Question on Rose Fragrance

DeebyMarch 28, 2014

Years ago in the yard of a house I lived in at the time, there was a rose bush that was red and yellow flowers. It was gorgeous but had no fragrance at all. Is that normal for some roses or was it a mutant?
Also, why don't miniature roses have any fragrance?

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seil zone 6b MI

There are many roses that don't have any fragrance. It's not unusual. There was a long period when breeders did not care about the fragrance as much as they did about the form of the rose, that perfect high centered, spiraled florist rose look. They effectively bred out the fragrance on a lot of the modern hybrid teas. They also were not particularly concerned about things like disease resistance either, since most people sprayed regularly, and a lot of those roses are very disease prone. As times have changed and those things have become important again so now they are working on breeding back in both the scent and the better health qualities. There are quite a few newer ones available that are beautiful, healthy and fragrant!

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Thank you. That rose was beautiful, each flower red and yellow, and looked like a fiery sunset, but I personally don't see the point in a scentless rose.
This too was weird-the oleanders had no fragrance either.

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seil zone 6b MI

Conditions may have an affect on scent too. Soil, temperature and humidity will come into play on scent. And sometimes even the time of day makes a difference. On top of all that everyone's nose is different and what I might think is a strong fragrance may only be slight to you. Or you may think something smells wonderful when I think it reeks. It's very subjective.

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I Googled, and there are oleanders without scent. I personally love the sweet Play Doh-like fragrance of oleander.

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