some more rain this weekend though.. it just won't let up.

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You will find most places are beginning to place their summer stock on sale. You should be able to pick up a pot very cheap. I would suggest trying to pick up a 5 gallon if at all possible. I'm not sure where you're located, but here in NC we have stores called Dollar General and Family Dollar. I was able to pick up 5 gallon pots at the beginning of the season for about $7 usd. They should be even cheaper than that by now. Good luck!

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