You know you've lost your mind...

jandey1(TX8)October 24, 2010

You know you've lost your mind over these "stick" plants when:

1. You see the forecast for temperatures and humidity in the high 80's and think "Whoo hoo!"

2. You announce as "Big News" to your spouse that roots have made an appearance on the bottom of a rooting cutting.

3. You see that your rare miniature rose has died and think, "Yes! More space to plant a plumie!"

4. You suspect you may have taken more photos of your new seedlings and cuttings than of your toddler.

5. You find yourself taking more notes on your plumerias than you did in Macroeconomics class.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

you have not lost your mind, you have just become a plumeriaholic and there is no 12 step program to cure you. Bill

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Hmm, perhaps it's a genetic tendency that erupts at the right moment, like chocoholism. My grandfather, aunts, uncles and mom are all crazy about plants, too.

Everyone's gotta have a weakness--I'm so glad this one is mine! Can't imagine how bad it would be if my plumerias, actually, you know, bloomed.

Btw, we hit 95 degrees at my house today and I did a little happy dance. Hope my neighbors didn't see me.

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taking notes in macro (or micro) economics is a waste of paper when compared to logging progress of your plumerias. But if you really need to here is how you could justify it:

I have 100 granules of fertilizer and 100 gallons of water.
the feds take 38 granules and 38 gals in taxes. Which leaves me with 62 each. I spread the 62 across my 4 plumerias. not enough for any of them to grow much but its enough to keep them alive until i make more. I get a few flowers which makes me happy but still longing for that big inflo.

The feds spill 20 granules and 20 gals as they handle it through the beauracracy. 18 granules and 18 gals gets to someone who doesn't know the value and how to use it. Maybe they get a few green leaves and thier plumeria survives for another year but again not enough for the plumeria to bloom or thrive.

All in humor but based on truth.

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kms2: Sounds like you've got taxes on your mind! LOL

I was thinking more along the lines of economies of scale. If I have only one plumeria, I still have to buy fertilizer, epsom salts, cactus mix, perlite, etc.

A one-pound bag of fertilizer will cost $10, but a ten-pound bag only costs $20, therefore by increasing the number of plumerias I own I can bring down the per piece cost of supplying them!

Plus, it takes as much time to mix soil and food for one as for ten, right, so my opportunity costs remain the same. See? It would be absurd to have only one plumeria!

That's what I keep telling myself as my one has grown to fourteen over the last few years. Heheh.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Jandey,

I like the way you think!!!

Laura in VB

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Thank you, Laura. I knew you'd understand!


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brighty(9 CA)

Loved the rational thinking jandey!

I realized I was losing my mind when I found myself ducking behind the planters so the neighbors wouldn't notice me checking for inflows every day. (sometimes several times a day)


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you haven't lost your mind. I stand out side talking to mine every morning and evening. My neighbors see me....I stopped caring. I got my first flower buds this year, I make sure to talk to it even more now to try make it bloom faster lol

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