OT - if GW had avatars?

digit(ID/WA)March 29, 2008

If GW had avatars - what would be yours?

(To save some download time I just took this down to 197 x 234.)


Edgar Bergen: What I'm trying to explain, Mortimer, is that Willie the Giant didn't actually exist.

Mortimer Snerd: No?

Edgar Bergen: No. He's a metaphysical phenomenon of your subconscious mind, a phantasmagoria of your mental faculties.

Mortimer Snerd: Yeah?

Edgar Bergen: In other words, just a figment of your imagination.

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I would never be able to choose just one!
I'd have:
a monkey
a marmoset
a mouse
anything small and cute
one of those cartoon images with a cool Louise Brooks haircut
a tiny bug on a leaf
any of those adorable photos of tiny frogs inside a leaf or flower or a mushroom
oh, maybe a photo I found once online of a fifties-type barbie doll with dark hair and a red gingham dress
or maybe....

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emagineer(z5 CO)

I'd want a music avatar....gotta have music. Yeah, I know, can't do it. Sure wouldn't use my face, so probably a pic of my dogs, cats or latest mess I'm making in the back yard.

Current mess is a new garden shed, finished siding it this weekend with old wood shingles from the house. Now I'm working on building an arbor for the front and a sitting area beside it using tree branches, etc. A funky shed, looking great. Planting 4 types of grapes (their in the garage right now and are 2' high) to grow over the arbors, so am on a roll with getting things done.

My creativity is working, but the brain is dull. Can't compete with you digit.

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J, there's a cute story out there today about a guy who snuck (I like that word) a marmoset onto a flight from Miami to New York. The little critter was under his hat.

So much for airline security protecting the lives of passengers otherwise subject to the dangers of wild animals on an airplane!!

Emagineer, since you wouldn't use your own picture and the picture in my mind is someone who brings happiness to her pets - I've found a picture of someone like that.

She is Patricia Simonet and she lives not far from me. Patricia worked with Washoe, the chimpanzee that learned American Sign Language, as a psychology graduate student. She also studied "culture in golden hamsters, self-recognition in elephants, reconciliation in chimps, dog laughter, dog rules during play, and most recently, reducing stress in shelter dogs by broadcasting a recording of dog laughter." Didn't see a copyright notice on the page:

Finally, I had this posted for David a year or so ago. Don't know why then but this approach could sure be of help to him with the deer on his property. May be able to bring 'em back, in the pot:

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Sorry, that marmoset event was last Summer and the flight was from Fort Lauderdale not Miami.


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stevation(z5a Utah)

Here's my avatar on a community forum in my city.

That's my other passion -- fishing. But gardening seems to have taken over in recent years!

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Hey Steve, that's one of those fiberglass reproduction, right? "Life-like in Every Detail!"

It's a good looking trout - and the light is superb.

I've always wanted to have a pond in the garden. Now I'm hearing about people who have tilapia in greenhouses over the Summer & keep them in the basement thru the Winter.


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I think mine would be a black Percheron, or maybe a good old fashioned mustang (the real thing, the horse). It's amazing how smart and talented they are. My other choice would have to be an Amazon Warrior (sorry guys, long story and way too many movies). Come on, an avatar is supposed to be from your imagination, have some fun.

Steve - love yours, its fun!!


Here is a link that might be useful: Percheron Horse Assoc

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Azura(z5 CO)

Here is my avatar. Very scary, huh? :)

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jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)

My standard avatar is the boss. He's most effective at keeping the squirrels away from the veggies.

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Billie, you are just going to have to buy a Percheron and pose as an Amazon . . . I see on the Percheron Horse Association link that, "All logos, trademarks, and pictures are property of their respective owner and/or company, and may not be used . . ." Really, you have no choice.

Azura, your cat loves you! That image of a pretty girl doesn't look too scary unless it was she who stepped on the alien frog beside the path . . .

Is that cavalier little guy a King Charles, Jali? Looks like he can take on more responsibility.

I'm wondering about Skybird . . . I wouldn't want to have to use this image again for her. (And she'd better not try that picture of Azura's cat with a gun to its head. ;o)

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jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)

Naw, he's a Tibetan Spaniel, Steve, a Tibbie, or as a friend says, Buddhist Birddog. :) They describe the breed as happy and willful. Slight understatement on both. :)

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Here I am, Digit! IÂve been trying since immediately after you started this thread to post this! Still donÂt know why I havenÂt been able to transfer it into Picasa until now to post it here, but it finally worked!

Alright! ItÂs not technically an avatarÂas I understand the definitionÂbut itÂs ME!


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Skybird = Redbaron, works for me and I won't question your shooting skills.


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