unknown pink rose

masterofcoffee(4)February 20, 2009

This is my beautiful pink rose, that I believe to be "in love". If anyone knows the name of this rose, please feel free to reply. I enjoy taking pictures of nature around me.

Image link:

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Never heard of a rose called "In Love." Looks kind of like BEWITCHED maybe. It would help if you gave us more info.... like bush size, bloom size, scent or lack of; is it clustered or mostly one bloom to a stem, etc...

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very pretty rose but it could have any name, some roses are so similar it is difficult to get confused

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

There is no rose tougher to ID than a pink HT because there are so many of them and many are very similar. We need more information, like a description of the fragrance, photos of the prickles (thorns), foliage, the color at the base of the petals, etc, etc.

There is a pink HT called "Falling In Love"--could that be it?

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sorry I wanted to say that it is easy to get confused when identifying a florist or HT rose. I doubt it is Falling in Love though...

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Looks a little like Our Lady of Guadalupe but more pictures and info are necessary.

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sorry about the long wait..... I meant to say I believe it to be " Falling in love" sadly the plant died in the winter, but it was very thorny, and had a light scent to it. The plant grew to about 4 ft and the flowers were single large and had lighter pink under the petals. They were very large roses, about 4-5 inches across, and full with many petals.

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