Mulberry Tree Success?

bob_in_coloradoMarch 24, 2012

Has anyone has success ith Mulberry trees? I'm in the Colorado Springs area, just east actually in Falcon. I'm looking for a Mulberry tree. Red or the Illinois Everbearing. At least that's what I'm leaning toward.

I've heard the Illinois will bear fruit it's first year but gets a little big.

Input is appreciated!

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So with all the reading I've done. I've decided to go with the Illinois Everbearing. It's the most hardy, grows quickly, some say the best fruit for a mulberry that's around, and seems to be the best overall tree.

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david52 Zone 6

The only thing I know about mulberries is that the fruit juice will stain just about anything, big time.

Not that this helps :-)

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I heard that mulberry's do not do well in colorado. I have been looking for a dwarf for a long time. Let us know how yours turns out.

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So... My stick showed up today. About 4' out or so out of the pot with a few spindly branches with a couple leaves on it at the top.

I've been assud by the tree lady in Oregon that the little sucker (no pun intended), will be 8 feet tall by the end of the summer and well branched.

We'll see.

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So.... It's not quite 8-feet tall, but it is branching very well.

Only about 5-feet now. Let's see how it does during the winter.

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Bob - I'm anxious to find out how the Mulberry did over the winter and if its growing again!

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I'd say it did fine. It didn't quite grow the 8-feet the online person said it would, but it could be my fault. It's in an area that gets a lot of water, and I watered heavily last year. It seems to have lived with minimal loss of branches.

Everything is late down here because of the,cold weather. My trees are JUST starting to leaf out. The mulberry tree still has swelled buds.

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So my Mulberry tree has leafed out very quickly. Holy moley and is growing new branches already. It has already started to start forming berries.

I'm very excited.

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treebarb Z5 Denver

Congratulations Bob!

You must have taken good care of it to pull it through last year. I'm glad to hear it's thriving. I don't pay much attention to the claims of how much growth a tree will put out in a year, especially from the nurseries that grow them. As you know by now, Colorado is a different animal with high winds and little moisture. I think if it grows half as much as the claims, then you have done well. Keep us posted on how you like the berries. I hear they are really good and maybe I'll make room for one here!


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Hi Bob. Wondering about your mulberry tree: planting location and exposure. A friend recently gave me a volunteer from her mulberry tree. She lives in the fairly protected foothills of Pikes Peak, and I live on the high prairie with full exposure and crazy winds sometimes - like today! Wondering how this tree grows in windy conditions. Thanks!

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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)

When I was visiting Echert's (I think) a few years ago, I mentioned that I was looking for a mulberry to grow in Colorado. The guy that I was speaking with said he used to work for the city and there is a park on 20th ave. that has some extremely old mulberry trees. I wish I could remember the details.

Aside from that my own Illinois Everbearing is in it's 5th leaf. It is cold hard enough. I did have trouble with an early snow year before last that broke off the leader. It has rebounded just fine though.

Anyone know of this park or facility I'm talking about on 20th? I guess it's used as a wedding facility also.

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The tree is planted in an area where it gets full sun and its windy here also. I live just east of Colorado Springs and south of Black Forest.

It's very plainsy here also.

It is in soil that stays moist, bordering on wet along a natural drainage path.

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Hello, Bob. I live just by Colorado Springs, by Research and Powers. I have an Illinois Everbearing mulberry tree which I planted in 2008 /I believe/. I had berries on this tree for a few years now, but this year I have LOTS of berries. I am very excited. However, those berries do not reach 2 or 21/2 inches long and they are not very fat, but very tasty. I think I like the taste better than the taste of raspberries. My tree is probably about 8 ft tall now. It seems to do ok with our winters with no extra protection. I will be planting couple more of those trees, probably in the spring, unless I can find the trees now. I am very much impressed with the amount of berries on my tree this year!! Good luck with yours. Let us know how it is doing. Nice to know that someone in co is trying to go mulberries

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Great job Olga!

Do the birds or squirrels or other varmints get at them?

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Bob, this morning I had a few bright red mulberries, but they were gone by the eve. So, yes, I think that birds or squirrels /I have 2 running around/ ate my mulberries. I put a net over the tree tonight. .

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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)

Per my previous post of mature mulberry trees, I spoke with a person at Timberline and I believe the location of the trees is at the Richards-Hart Estate on 28th Ave in Wheat Ridge.

On a personal note, my IE is producing some great berries. I should net mine as well:)

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